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Willows and Witches

Chapter 32


Remus finally finished what he set out to do. He pocketed the empty phial with a grim smile. The potion had not killed its first human test subject – good news.

But Remus had.

He set about cleaning up the various instruments, vanishing what evidence he could, and scourgifying every possible contaminated surface. It took several spells to lift the grimy blood and urine from the soaked gravel flooring. When everything had been left as it was before, he turned to the body.

It hurt him to look at what was left of it. The carnage of the act Remus had committed would stay with him forever. There would be no escaping the nightmares – and no relief for the screams that still echoed in his ears.

But justice had been done. Hef would never hurt another soul again.

Remus carefully wrapped the remains in a plastic tarp and sealed it with magic before apparating the body to an abandoned field where a hole had been prepared. He unceremoniously dumped the tarp into the hole and used his wand to levitate the dirt down into the pit. He used pressure charms to tamp the earth flat and spread grass seeds along with an elixir to help stimulate growth over the top of the grave. He watered the soil and murmured a few charms he'd learned in Herbology many years ago.

He turned to leave and something held him back – a tiny bit of humanity perhaps. He couldn't just leave. Sucking in a deep breath, and feeling like a sentimental fool, he turned around and raised his wand.

"I commit thee back to the earth, that which was grown from it. I call upon fire to burn thee to ash, water to cleanse and bring forth new life from the one lost, and air to lift it above the earth and scatter it thusly: North, South, East, and West. I send thee back to thy maker."

Dead on his feet, Remus managed to get himself to his hotel room where he fell into a deep sleep.

Severus followed along behind Hermione, struggling to keep the smile in line that kept threatening to take over his features. It had been such a long time for him – and in some ways, everything seemed brand new. It was as if the greenery was more vibrant, the sun just a little brighter, the perfume of nearby flowers and herbs suddenly intoxicating.

A burden that he didn't know he'd been holding onto had lifted and it left him with a lighter heart and spirit than he'd had in so many years. He hadn't felt this way since he'd first realized he was a Wizard. And he'd only ever been in love once. He'd forgotten what it was like to love something more than a mere memory.

And it appeared as if she actually cared for him too.

He'd been unable to truly believe her affection until this very morning, when she'd leaned over the breakfast table and caught his lips in a sweet and fleeting kiss. She'd mumbled something about having wanted to do that for some time and blushed, biting her lip before settling herself back in her seat and sipping a bit of champagne. It wasn't a power play nor was it tainted with obligation or roleplay - it was a moment of innocent affection – real.

The way that her eyes lit when she looked at him, like she was actually pleased with him, made his stomach clench. She was damnably beautifully. He wanted to spend every moment that she afforded him in her presence. Trailing after her as she explored the various shops was not a horrid task that tested his patience as it might have been. It was a relief, to be among those who didn't know his face or his past, with a woman that didn't seem to mind knowing the truth about him. She seemed to enjoy having his company.

He took nothing for granted. He memorized every detail of her face, from her straight eyebrows covering her warm brown eyes to her petite nose and heart shaped mouth. Her skin was porcelain – that of a scholar, and he found that he appreciated the almost translucent quality of it. When she'd reached for his hand, his heart had stuttered, as she'd pulled him to a display of fine dark truffles, eager to sample the wares. He watched as she read the labels and chatted with the shopkeep, completely absorbed in the task of picking out her favorites, but he spared the sumptuous treats not a glance. He looked down at their entwined hands with absolute disbelief. Her small hand felt perfect in his – and he smirked to himself when he saw the ink stains on her fingertips.


He glanced up at her face. "Sorry. I was woolgathering it seems."

She grinned. "I've sampled the most amazing thing – a key lime truffle! Here, try a piece."

She lifted the confection to his lips and he was taken aback but allowed her to push the chocolate past his lips. He closed his eyes momentarily, savoring the flavor.

"Remarkable, indeed. We should purchase some to take with us," Severus suggested. He slid two galleons from within his pocket across the top of the display glass without her noticing.

The old wizard behind the glass nodded slightly with a toothy grin.

"Of course! I haven't had chocolate this good since Honeydukes' offered that seasonal Cranberry Orange Lickitysplit. Did you ever try that around the holidays?"

He shook his head. "I don't often partake in sweets. On special occasions I might have a dessert after a fine meal. It isn't that I don't enjoy them – I just believe in moderation."

Hermione placed her hand on her hip. "Well, you'll have to teach me how to not eat an entire box of chocolate tonight."

