Chapter 16- In the Air

Eleanor ran, she ran until her lungs felt like they were going to collapse, and her heart hurt to beat.

She was inside the kitchens, her legs felt like jelly, she sunk onto the floor, panting hard, quivering and drenched in sweat.

They wouldn't be looking for her now, all the Death Eaters would be racing towards the Department of Mysteries.

She hobbled over to the sink and stuck her head under the tap, the cold water splashed over her face and ran through her hair, soothing her hot agitation, she drunk deeply, until she was refreshed.

After stealing some dried meat from the pantry, and slowly chewing her way through a few bread rolls, she felt strong enough to continue.

She clambered into a small room at the back of the kitchen, and found a pile of old coats and rags which made up the bed's of the house elves, picking out the least battered of the pile, she took of her dirty nightgown and dressed herself in a tattered old pair of shorts and a long dark green jacket; it didn't match perfectly, but she wasn't worried about that now.

She unlocked the backdoor and slipped out into the cold night air.

There was a crisp wind that blew through her rags and made her shiver.

Without hesitating, she attempted to apparate to Diagon Alley; to her despair she found that she couldn't.

Cursing, she swiftly padded along the gardens; her bare feet were silent against the grass.

The wind began to howl, blowing her sodden hair about her face, she shuddered, trying not to look back, and avoiding the glare of the looming statues.

The garden was immense, she felt suddenly hopeless, like a lost child, she was painfully exposed on the wide, flat ground, if anyone saw her now, she was finished.

But she kept moving forward, one foot in front of the other, through a thicket of apple trees, until eventually she found a small stone path.

The moonlight shone dully on the ground, flitting in and out of clouds, causing the world to slip in and out of darkness, the effect made Eleanor afraid of her surroundings.

Shadows danced on the ground, and across inanimate objects, causing her to see things that weren't actually there.

A sudden loud rustle from behind a large hedge made her jump, shaking, she held out her wand at the leaves, her heart was hammering; one minute, two minutes…the noise had fallen completely dead.

Cautiously she crept up to the hedge, her breathing was quick and frightened, she pushed her fingers against the branches, but there was nothing there.

She touched metal bars.

With a thrill of surprise she had found a secret gate, using her wand she unlocked it and stepped through into a small, overgrown courtyard.

There was an enormous stone wall blocking her way now, she glanced at the ivy clinging to the side of it, it looked tough and old, Eleanor decided to chance climbing up it, there was no use in remaining still; pocketing her wand in the shorts she grabbed hold of the plant to test it , it was thick and course, it would easily support her weight.

She clambered up the wall, small nicks from the rough branches cut into the bare soles of her feet and her palms. She ignored the pain and focused on reaching the top.

Her muscles strained under the weight of her body as she clung to the dry plant, and tentatively lifted herself further upwards.

She was halfway now, she reached up her right leg, gently feeling for a strong enough tread in the rock, her bare feet were sore; a sudden CRACK! issued in the air, she slipped; she fell.

Before she could scream she hit the ground with a dull thud. Her head swam, momentarily dazed she gasped and brought herself upright.

She was on her knees, at the feet of a Death Eater.

" The prophecy broke." Came the voice of Draco Malfoy.

Eleanor didn't respond, she wanted to run, but she could see the end of his wand pointing at her temple, she remained still, trying to gather her senses.

" He is coming for my father, he blames us, and you told him to go there." Draco's voice was cold and hard, full of hatred.

Eleanor felt her body trembling against the cold wind, her damp hair was icy on her back, she hoped he wouldn't mistake it for fear.

" He will be sent to Azkaban, all because of you, he should have left you in the streets to rot." He spat, tightening his grip on his wand.

Eleanor made no response, only quietly sat calculating her escape, Draco was enraged, but she was glad, anger makes people slow and stupid.

" Mother never wanted anything to do with you, but father insisted you stay, he thought you would be useful."

He drew in close, and bent down, his face was a contortion of sneering anger.

" The only thing you are good for is getting rid of."

Draco grabbed hold of her top and pulled her up, he stuck his wand into her throat, she wheezed but did not flinch.

He opened his mouth to utter the killing curse, but Eleanor was too quick, she grabbed in between his legs and twisted hard, shock filled his eyes, he cried out and let go.


The shot of red light hit Draco squarely in the chest, he toppled to the ground.

Eleanor wasted no time, "Locomotor Mortis!"

Draco's legs snapped together instantly, he growled in anger, reaching for his wand, dragging his body along the grass.

" accio wand!" he yelled, the wand sprung forwards, back into his hand.

With a savage satisfaction he rolled himself over to face the wall, his wand poised for battle.

The night air whistled amongst the trees, there was a deep silence; she was gone.

Draco cried out furiously, gripping his hair in his hands and rolling onto his back, he screamed at the sky," I'LL FIND YOU SEER!" His voice was lost in the wind.

He undid the curse, and crawled to his feet, panting raggedly, and seething with hatred.

"and when I do, I will kill you." He whispered to himself.

A tormented howl suddenly ripped open the silence of the garden, it came from the direction of the mansion.

Draco flinched; his father was being punished.

Eleanor heard the cry of Lucius Malfoy, as the wind whipped about her rags, she clung to the back of the broom and allowed Nymphadora Tonks to steer her away to safety, she smiled to herself with a hard satisfaction.

" I'm sorry it took so long, we couldn't get near the mansion until now, the barrier must have broke when Lucius was being tortured."

Tonks cried over the sound of the wind.

Eleanor realized that he must have cast a barrier after she went to Diagon Alley that night, to stop her apparating anywhere else.

"How long have you known about me?" Eleanor asked in amazement, her heart was leaping in somersaults of happiness.

" About a few months now…apparently you have a connection with Professor Trelawny, must be that all Seer's are linked somehow, at least that's what we assume."

The air was freezing, Eleanor was sore, aching and uncomfortable, but she was so unbelievably relived, her happiness poured deep down inside her body and she couldn't help but let tears of joy slip down her cheeks.

" Thank you." She whispered, unsure if Tonks had actually heard her.

This was finally the end of her hellish life at the Malfoy mansion! She could begin again, and start a normal life…she thought she would start by burying her parents…

Well..that's it now…let me know what u guys think to my ending…might do a sequel if u like it :)