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Morning greeted Anko as she stretched her arms over her head. She rubbed her eyes at the sun that began to cause her window to glow. Another day in Konoha she thought as she sighed and then glanced at her clock. And I'm OFF today! No work for me. First day I've had off in I can't remember when. I think I might sleep in. She stretched again, and pushed her legs straight down, feeling her whole body flex and then relax. Her body started to wake up even though she tried to remind it that it didn't have to.

She lay on her back and looked at the crack in her ceiling. She smiled to herself, and then she looked over at the sleeping ninja lying face down next to her. She playfully kneed him in the thigh.

"Unghn," was the reply she got. She giggled and did it again. "Stop," was the response this time. He stayed face down in the pillow and ignored her.

Anko was having none of that. She got close to his ear and said, "Guess what?"


"Are you awake?"

Groaning, he said, "No. Leave me alone. Tired."

Now that she was awake, she wanted to play. She kissed his ear and said again, "Guess what?" No response this time. Anko thought maybe he really is tired, or maybe he's faking. I did wear him out last night. She looked over at her clock again, and noticed the pot of melted chocolate that sat next to it that she'd almost forgotten about. The night before, Anko had been surprised with some sex play with her favorite treat, and she'd enjoyed both immensely. When Kakashi had arrived at her apartment with said pot, he told her he wanted to act out a scene from Icha Icha Sweet Shop Surprise. Anko had made a mental note to read that one herself.

She leaned over and peeked in the pot. It was cold now; the small amount of chocolate that remained in the bottom had congealed into a hard lump. I'll deal with that later she thought to herself, for she believed it was a sin against mankind to waste good chocolate. What remained barely resembled the warm, thick yet spreadable delicacy that they had lavishly spread on each other's bodies, and eaten off, the night before.

Anko smiled at her recollection and tried one more time to wake her lover, "Guess what?" Still no answer.

He's got to be faking. Now, how to find out . . .

Anko sat up slightly and slowly started to pull the sheet down that covered the prone ninja's back. She loved his back. So well defined, and wonderful to hold onto and dig her nails into. She'd eaten chocolate off that back the night before. In fact, it looked like a small smear remained close to his spine, in the small of his back.

Anko smiled deviously and slowly got up on her hands and knees. She moved with absolute ninja precision, not moving the bed at all, as she changed position. She paused and turned her head to make sure the "faker" was still "faking it." Then she resumed her self-imposed mission. She turned her body so her knees were close to his arm, and she put her hands close to his hip. Then she giggled inside as she leaned carefully over him and purposefully followed the remaining chocolate trail down his spine – with her tongue.

Kakashi picked his head up off the pillow immediately.

Anko said, "I knew you were faking."

Kakashi rolled on his side and said, "What a lovely way to be woken up. It's much better than an alarm clock, even if you almost gave me heart failure just now."

"You loved it."

"Yeah, I know."

Anko smiled at his tired face. It was official – they were not a couple restricted to "stealth dating," anymore. They were an official "allowed to go out on dates in public" couple. Anko had enjoyed their stealth dating, and Kakashi still took her on some of those dates, but now they were able to walk together, talk together, eat together, and many other things, all while out in public. It seemed that everybody knew about them, thanks to the simple decision Kakashi had made in public.

At first Anko had a little trouble adjusting to the sudden change in their relationship. They were no longer just Anko and Kakashi, fellow deadly shinobi warriors who often worked together. They were now "Anko and Kakashi" said in the same breath. Once the cat was out of the bag, the whole village ended up knowing about them in about two days time. And it was still very new to them. They had only been at this new status for about a week, and at times the things they had to put up with were slightly annoying.

The part Anko liked the least, especially from the beginning were the quiet smiles EVERYONE seemed to give her when she walked anywhere with Kakashi, or was even seen anywhere near him. Those knowing smiles that let her know that EVEYRONE knew what she and Kakashi were up to. Even the students at the academy would make little comments to her about him! A quick threat to drop them in the forest of death for a week usually quieted them, or at least made them change the subject.

