Chapter 1
Sealed Curse

Konoha was a beautiful village by many standards. One of the standards was the lush green landscape and the view of the land from a distance. The Land of Fire was also known for its passionate shinobi, that tended to be more determined and were loyal to a "T" with their village and other shinobi... well that loyalty could only go so far, and to them their cheeks could only turn once.

It was a warm night in the village hidden among the leaves. A night which too many was a great night to go for a walk and stretch ones legs and enjoy one's surroundings. However, that was not the case of this night. Instead there was only the sound of the squeaking of a swing that was received this night. All that was out this night, was alone child sadly swinging by his lonesome.

There were only a few thoughts running through the mind of this child, the place was quiet, something that was unusual for a place for kids. The playground was dead, except for the creaking of the swing with the little blonde boy who sat there with tears cascading down his tanned cheeks. It wasn't right for a five year old to cry, he had told himself. But yet he wept and franticly wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.

It's always the same.

He was always alone.

And the silence of the village wasn't helping in the matter. How strange, he thought, kicking the dirt that rest bellow his little feet as the swing he was on swayed back and forth. He looked around the playground wondering:

1. Why he wasn't being yelled at by any adults and

2. Why he wasn't getting bullied?

Yeah there was that cute pink haired girl that played in the sandbox and the blonde that always seemed to blush when he smiled at her, that didn't pick on him. But their parent's grabbed them up before he even had a chance to step out of his hiding place and talk to them. Even though his father was the Fourth Hokage, he still got the glares of people that wanted nothing else other then him to die horribly.

But, right now something was wrong and he didn't like it.

He watched his little feet swing back and forth once again. He felt hands slam against his back giving his swing more momentum and causing him to clutch the chain that held the swing up as tightly as his little hands would allow. The force wasn't too hard, but it frightened him none the less. He tilted his body around slowly, not wanting to anger who ever was pushing him.

"What brings a little boy like you out here, little one?"

The child was intrigued none the less, as he looked at the man over, cautiously. He had long black hair, and eyes that he had never seen before, yellow as a yellow bird, slanted like a cat's. He clutched the chains tighter.

"Are you here to hurt me like the others?"

The man tilted his head to the side as he gave another push of the swing. "What do you mean little one?"

"The only time the villagers talk to me is to call me demon and hurt me."

It was true; the people of this village hated him for some unknown reason that his child mind could not grasp. And telling his father that he was getting bullied sounded like the worst idea ever. The talks that his father always gave him about being strong and never taking any crap from people especially for ones dreams had deterred him from even bringing it up at dinner.

The man's eyes widened as he grabbed the chains of the swing, stopping its movement as a wicked grin came across his features. "Is that so?"

The child nodded.

"What's your name little one?"

"Uzumaki Naruto."

"Well Naruto-Kun, how would you like to come with me?"

So it was complete. His final Anbu mission before he became a full time Jounin. What he wouldn't give to just fall into his bed and pass out. It had been a long mission to Mist; an assassination mission was nothing to look forward to. Even if, for some strange reason, the feeling of his blade slicing through human flesh gave his heart a leap of joy. A voice in the back of his head when ever he used his Sharingan, begged to be tested, begged for the taste of blood.

It even sickened him at some points when his mind came up with schemes to test himself. To kill the whole village, to kill the Fourth, a man that Itachi himself had looked up to, a man that even his father had showed respect to. A feat, Itachi, had never thought he would see. A leader of a Clan who claimed to be the most powerful (claimed because the Hyuuga claimed the same thing) could show any respect to anyone, let alone a man from a nameless clan.

He was told that the Fourth had changed since his survival of the Kyubi attack. 'Loosing a person that you saw as your soul mate would do that to man', his father had said. He hadn't understood what his father meant at the time. Setting it off to the side of his mind to dwell on later Itachi walked past the gate and let his mind wonder.

He had come to worship the Fourth in an essence. The Yondaime had become a Jounin at the Age of twelve; Anbu at the age of thirteen, then Jounin Instructor at twenty, Hokage at twenty three, and finally destroying the greatest demon alive at the age twenty six. What wasn't there to look up too? The only down fall he ever saw was how he seemed to ignore his own son. Looking upon the boy like the boy had ripped out his heart and was waving it in front of a dieing man. He couldn't understand, and when ever he asked his father the man just seemed to look off in the distance and say it was the pain of being reminded.

Of what, though?

