Okay, I honestly wrote this because at this exact moment, I was watching the third Harry Potter movie. And I kept hearing Sirius's name and freaking out because I watched the fifth movie a few weeks ago and almost cried when he died... no joke. Then I heard about Severus and I had a cow, man. I flipped out. And then Remus and I totally lost it. In public, too.

So, let's ignore what happened in those two books and lemme create a yaoi from it. oo Just haven't... quite... figured out the couples. Also, set during almost the end of their seventh year.

And Voldie be dead and stuffs...

Disclaimer: I am no billionaire, escpecially not by selling my stories. The bloody brilliant books belong (Gawd so many b's!) to J. K. Rowling.

Lycan Evolution

HP Yaoi


Ichigo Kurosawa

Chapter One

Harry groaned and stood back up, brushing imaginary dust from his robes. "Of all the times to slip and fall." He let out a low growl before marching to breakfast. He threw open the doors, startling just about everyone as he stomped over to his seat near Hermoine and Ron. Not bothering to grab any food, he just drank whatever was in the goblet closest to him.

"Hey mate. You okay?" Harry looked, more like glared, at Ron and nodded. Ron decided to let it be after that. But, apparently Malfoy couldn't, nor wouldn't, do the same. "Well Potter, it seems to be your time of the month." Harry shrugged and continued to sip on the drink. "If it's mine, yours must be coming up pretty soon." Draco's eye twitched and he sneered. Hermoine glared at Draco before looking to Harry. "Harry, don't do anything stupid."

"And what, pray tell, do you think I'm going to do?" Almost everyone had looked to the table at that point, wondering just what was wrong with the Golden Boy. "Harry..." He stood up and walked away quickly. He was fucking mad and just did not want to deal with people. As the doors closed, a hushed whisper fell over the students. At the staff table, the same thing had happened. "Dumbledore, do you know what's bothering Harry?"

"No, I am afraid I have no such knowledge. Remus." Said man jumped and turned to Dumbledore. "Um... yes, Headmaster?"

"Why don't you go talk to Harry?" Remus blinked but nodded, walking away quickly to go find the boy. And it was then everyone noticed the boy standing next to Snape. No one had seen him before, but he looked to be about seventeen with long lilac hair and icy blue eyes. His skin was white with tints of gray and his clothes were dirty and torn. "Hallo! Ich heisse Ange'lique(1). Unheimlich, nein?"

Snape gave the boy a terrifying look, though the boy just smiled brightly. "Ah, so you're here. Good." Everyone turned to look at Dumbeldore. "Everyone! This is a new student, though he'll only be here for his seventh year. His name is Ange'lique, and despite the French name, he was raised in Germany. I can't recall; do you speak English?"

"Yup! I wouldn't get along with many people if I couldn't!" I couldn't beg for food either. "And what are you doing dressed like... that?" Ange'lique turned to Snape and laughed loudly. "Living a life no one here could even dream up in their worst nightmare."

Snaped glared; there was no way. This boy was too giddy and ecstatic to live a nightmare.

"TAKE THAT BACK!" Just about everyone jumped when the boy shouted and Snape stared wide-eyed. He hadn't said anything aloud, had he? No, he was sure he only thought that last statement. Ange'lique stuck his tongue out to the dismal older male, who blinked and then glared. Oh how he hoped this boy wasn't in...


Ange'lique laughed happily and Snape let out a loud groan of exasperation; he already knew this was going to be a long year.


Remus could not find Harry.

He had lost sight of the boy and for some reason, could not smell him either. Oh, bloody hell! He might as well be searching for the fucking Easter Bunny! Harry was as elusive to a were-wolf as a fairy was to Muggles.

He muttered under his breath before turning and stopped. He furrowed his brows and sniffed the air again before reaching forward and tugging, pulling Harry out from underneathe James's Invisibility Cloak. He really should've known. "Harry, I've been looking for you."

"I know."

And just as Snape had done, he heaved a heavy sigh. This really was going to be a long year.


Everyone at the Slytherin table stared at the new boy as he scarfed down whatever was in front of him. At one point, he was so wrapped up in food, he stared to gnaw on Draco's robes.

"Get off." The boy blinked and gave him this look that could only be described in one way - puppy eyes. "But it tastes yummy. Do you use some kind of special shampoo or something?" He started to sniff Draco as said boy tried to inch further away.

"And what is it to the likes of you!?"

"So now I'm an outcast; someone not to associate with merely because I am different?"

Draco blinked. Though he (really) hated to admit it, Ange'lique was right. (Damn! No last name to call him instead!) Draco went to say something but stopped. Everyone was staring at Ange'lique again, but this time because he was whispering and it only seemed like Draco could hear... though he didn't understand it.

"...C'est vrai... Que tous les costumes me vont bien. Le rouge, le noir, le blues, l'espoir noir! De toutes les couleurs j'aime en voir... C'est comme ca qu'est-ce que j'y peux -"

"Are you... singing?"

"Huh? Oh! Yeah. It's called Double Jeu by a man named Christophe Willem. Like it? The whole thing's in French."

"Malfoy... please don't tell me this is another sex toy."

"SEX TOY!?" Harry and Draco turned to the now fuming boy. "Well, for his sake, he'd better hope not. I don't take kindly to that kind of thing and won't hesitate to castrate him." Harry laughed at Draco's horrified expression. The thought of losing something so... important to him... he didn't like the idea much.

"Well, Malfoy. It seems that sleeping with him isn't going to happen."

And it was after that was said - and by Potter no less! - he was determined to prove him wrong. A sly smirk swept across his face. Harry cringed and turned to the boy. He still had yet to learn his name. "You may want to be careful. That smirk does not bring good times."

"... I kinda quessed that..." At the very moment, Draco noticed the death grip Ange'lique had on Harry's arm as later of the two patted the boy's head. How did he get into Slytherin again!?

"Sooo... um..."


"Oh! Well Ange'," What!? Potter gave him a nickname already!? "what house?" Draco snickered and waited for his favorite thing - Potter's horror-stricken face. "Slytherin."

"Ah. And by the way, beautiful name." Wait...

Potter hearing his new friend is Slytherin...

And then complimenting his name - with no GRIMACE!

Ange'lique went to say something but Remus walked over and whispered something in his ear. Draco was sure that if the boy had a normal skintone he would've paled. He jumped up, said a hasty 'bye' before almost running out of the Dining Hall. Harry and Draco stared after him. "What was that?," both asked at the exact same time. And each turned to give the other a death glare.


1 - Ange'lique is a FEMALE French name XD Is also MY name in French Class...

I know, I know... I spent more time introducing Ange'lique then focusing on Harry... but his time will come!... Hah ha... come...

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DracoAnge'lique (will be threesome relationship between them laterrrrrr! XD)

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