Chapter 4

"I know he hates me but why? I mean, sure I hung out with James, but I mean... MY GAWD!" Harry blinked and jumped up. "James who?" Ange'lique, who was in the middle of one of his infamous rants with Harry and Remus, blinked.

"Oh, I came to this school awhile ago. I hung out with your father, Sirius, Remus... Lily, all of them. But I mean, I don't get why Severus hates me! I mean, I understand he was always angry at James, and I hung out with him like, all the time, but I never helped with the pranks. In fact, I was the one who made him lower the amount! Like Lily, I made sure he was fine and all.

"But of fucking COURSE! He despised me then and he loathes me now! WHY, UNCLE REMMY, WHYYY!?" Harry blinked and Remus raised an eyebrow but otherwise stayed silent. "Cuz... cuz... I love him more than anything - you know that! - I have for a long time! But nooo! He hates me and I haven't even done anything to him." Ange'lique sobbed, it was comical really, and threw himself to the floor, sprawled out and still sobbing.

"Um... does he normally do this?" Remus sighed and rolled his eyes. "At least three times a week... and that's only the ones when he's obsessing over Severus." Hary blinked and nodded. Ange'lique seemed to get weirder and weirder as the year went by. In fact, it was close to the holidays and said boy was upset because Snape still didn't love him.

Soft snores filled the room and Remus chuckled. "He normally falls asleep after one of his rants." Harry nodded again as Remus lifted the boy and placed him on the couch. "He still doesn't know." Harry furrowed his brows. "Know what?"

"He was telling the truth. He had been here one other time and he had been friends with me and your father, various others. But, what he didn't know and I did... was Severus just adored him. He had fallen for Ange'lique, then known as Lyon, and it scared him to feel that way."


"Hmm, where is that boy? Lyon?" A young Remus was busy walking the halls of Hogwarts. It was a day before graduation and the purple haired boy was nowhere to be found. In fact, now that Remus thought about it, he couldn't find Severus either. "Well, where are they? This really isn't like either one of them." Remus sighed and walked to the Great Hall, where he spotted James and Lily.

"Lily, have you seen Severus or Lyon?" She shook her head. "No, I'm sorry. I haven't seen them since last night." James's eye twitched and Lily rolled hers. "Good luck finding them though." Remus nodded and left, feeling at a total loss.

Around midnight, Remus was starting to freak out. He was now near the dungeons and Snape, nor Lyon, had been found. "Bloo--!" Remus stopped when he heard a sobbing noise and sniffles from the corner. Remus furrowed his brows and walked quietly to the corner, where he spotted a figure cloaked in black curled in on themself and shoulders bouncing slightly. "Severus?"

The boy jumped and turned to Remus, furiously rubbing at his eyes. "W-What?" So, it was Severus but... why was he crying? "Sev, what's wrong? I've been looking for you everywhere." Severus sighed and rested his head on his arms, which were draped over his knees. "Where's Lyon? I... wanted to say something to him but I haven't seen him."

Remus smiled sadly and sat next to him. "I'm sorry. I have been looking for him as well. What did you want to tell him?" Severus heaved another sigh. "Well, I guess I kind of... fell for him but the idea of such a thing, well it scared me beyond reason. Because of that, I hid all those feelings under anger and now I can't find him to... apologize. I think I..." Remus blinked and looked to Severus who's eyes were wide. "I scared him off! That's why he isn't here."

"I highly doubt that, Severus." Said boy just glared at him. "And how would you know!?" Before Remus could say anymore, Severus walked off. "Oh dear."


"And even now, he's stuck in some deep depression over something he didn't do."

"So, Snape doesn't know that Ange' is actually... Lyon or whatever?" Remus shook his head and both turned when Ange'lique giggled and said, "Oh, no... I couldn't. But... they're all still here!" Harry started to laugh and Remus sighed, rubbing his temple. "The dark side is... pink!"

Down in the dungeons, Snape sighed and let his head drop with a 'thump' onto his desk. "Soooo, still upset over it?" There was a slight nod from Snape and Remus rolled his eyes. "You are blind, Severus." Snape blinked and looked at Remus, a slight glare. "What are you talking about?"