He had pondered this many a times and still nothing came to him that would make him want to ignore his son, (Besides training of course, no one wants their children to be weak). So why did he look upon him like he didn't know what to do? Like he was… lost?

Itachi sighed slowing down in the park to give him time to think on the matter before returning to his father, until he heard a grunt of pain. He followed the sound, and what he saw made him falter in his stride. There, was a man biting into a young boy's neck. On instinct he withdrew his Anbu katana and slashed at the man causing him to jump back, and the boy to fall to the floor.

"Ah, Itachi-kun, I see the rumors are true."

"What were you doing to the boy?" Itachi asked holding his katana in a ready position.

"Just giving the Kyubi brat, one of my forbidden cursed seals… The ones that no human being should be able to survive; the sacred seals I mastered." Both eyes moved to the boy as the boy began to push himself up. "Let's see how he handles the Heaven's sacred seal." Orochimaru turned back to Itachi. "Here's a chance for you to calm the voice of the Sharingan that begs for blood… something to brag about to those worthy. You can say you were the one that killed the Kyubi…no?"

"ARHHH!!" Naruto began to clutch his head with his left hand as he screamed and scratched at the ground with his right.

"… If you survive that is." Itachi swung his blade at Orochimaru only for the snake man to laugh and jump back before he vanished.


Itachi turned to the scream and watched in fascination as the black marks on Naruto's neck flashed white then black before turning back to the white color, as it crawled across the boy's face. Silver chakra began to cover the boy's body in an ethereal sense making Itachi's eyes widen. He took a step back activating his Sharingan as the white marks vanished and two lumps appeared on the boys back. Another scream of pain; eyes widening on Itachi's part which was not something he did often. Two shining white wings burst from the boys back spreading blood across the ground as they ripped through the boy's skin. The screams of pain died down. And the boy turned to face him as he stood.

Three whiskers like lines turned to three triangle blue markings.

Sharingan met neon blue.

Then fist met stomach.

Itachi blinked a couple times before Naruto slowly faded away from his view. Itachi tried to catch his breath from the punch to his gut but a white wing swatted him away into the jungle gym. He pushed himself up and out of the destroyed play set before he threw a kunai at the kid, and watched as a rectangle beam of blue light appeared in front of the kid and blocked the kunai. He was even more stunned as the boy grabbed a hold of the light. The light fell like glass revealing a blue katana with a white handle with black diamonds.

"Your eyes are those of a Youkai (Demon spirit) of C-Class skill, you are a threat to Elysium, you shall perish Akuma (Demon)." A deep voice that should not have came out of boy that small's mouth.

Itachi knew he had to end it quickly; he stood and unsheathed his sword before he ran forward raising his sword.

Naruto split his sword into two blades revealing a black blade in his left hand while his blue stayed in his right. He crossed the two blades and swung his blades down and across each other sending an 'X' shaped beam of blue light. Blood splattered on the boys face and he watched Itachi's lifeless body fall to the ground then turn into pieces… of a log.


The force of the punch to Naruto's stomach caused the boy to lift off the ground as his eyes widened in shock before his sighted faded in darkness. Naruto's unconscious body fell forward onto Itachi's shoulder. Itachi watched as the wings shattered into white sakura petals and the whisker like marks reappear but seemed to be faded.

"Uzumaki Naruto... huh?" He pushed the boy so he was fully resting onto his shoulder.

Itachi headed to the Kazama estate with two things on his mind.

How would he explain this to the boy's father? And…

… How did he just get his ass practically kicked by a five year old?

How do you explain to the Hokage why you're holding his son's unconscious body in your arms, while blood is oozing out of his shoulder blades? Even if it seemed that the Hokage didn't seem to care for his son, it still did not set well in Itachi's stomach. He tried running various ways on how he found the child, running them as if he was the one receiving the message about his own brother.

Finding the boy with a child molester biting his neck, did not set well with him.

He had no more time to think as he stood in front of the door of the Kazama estate thinking of leaving the boy at the front step and running off for his own safety. After seeing what the boy could do to him he was not ashamed to say he was terrified of what the father would do.

He hesitated before finally knocking on the door. He waited patiently watching the sleeping boy in his arms. He adjusted the boy to get a more comfortable grip on him, and then tensed up when he saw the grimace of pain when he moved him. He forgot about the wounds on his back, after just thinking about them seconds ago. However, he did not have time to ask for forgiveness when the door to the estate was answered by an older and tired looking carbon copy of the boy in his arms.

