A Baby for Bella

Chapter 1: Maybe Baby

It was inevitable that it happen, he knew, but that didn't make it any easier. The eventual outcome would be worth the pang he felt at leaving her, true, but it didn't make his steps any quicker as he walked out of the room where his heart remained. He was probably overreacting, but hell, how many men had ever had to leave their loves in a small, white, clinical room in which they were about to be artificially inseminated?

Ok, Ok. Lots, he knew, nowadays. But, in Edwards day, such a thing would have been considered outrageous, and the notion echoed in his perfectly coiffed head.

BUT, he was absolutely determined that he and Bella have a baby of their own before he turned her, and if he couldn't do it himself(while able to have mind-blowing sex, he didn't exactly...erm...have to invest in birth control, if you catch the drift, but they'd still been able to harvest the baby-making materials, so to speak, with the help of a very discreet and very expensive clinic in Sweden).

And, now...well, now they were about to be pregnant.

Edward had been loathe to leave Bella alone in tha sterile room, and had scowled menacingly at the doctor who'd requested he have a seat in the "lovely waiting room", but, alas, one pleading look from her that clearly said "I would love to have you in here, but don't make things any more difficult" had sent him scurrying into the stuffy box of a space he currently occupied.

To make it worse, he could hear the less-than-professional thoughts of the clinic's staff as they impregnated his wife.

"Ha!", the Doctor scoffed, "...thinks he's hot stuff...can't even impregnate his own wife...Great hair though...".

"Oh, man, I'd have HIS baby any day!", a middle-aged nurse proclaimed loudly in her graying head.

"They seem young to be having a baby...Hell, if I looked like that, I'd want to procreate early, too...", the thirty-something guy manning the window speculated.

Then there were the thoughts focusing on the actual procedure. Edward couldn't bear the details of what seemed to him like a very invasive operation.

Poor Bella.

She had never fooled him with her talk of not needing a little one of her own. He saw the yearning gleam in her pretty eyes when she saw an infant around town.

Edward had even overheard her talking to Angela one day about baby names...

He refused to deny her anything she would have had if she'd fallen in love with a human.

Edward himself had thought on occasion that he'd love a child of his own blood, and after he's fallen so hard for Bella...well, he'd never understood before then how strong the urge to create physical proof of your affection for another person was.

But, he couldn't lie. Old as he might be, Edward was scared.

A baby. A BABY.

A little person he would be responsible for.

To love, and keep safe.

What if he accidentally hurt it...?

Babies were so very fragile.

Just then, he picked up on the thoughts from the tiny room in which a new life was being created.


They were pregnant.

With a baby.

Their baby.

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In this story, Bella and Edward have graduated high school, and Bella has just turned nineteen. They're married, but Bella isn't a vamp yet.

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