Remus walked over and hit Snape's head, effectively knocking it against the desk again. "I know how you felt about Lyon, but I want you to think of this. Who does Ange'lique remind you of?" Remus was at least going to try. Said Vampire's rants were starting to grate on his nerves. Snape furrowed his brows and Remus almost laughed. It was hilarious!

Snape started going through the list of people he knew well... er... well enough to know their personality. He wasn't finding a single match, that boy was just unique! "UGH! I give up! Who is he bloody supposed to remind me of!?" Remus rolled his eyes and held out both hands. "Ange'lique." He raised his left hand. "Lyon." He raised his right hand and slightly lowered his left. Snape tilted his head slightly, what in the world was wrong with the lycanthrope!? "Bloody--! You are so dense! Ange'lique acts like Lyon because Lyon was Ange'lique a few decades ago!" Remus huffed and ran a hand through his hair.

"He is amazingly dense." Both men jumped and turned to where Ange'lique was now hanging upside down in mid-air. His hair almost brushed the floor, it was so long. "But then again, the dark side is pink." Snape narrowed his eyes. "What in the--? The dark side is... pink...?"

"Don't ask, Severus. Just don't. It is best to leave it as it is." Ange'lique spun in the air, moving with every turn until he hit the wall and fell to the floor. Snape and Remus rolled their eyes as the boy stood back up and bounced over to them. "Soz, why we talking about me?"

Snape threw a vial at his head. "Don't be so full of yourself. We weren't talking about you." Remus groaned and Ange'lique looked up, pouting. "That hurt. You've always been so mean to me!" Ange'lique blinked, as did Snape. "Well, it seems you were right, Lupin." Remus merely smirked. "Well, I'm off to find Har - NO ANGE'LIQUE! I shall do nothing of the sort! As I was saying, I'm off. Good day." And with that, he left, Ange'lique smirking slyly. "He better record it for me. Again, I bet Uncle Remmy is just wild during -"

"HOLD IT! I don't want to see THAT far into your mind!" Snape sighed and Ange'lique just giggled, rolling on the floor. "So, you fell for me pretty hard, huh? Aww, I'm so flattered." Snape groaned and let his head fall to the desk again. "No need to be so shy! Technically, that makes me the pedophile. Y'know, being over five hundred and all. Wow! That makes you so young in comparison!"

Snape raised an eyebrow. "You are one messed up male." Ange'lique smiled brightly. "I know, but somehow you still love me." Snape glared at nothing particular. "I blame Lupin."

"BUT YOU DIDN'T DENY IT!" Ange'lique pounced on him and clung tightly to his waist. "You're warm." Snape rolled his eyes but never once tried to make the Vampire move. "Just remember, you're supposed to be seventeen which means no public displays of affection." Ange'lique whined and gnawed on one of the buttons on Snape's shirt. "But I'm five hundred and thirty-two. NO! I'M OLD!" Snape stared at the boy, one eyebrow raised, as he ranted on about being over five hundred and thirty years old. "You've been old for over three hundred and fifty years."

"Gah! You're not helping!" Ange'lique pouted and sat on his knees on the floor, hiding his face. Snape sighed and pat the boy's head. "At least you don't look old." Ange'lique blinked. "Well, that's Armon's fault." Snape gave him a questioning look. "Armon is the name of the man who changed me. When a Vampire creates a Changeling, as Vampire are called for the first two hundred years, he gets to choose what they look like after they change. This is what he fancied." Snape wrinkled his nose. "I would've chosen a darker look for a Vampire." Ange'lique stuck out his tongue. "But it matches me, yeah?" Ange'lique blinked and looked to the wall. "Well, I'm a gonna hafta g-"

"You should learn to speak proper English." Ange'lique stuck out his tongue once again. "Whatever. But I need to go; it's getting dark and I have a hard time handling the bloodlust with my diet - I only eat animals." He added the last part when Snape gave him another questioning look. "Gut nacht, mein Leiber!" Ange'lique quickly kissed Snape's cheek before grinning and almost running out the door. It was oddly quiet in the room until, "... I really do blame Lupin."