"I think I might be able to distract you," Severus purred.

Hermione smiled and bit her lip. "I believe you're quite right about that."

Severus leaned forward and kissed just beneath and behind her ear. He felt the tremor that went through her body and watched with satisfaction as her hands shook while taking out the gold to pay for her treats.

"It's taken care of," Severus informed her.

She blushed and turned toward him. "You don't have to pay for everything. I've plenty of money," she protested.

"Indulge me," Severus murmured quietly.

Hermione snorted. "All right. But I'm paying for dinner."

Severus arched his brow and took in the stubborn set of her jaw. "If you insist."

"I do!" Hermione exclaimed happily. She took the box of chocolate and shrunk it before placing it in her bag.

They left the shop together and Hermione suggested none too subtly that they return to their room.

Severus smirked and took her arm, happy to acquiesce.

They made quick work of taking off their clothing and fell into bed. Surprising Severus, Hermione took charge and pushed him down before she kissed his body with her mouth, her hair hanging in front of her, obscuring the view. She started just below his clavicle and made quick work of trailing hot kisses down his torso.

Severus gave into sensation and moaned appreciatively as she dipped her tongue into his navel before following the thin line of dark hair down to where he most certainly wanted her attentions.

Severus whispered an incantation and her hair wound itself up and to the top of her head where it was secured by his magic. He wanted to watch her for every second of what was sure to be one of the best experiences of his life.

Hermione placed open mouthed kisses along the top of his cock before reaching the swollen knob and letting it slide slowly between her lips. She savored the groan he made when she allowed his cock to slip even further in. She flicked her tongue against the spongy glans and his hips jerked up of their own accord. He hissed in pleasure as she began to hum and moved up and down his length.

Unlike many witches she knew, she loved doing this. The control she had thrilled her, and the fact that it was her former Potion's Master who was on the receiving end made her want to preen. It felt so wrong to be sucking him off (how many students had ever had the opportunity to see him so unguarded?), and yet when she glanced up to see his hawk-like gaze upon her, his mouth hanging open in wonder, it made her appreciate her own talent in this area even more. Vain as a peacock, she swirled her lips around his swollen cock, and sucked with abandon, glancing up and catching his eyes, giving him her most coquettish look.

"Vixen," he gasped, "Any more of that and our time would be cut short."

He disengaged from her mouth and pulled her up his body where he kissed her passionately.

"Did you like sucking my cock you little minx? Are you all hot and ready for me?"

She nodded her head.

"Perhaps you'll like this as well," he grunted as he spread her legs and speared her with his cock.

She cried out as his cock slipped into her wet quim.

He gripped her hips and she pressed her hands against his solid chest to remain upright. He lifted her slightly and jerked his hips upward, driving his cock inside of her.

"Fuck," she groaned.

"Language, Ms. Granger," Severus said with a grin as he plowed into her again, watching her gorgeous breasts jiggling with the impact. He paced himself, driving into her in no particular rhythm, keeping her off balance and surprised.

Hermione looked down her body to watch as his cock cleaved her again and again. It was driving her mad, this slow, controlled pace that he had set. She decided that she was going to take over and used her knees and position to raise and lower herself atop him. She leaned back, and used her hands to support the upper half of her body as she began to bounce on top of him with abandon.

Severus watched her arch her body magnificently, giving him a splendid view of her toned stomach, her gorgeous pussy taking him in, her breasts wobbling atop her chest like two dollops of whipped cream. He held on by the barest string, wanting to pound inside her like a raging animal until he was spent – but there was a perverse part of him that loved this exquisite torture and wanted it to go on forever.

Hermione felt herself cresting and before she knew it her orgasm hit her with a powerful pulsating that robbed her of breath. Her muscles clamped down on him as she rode it out, unable to breathe as her body danced of its own accord.

Severus held himself perfectly still as her vaginal walls constricted around him and vibrated. He groaned and couldn't help himself any longer, jerking up into her three times before finding his own release.

Hermione shuddered with pleasure, watching his face – a perfect mask of pain and pleasure – as he emptied himself into her. She lifted one of her legs and it felt gelatinous with use. She fell next to him on the bed, breathing heavily, sated and rather proud of herself.

Severus looked over at her, smiling despite the sheen of sweat on her brow, the rosy flush on her cheeks, and her sparkling eyes gazing back at him, and couldn't believe his own luck. Even though he'd just had her, he wanted her again.

And again.