Then she had to get used to the question that EVERYONE always asked her when she was on her own, "So Anko, where's Kakashi?" It wasn't like they were connected at the hip – unless they were alone. They both had their own lives; they just happened to love each other and like to get naked a lot.

The only person who didn't like the new Anko and Kakashi was Naruto. When he finally realized that his former sensei was dating the crazy proctor lady from the chunin exams, he told Kakashi he should have his head examined! But after Kakashi had threatened to tie Naruto to his old training stump and eat all the ramen in Konoha in front of him, Naruto accepted them as a couple, even if he didn't like the fact too much.

The official couple lay in Anko's bed, waking up to yet another day in Konoha.

Anko still smiled at her tired boyfriend and repeated for the umpteenth time, "Guess what?"

Kakashi said, "What already? You asked me a million times."

"See I knew you were faking. Anyway," she flopped onto his chest an inch away from his face and she said, "I don't have to work today. I'm all yours."

Kakashi leaned up and kissed the end of her nose and said, "I know you're all mine. You've told me before. But unfortunately, I do have to go to work today."

Anko pouted like a little girl. She said, "I think Tsunade is scheduling us on different days to keep us apart."

"Nonsense. Once she got used to the idea that two of her employees were dating, she was ok with it."

"There are others she employs who are dating! Hell, practically every shinobi in Konoha is dating another shinobi!"

"Yeah, but when have you or I ever seriously dated someone? As in, went out in public and were seen doing dating things, with someone?"

"I guess you're right. When do you have to go in?"

Kakashi glanced at the clock and said, "About a half hour ago."

Anko bounced and sat up and said, "So help me GOD Kakashi, if you don't stop this lateness thing,"

He reached up and grabbed her by the waist pulling her back onto his chest face to face with him again. He said, "You'll do what?" And he attacked the hollow between her neck and shoulder causing her to squeal at him.

After she wrestled herself away from him, she said a little breathlessly, "I don't know but I'm sure I could think of something."

He looked at her and said, "That, I don't doubt."

"Hurry up. Get up. I'll get you some breakfast."

"No need. I'm going to go home and shower the rest of this sticky chocolate off me,"

"You mean I missed some? Where?"

"No, I'm just sticky in general. I'll go shower and get to work. I'll be back later."

Anko let him get out of bed and said, "We're going to your place tonight."

"Ok. I'll come get you later, and we'll head over there. So, what do you plan to do today?"

Anko flopped back on the bed and let out a huge sigh. Then she looked at him and said, "Since you're not going to be here to play with me, NOTHING!"

Kakashi looked at her with a funny look on his face. Anko said, "What. What is it? Is there a problem with me doing nothing?"

Kakashi said, "Oh, absolutely not. Enjoy yourself, but it's just that I thought I saw something," he walked over to Anko and she got up on her elbows and started to sit up, but Kakashi said, "No, just stay right there. There's something," he seemed to be looking at her knee.

"What is it? Is it a bug?"

"No. Let me see. Can't quite make it out. Might be a bruise," he leaned closer to Anko's knee and pushed her leg away from him slightly, like he was trying to get a better look behind her knee.

Anko said, "Is it a bruise? What is it? I don't feel a bruise there."

Kakashi picked her leg up slightly, raising it a bit, still staring at the spot on the outside back of her knee. He said, "No, hold on a sec," he got close and licked the small smear of chocolate he'd spotted on the back of Anko's knee. He'd turned the tables, and used her own trick against her. The games had begun again.

A shiver shot through Anko, and she reflexively kicked her leg out of his hand, almost bashing him in the nose as she moved. She giggled out loud, then immediately saw how close she came to knocking him out cold, "Oh God. I'm so sorry! I almost kneed you in the face! But you really shouldn't do those things to me! That's my only ticklish spot!"

"Oh, but it's perfectly fine if you lick things off me? I don't think that's very fair. As for the ticklish spot, I'll keep that little bit of information to myself to use for later purposes I'm sure."