"Oh, Harry! Isn't he just adorable!?" Harry stared at his friend, Ange'lique, who was currently holding a young boy in his arms. "Yes, but he has a family. Let him go now, Ange'." The boy was slightly over four feet tall with wide, shiny hazel eyes and gray hair with a pink tinge that framed his face and stuck out slightly in the back. "Ah, 'scuse me sir, but my family has been dead for years." Harry and Ange'lique snapped their heads to the boy, eyes wide. "OH, MEIN GOTT! Harry, he's lonely! Can I take him back wiff us? Oh please!?" Harry sighed and ran a hand through his messy hair. "No, Ange'. I don't think that is best." He blinked when he heard sniffling and looked back to see Ange'lique and the boy with tears leaking down their faces. "Oh, alright then! But don't cry to me when you get into trouble."

"THANK YOU, HARRY!!!" They both jumped happily and started running back to Hogwarts. "Note to self: never take Ange'lique to Hogsmead EVER again." He ran after them, blinking when he couldn't find them on the surrounding area. "Harry, c'mon! I HAVE to show Professor Snape and Draco!" Harry wrinkled his nose. "Why Snape?" Ange'lique smacked Harry over the head. "Do NOT question me, mister." Harry grumbled, holding his head, and nodded. Ange'lique took the boy and went bounding into the Great Hall, seeking out Snape first. He jumped onto the staff table and stood there, holding the laughing boy infront of Snape, who promptly dropped the food he was about to eat and stared wide-eyed. "Idn't he just the cutest thing ever!?"

"W-Wha--?" Snape had no idea as to what to even do when the boy latched onto his neck. "Aww, he likes you! So, can he stay in the dorms with me because he's got no family and it's November so it's cold and HE'S SO CUTE!" Snape groaned somewhere behind the table, his chair having been knocked back when the boy launched at him. "Will it keep you quiet?" There was an awkward silence. "No." Dumbledore almost laughed at this point. "Fine, just keep him out of trouble... and away from me!" Ange'lique squealed and picked up the boy, skipping over to Draco and plopping down in his lap, making said boy choke and raise an eyebrow. "What?"

"HE LOVES YOU! YOU BE THE MO- No, I'm the mommy... YOU BE SECOND DADDY!" Draco choked again. "W-What!?" Why second!? Who's the first!? "Er... Snape."

"WHAT!" Draco's eye twitched. "Fine then. Who am I 'second daddy' to?" Ange'lique blinked and proceeded to show Draco the cutest boy he'd ever seen. "This boy. He said he has no name so I wanted to call him Dominick." Draco sighed and rubbed his temple. "Fine. Whatever. Now may I please eat?" Most people were shocked; The Slytherin Ice Prince just agreed to be a second father to a boy named Dominick by an extremely effeminate, mental male. "By the way, did you know that even with Snape, it technically makes me a pedophile?" Draco spit his drink out onto the table and part of himself. It was an amazing spit take which had everyone laughing. Draco turned, wide-eyed, to stare at Ange'lique who had a perverse smirk on his face. "D-Did you... you two...?"

"No. But I am perv which means I think about it. Watch this; it's why's he's been acting funny in class lately." Ange'lique turned to face Snape, eyes closed and a large smirk plastered onto his face. After a few moments, Snape choked on his own drink at the staff table, jumped up with a blush, and excused himself, leaving quickly. Draco and Ange'lique started to laugh loudly, drawing attention to themselves. "HARRY! Get your Godfather to get over here! I wanna see if I can prove something!" Harry blinked from across the room and nodded slowly. He was honestly afraid of what would happen and why his Godfather was needed.

Sirius stared at the bundles of pastel jumping about the room, eye twitching every so often. "Harry... why are you friends with him again?" Harry sighed on the armrest next to him. "I have no idea. But he has helped me." Sirius smirked, an expression that meant he knew what Harry was talking about. "How far have you gotten with Remus?" Harry fell off the chair and Sirius laughed, looking over to see Harry with bright pink cheeks. "N-Not passed kissing."