He was so shocked that he was standing a foot away from his hero that he almost dropped the boy in his arms. Until he saw the look the man gave the boy.

He looked like he had seen a ghost of some type. His eyes had widened and a cold sweat emerged on his forehead before he looked into Itachi's eyes…scared. But as if the look had never reached his face the man shook his head as he once again looked at the boy then Itachi. Then his eyes slowly narrowed.


"What did you do to My Son?!"

To say Itachi was frozen was an understatement of a life time. The killer intent the Hokage was giving off felt like the Hokage Mountain it self was set on top of Itachi's body. He tried to stay on his feet, but felt his knees buckle causing him to fall to them. His eyes widened which caused his Sharingan to activate. He watched as the surrounding around him turned blurry as he watched the killer intent like it was gravity.

"I… found… ack…" He choked out slowly realizing that he couldn't breath. "Him… like… like… this… in the park… with Oro… Orochimaru." He felt the killer intent intensify and realized he probably shouldn't have said the traitor's name.

"Where Did The Bastard Go?"



Suddenly the force on Itachi's body was suddenly lifted off, causing him to stumble forward. He looked up to see the Sandaime's hand on the Yondaime's shoulder. The man turned to Itachi and addressed him calmly.

"I apologize for his behavior. Please explain what happened."

And he did in full details…

"I didn't know that the Kazama clan had a blood line limit." Itachi said looking at Arashi who was leaning back in his chair starring at the ceiling.

"We do but it has nothing to do with what you just told us about. Him, going crazy like that was my fault."

"Your fault Hokage-Sama, how is it your fault?" Itachi sat up straighter, if possible, looking at the fourth like he lost his mind. "If anything it's Orochimaru's fault! He's the one that put that damn seal on the boy."

"This goes way back, way before tonight Itachi." It was Sarutobi who had spoken up this time. "What we are about to tell you is an SS-Class secrete, punishable by death by torture. Do you understand Itachi?" A nod. "It happened five years ago on October 10th, the Kyubi had been attacking the village for a good couple of days by now relentlessly destroying everything in its path."

"I had finally found away to defeat the beast." Arashi cut in. "I am a seal master and spent many nights at my desk trying to find away to save my village. When I came across some old notes I had come up with that were put aside. It was what I needed, what I succumbed to. To summon the Shinigami himself. But it called for a sacrifice and a new born child." He looked over at his son that was soundlessly asleep.

"You used him." Itachi stated more than asked.

"Yes. I could not ask one of the villagers to bare the burden of giving up their own child if I could not do it myself."

Itachi nodded understanding that before he looked up at Arashi. "Wait you said it called for a sacrifice, who?"

"My student, Hitoshi Rin jumped in front of me before the Shinigami could take my soul. He took her soul instead."

Itachi sat back in his chair. He didn't understand how a simple assassination mission had became so complicated and how all his building a shell around him had came shattering down so quickly. Itachi was a kind person with a good heart. He masked all of this by putting on a facade of indifference and stoic behavior, not unlike that of what the Uchiha had been famous for. He was also a very emotional person on the inside, who had difficulty copping with certain issues. It was no secret to anyone that really knew him, that his love for his younger brother was immeasurable.

So finding about a boy the same age as Sasuke with this situation on his shoulder was almost unbearable for him. What if his brother had gone through the same thing? Would he be strong enough to do this? He doubted it. His parents, no offense to them, were arrogant just like all the other Uchiha clan which cause turmoil all the time, which in turn, didn't really supply a stable family life for Itachi and Sasuke.

He took a look at the fourth and frowned.

Not saying a man who ignored his son was any better though.

"Itachi, I am sorry to do this but, you can not tell any one about this, or the fact that you know the truth. Do you understand?" a nod, Sarutobi watched the young prodigy carefully. "Are you okay Itachi, I know this is much for a fifteen year old to handle but…"

"It's just… who ever thought the Kyubi's chakra was, so, so calming."

That got him blank looks.

"What did you say?" Arashi asked watching the boy closely.

"Well, the silver chakra was amazing and all but those-."

"Itachi, what exactly did Naruto look like when the Kyubi took over?"

"An Angel."

"That can't be." Arashi said standing to his feet.

"It's the truth." The three occupance in the room turned to look at the silver haired man who was leaning against the window seal. The man fully turned to the group his eyes falling on the eldest man. "Sarutobi-s-sensei I didn't know you were here?"

