1 Becoming Marilyn

"Happy birthday, Mr. President. Happy birthday, Mr. President. Happy birthday, Mr. President, happy birthday to you." Yuki woke to Manabe holding a small cake with 'Happy 17th Birthday' written on it in icing. Yuki shivered as Manabe's voice turned throaty, trying to sound like Marilyn Monroe. His finger was pointed right at Yuki and he smiled jokingly.

"Was I everything you wished for?" Yuki rolled his eyes and tumbled out of his messy sheets, showing off his sleepwear.

"Nice cartoon characters," Manabe said, grinning, referring to Yuki's blue boxers. Yuki blushed and instead of touching that subject, glared at him.

"God Manabe, couldn't you do this some other time, like when I've dressed and brushed my teeth?" Manabe smiled and shook his head.

"No, I really couldn't. Someone needs to wake you up." He smiled darkly. "That someone is me!" Manabe walked up to Yuki, closing the door behind him. Both of them loved the privacy and the heat radiating from the other in their close proximity. Manabe whispered in Yuki's ear.

"There's one more thing, Mr. President." Yuki, distracted from the warm breath tickling his ear, could only mutter, "What Manabe?"

"Your birthday present, of course!" Manabe said ecstatically. Oh, just a birthday present? Yuki thought to himself disappointedly.

"Yeah," Manabe continued. "I was kinda cheap this year, so I didn't get you anything expensive or flashy, but I think it will be worthwhile." Suddenly, too quick for Yuki to register at first, Manabe embraced him tightly and pressed his lips against Yuki's own.

The kiss was heated and made Yuki stumble back onto his bed surprised. Manabe giggled and set the cake on the bedside table.

"Don't move that quick, Mr. President-san!" Manabe stood still grinning like a madman and folding his arms across his chest.

"I see you liked my present Yun-Yun." Yuki grinned maliciously.

"Yes, I did Vice President-san. In fact," Yuki charged Manabe as if he were prey and pinned him against the wall. "I want another one." Yuki pressed his lips urgently against Manabe's, relishing when Manabe threw open his mouth and moaned as they touched tongues in the opening between their mouths. Yuki ran his hands through Manabe's hair, loving the warmth as their bodies pressed up against each other.

"Um, wait," Manabe detached himself from Yuki's lips and put his hands on his chest, keeping the panting Yuki at arm's length. "Mr. President-san..." Yuki slowly looked up from his hands trying to calm his heaving chest.

"Yes, Vice President-san?" Manabe cheekily beamed at him.

"I do believe that there is a scandal going on in the Oval Office." Yuki despite not wanting to, smiled at Manabe.

"Shut up Manabe, shut up and let's kiss." Manabe, unable to protest as Yuki's tongue was shoved into his mouth, moaned in agreement.

"Yuki," Manabe panted as they rubbed against each other.

"What!?" Yuki yelled, contented with kissing Manabe's neck instead of talking.

"Well, the cake?"

"There's something else I'd rather eat."

"Happy birthday Mr. President-san." Yuki moaned a thank you as Manabe dipped his hand into Yuki's boxers.

"You can be the First Lady now," Yuki said as he too, shakily touched Manabe's length.

"Bullshit Yuki, I'm Marilyn." He smirked as they shared more frantic kisses.

"Hey Yun-Yun, was I everything you wished for? Yuki smiled in return.

"Yes, you were," He whispered in Manabe's ear.