"WHAT!? Harry, I'm so... so... so let down!" Ange'lique cried, clinging to Dominick who also cried. "...Okay, this is getting very awkward. Why did you bloody need me?" Ange'lique picked up Dominick like an American football and threw him at Sirius and both fell to the ground after the chair tilted backwards. Ange'lique giggled in the background and Harry stared at them. "Er... Sirius?" Sirius shook his head and rubbed his eyes, opening them to meet hazel eyes, wide and curious. "GAH!" Sirius tried to get up but ended up banging his face against the other's and accidentally locking lips. "SIRIUS! You pedophile!"

"I KNEW IT! But, he's not really a pedophile." Sirius and Harry blinked as Dominick and Ange'lique laughed. They laughed so hard, tears came to their eyes and they had to lean against each other for support. "I-I'm almost o-one hundred y-years old." If possible, both of them laughed harder, falling to heap on the floor. Sirius hid his face in the crook of his arm and walked out. "I told you Harry." Harry followed his Godfather.

"OH MY GOD! SEVERUS!!!" Snape sighed and rubbed his temple. He knew that voice anywhere and honestly, he didn't feel like messing with the hyperactive bundle of insanity and his young prodigee, a.k.a. his and Draco's 'son'. "Yes, what is it this time?" Ange'lique sniffled and held up the corner of folded wheat bread. "I won't feel better until I ask this serious question but... is this Jerry's feet... or his butt?"

"...WHAT BLOODY KIND OF NONSENSE IS THIS!?" Ange'lique sniffled again and shrunk in on himself. "Ya know... if you had a bad day, take it out on Uncle Remmy, not me." Snape blinked and that's all the time the boy needed to have moved to the far corner, curled up slightly and a depressed aura coming from that area of the room. Snape groaned and let his head fall to the desk. 'Why in the hell did I fall for him again?'

"That's not very nice you know." Snape jumped slightly in his chair. Shit! He forgot Ange'lique could read minds. "I don't question it." Snape sighed and almost smiled... almost. "I'm taking it you actually came here for a reason and this is your way of telling me?" Ange'lique glared, though it was more like a pout, and stuck out his tongue. "You are no fun at all. You're supposed to be all like 'Oh! I'm so sorry! I never should've doubted you!' And I just turn away and yell 'BUT YOU DID! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO THINK OF YOU NOW!?' And you get frantic and reply, 'Think of me as scum, just don't leave!' And then you start some bloody hot make-out session which leads to mind-blowing sex." There was awkward pause. "You realize that is never going to happen, right?"

"I know... but I can wish. But we will have mind-blowing sex eventually right?" Snape rubbed his forehead. "Is that all you ever think about?" Ange'lique nodded. "I'm a Vampire. I'm a horny little bugger." Snape let his head fall to the desk once more. "Fan-fucking-tastic. Of course you just had to be changed at such a young age." Ange'lique walked over to him and wrapped his arms around Snape's waist, resting his head on the 'younger's' shoulder. "I would offer to Change you, but I hate the idea of it. 'Sides, love eventually ceases to exist in this world of ours."

Snape furrowed his brows and remained silent. Why was it the boy always made some oddly logical point? "You know... Christmas is in two weeks. And I'm obviously staying here. Mind if I stay with you? Remus took Harry somewhere else and Draco left as well so I'd be lonely. Lonliness is the root of all deception, greed, and depression." Snape rolled his eyes and gave a small smile, though it quickly vanished. "Honestly. Don't use such excuses." Ange'lique stiffened. "You should just come out and say what you need to. I would let you stay anyway."

Snape removed himself and started to walk towards his desk before he suddenly fell to the ground, a heavy weight on his back. "What in the--!?"

"You are the most amazing, Leibern! Thank you!" Snape blinked and let his head fall to the ground. "Yes, I'm sure. Would you mind removing yourself from my back?" Snape only realized too late what he said and groaned as he just felt the lecherous smirk. "No, I rather like being in this position. I feel rather... powerful."

"Don't you dare." There was that evil smirk again. "What, Severus? Oh! I do believe I know what you're talking about now! You know, you never should've mentioned it." Oh, how he was right. 'God da- HOLY FUCK!' Snape stiffened as he felt the Vampire's tongue trail across his lower neck. 'Why in all of bloody Hell did I tell him about the fucking weakness!?' "Because you were drunk."


WOOOT! I LOVE THIS STORY! I love typing out Ange'lique's personality. He's just so much fun to work with.