"Now, now, Jiraiya; there is no need to be nervous," the old shinobi chuckled heartily. "Were you there when my other student attacked this young boy?" He smiled knowingly.

The hermit shrugged, settling back into his usual demeanor, "Yes, I was."

"Then why didn't you try and save my son?!"

Jiraiya's eyes sharply turned to his student who was clenching his fists. "From how I've seen you treat him I thought letting him die would be more suitable for you A-Ra-Shi."

The Hokage stopped clenching his fist not knowing what to say to that.

"Now, now, do I have to do this all the time you two talk about Naruto?" The old man said rising to his feet to stand in between the two legendary men. He turned to his student with a serious look. "Jiraiya, what do you have to say about his appearance?"

"All right then. Have you ever here about the tales of nine angel that guarded the gates of heaven five thousand years ago?" It was silent which prodded him to continue. "It was said that the Nine Tailed beast originated from these beings. Each guarding a certain area. There names are easy to come by. The one wing is Keltic, the two winged Meshima, the third Maximus, the fourth Sifer, the fifth Holio, the sixth Nefisis, the seventh Sora, the eighth Hisoso, and the ninth Sirus. It is said that these nine deadly warriors of heaven were some how convinced by Lucifer to turn on Kami himself. People think that Lucifer put some kind of curse on the angels and that's what caused their betrayal."

"But what you're saying is that that curse Lucifer put on the Angels actually turned those angels into the tailed beast we know today." Arashi asked taking his seat.

"And that's Orochimaru unknowingly released that curse off of Kyubi, releasing something that may turn more dangerous then Kyubi itself."

Arashi's head fell, and oddly enough, he remained awfully silent and contemplative.

"For now we need to find away to figure out how not to let this… 'New bloodline' takes control as often. Someone with a similarity to Naruto's case; that can also train him on their journey out side of the village."

Arashi's eyes widened, "I don't know?"

Sarutobi took a silent breath and began to speak. "Naruto used a powerful force that could have killed one of our most skilled Anbu, at the age of five. I think Jiraiya has a point, and if the Hokage will allow I would like to make a suggestion."

Arashi looked at Sarutobi before nodding his head.

The third turn to Itachi who was sitting quietly. "Itachi," said boy turned to the third. "We all no that the Uchiha originated from the Hyuuga clan over a hundred years ago. And the Hyuuga clan, how psychotic they can be, used an Oni to strengthen their eyes. Meaning that you are the closest person we can trust that is also the closest to having a demon inside yourself with your bloodline. On that note will you accept this mission? Keep in mind that this is not an order, this required the person's full support in the matter."

The three turned Itachi who they had almost forgotten was still there

"I would like to accept this mission whole heartedly." Itachi said looking at his hands as he spoke. "My eyes burned in pain right before Naruto transformed, I think I can be warned it happens again."

"Very well Itachi-kun?" The Third said with a raised eyebrow and a teasing smile.

"And what of Orochimaru?" the Yondaime asked, his eyebrows drawn together worriedly.

"Orochimaru's whereabouts are unknown." Itachi intoned with a monotonous sigh.

Sarutobi nodded and took a puff of his pipe, leveling his gaze with Naruto. "I think it would be best if you allow another to accompany Itachi Yondaime-Sama, for the boy's sake at least, and to ward off your enemies in believing that he is truly dead. Also, not to doubt your skill Itachi, but it has been said that you were gifted to the ability to have Chakra control come easy to you, and so a person that needed to work on their chakra control surly can help in Naruto's training."

Arashi nodded "Very well, I have the perfect person for this mission; we'll have them meet Itachi at the gate tomorrow morning if they accept this mission." He turned to Itachi with cold eyes. "Your mission starts tomorrow morning this is a six or seven year mission. After the first four years I expect you to return so I can see his progress." He quickly drew the paper work starring at it blankly before looking up at the three men before him. "And if anything happens to my son I will have all of your heads."

"Hai! Hokage-Sama."

With that Arashi signed the paper work.

Itachi stood bowing to the three men before leaving the premises. He still had to check up on his brother and inform his father of his new mission for the Yondaime.

The three other men watched as the young 15 year old Itachi left. Jiraiya turned to the Yondaime. "Who do you have in mind that is going with Itachi?"

The fourth turned to the third and gave him a wide smile.

The third returned with a glare.

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