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The three "guide" shinobi and the two sister scientists arrived approximately forty-five minutes after Kakashi, Anko, Asuma and Kurenai talked about them. They were immediately escorted to the Hokage's offices where they were interviewed, thanked immensely and promised safe passage to their next destination. During the time that they waited for the party to show up, Anko took the time to tell Kakashi about her nightmare and about the fortune teller too. He said he wanted to go see the fortune teller to see if her love was stuck all over him, because he said it sure felt like it was. Anko liked that, and promised to take him to see her. Kakashi confessed to Anko that he'd swiped the black scarf she'd used on him, because he'd originally wanted to swipe the gown she wore, but didn't have a place to put it. She told him not to lose the scarf, because she had another idea of how it could be used. Kakashi promised to return it to her later that evening.

As they continued to wait in the lunchroom, a shadow fell across the door. Izumo and Kotetsu stood there. Kotetsu said, "They're in here!" Then he stepped aside to let the sisters go into the lunchroom. Asuma and Kakashi stood up immediately, and stood next to their girlfriends. Kakashi noticed that Genma was nowhere to be found and he laughed a bit inside.

Izumo said, "The girls wanted a chance to thank you two."

Kakashi said, "Before either of you say anything, let me introduce you to these young ladies. This is Yuuhi Kurenai, and this is Mitarashi Anko." He pointed to Anko and said, "She's the one I belong to."

Anko was stunned by that statement, but thought it was pretty incredible that he said it. She watched as one of the girls nodded her head in realization of who Anko was. Anko stood up and said, "It's nice to meet you both. Which one of you is which?"

Harumi spoke up, "It's nice to meet you too Anko. I'm Harumi, and this is my sister Hanami. If I can just say, you're very lucky to have such a trustworthy guy like Kakashi. You too Kurenai. You're both very lucky."

Anko thought so I've been told.

Anko said, "Thank you, and also, thank you for trusting them enough to share your secrets with them. It was a really great thing you both did."

"It was our pleasure."

Kakashi asked, "So, what are your plans? Are you going to be moved to another location? I remember hearing something about you two disappearing, starting over maybe?"

Hanami said, "Trying to get rid of us are you? Actually Kakashi, your Hokage has asked us to stay here for a while and help her work on the things we gave her. Help her understand them a little more. We've decided to stay for a bit and get to know the village and its people. Since we saved them, it might be nice to get to know them."

Harumi said, "And if they're anything like the rest of you, we just may have found our new home."

Anko leaned over to Harumi and said, "Don't look now but Kotetsu is checking you out."

Harumi said, "He is cute in a fuzzy kinda way."

Anko watched as Izumo quietly separated from Kotetsu and asked Hanami if she needed anything. She thought oh these girls aren't going anywhere any time soon.

The eight of them sat down and got acquainted and re-acquainted, sharing stories of Orochimaru, the history of the Hidden Leaf Village, and how important it was to find someone in their lives they could trust.

As the afternoon drifted toward evening, the group split up. Kotetsu and Izumo escorted the sisters to what was going to be their new home, for as long as they decided to stay in the Village. Asuma and Kurenai quietly slipped away before Kakashi and Anko even knew they were gone. Anko looked at Kakashi and said, "So, ready to go?"

Anko said, "Yeah. Let's get outta here."

They walked arm in arm in public, back to their apartment building. When they got to Kakashi's apartment he said, "We're going to your place tonight."

Anko whined at him, "But we're already here. Why can't we stay here tonight?"

Kakashi reached in his pocket and said, "Because," he placed the black scarf in Anko's hand, "I don't have a headboard." He looked at her wickedly, and she returned his look as she stuffed the scarf in her pocket. He said, "I'm going to take a quick shower, and unpack my things. How about you go get things ready for me. I'll be there shortly."

Anko turned away from him, and then looked back over her shoulder. She said, "Get things ready for you huh? You trust me to do that all by myself?"

Kakashi winked at her as he opened his door. "You know I trust you with my life. Be there in a bit." He went inside and closed the door behind him.

Anko grinned evilly because she had quite a few ideas that she wouldn't mind trying, that involved the black scarf, the headboard, and maybe some handcuffs this time. She chuckled to herself as she went to her apartment, went inside and closed the door, making sure to leave it unlocked, so the games could begin again.


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