"Hatake Kakashi. Do you plan on torturing me by tickling me?"

"Oh no I'd never do that to you. No torturing. That's too mean. I just figure I'll use it sometime to get out of a meeting with Tsunade or something."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Well if you and I were in her office for a meeting, BORED to death, I'd just reach over and hit that spot, you'd let out a giggle and interrupt her, and probably cause her to get mad, threaten us, and throw us out. Simple, see?"

"You are not right."

He leaned over Anko and kissed her. He said, "I know. But yet you still put up with me."

"I wouldn't have you any other way."

Kakashi stood up, gathered his clothes and dressed quickly. He said, "I'm off to work. I'll be by to get you later. Oh, and wear the Fridays."

"You want me to wear the Fridays?" Anko wondered why he wanted her to wear her Friday underwear. "It's not even Friday! Why do you want me to wear those?"

"Velcro sides."

"Oh. I'll make sure to wear them."

"You're too good to me."

"I know. Get a shower and get to work. You're late enough already."

Kakashi winked at her with his one showing eye, and left her bedroom. She heard him leave because she heard her front door open and close. She sighed and thought to herself that man is warped. But he's all mine. She knew she'd fallen for the exact right man for her, because he was so much like her. He'd suffered, and lived through a horrible past, and had still come out better and stronger because of it, just like she had.

Kakashi was the only man she'd ever loved, and the only man she'd ever trusted. After she was so disillusioned by her former sensei, and had been made to choose to follow a noble path or evil one, she had trust issues for a good long time. At one time, she was perfectly happy to accept the fact that she might be single for the rest of her life. Then her whole "friends with benefits," thing happened with Kakashi, and she found that there might be a possibility that she didn't have to be single forever. She found that when she was with him, that he "got" her, because they were so similar. And even though she was absolutely terrified at the beginning that one of them might die and leave the other alone, she decided that this was the best possible situation for them both. They'd continue to enjoy each other as long as they were allowed to.

Anko lay on her bed, staring at the crack in her ceiling, happily smiling to herself as she thought I'm so lucky. Life is good. She decided to just lie there and feel good for a while, enjoying her day off doing absolutely nothing.

Kakashi had run back to his apartment and showered quickly. As he was washing off the sticky remnants of the night before, he thought wish I didn't have to go to work today. I'm sure I could think of something much more fun that I'd rather do. And her name is Anko. She was the only true girlfriend he'd ever had. The only woman he'd ever loved, and now dated openly. She was the woman he trusted with his life. He knew she was too good to him, too good for him, yet she was exactly what he needed in a woman. She was strong, deadly, smart, and sexy as hell. And she let him rip her underwear off whenever he wanted – his favorite habit since they'd started their little games some months before. He'd happily go broke buying her more underwear as long as she'd continue to let him tear them from her.

He gobbled a quick breakfast and headed to work, late as usual. On his way there, he thanked his lucky stars that his life had begun to change for the better as of late, and all because of the love of a good woman. One of the things Kakashi particularly loved about Anko was that she never tried to change him. She knew he was always late for things, and commented about it, but never demanded he change. She had told him before that she liked him just the way he was, even though he did find himself changing just a little. He found that he'd started letting go of old pain and sad memories when he was around her. She was good for him, and he knew it.

As he walked along, completely distracted by his own thoughts, Asuma called to him, "Kakashi! Late again I see."

He turned to Asuma who had been hanging around outside the academy. He said, "Asshola! Why do you care?"

"Tsunade wants to talk to us. I think we're next up for a mission."

"What. You and me?"

"Far as I can tell."

"Another extermination team?"

"I don't think so. I didn't hear much yet, but from what I get of it, it's just you and me."

"I wonder what that's all about."

"I don't know but if she's sending the two of us, she must expect some trouble."

"Yeah. Let's go see her." The two male shinobi went up the steps and headed toward the 5th Hokage's offices.


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