A Baby for Bella

Chapter 5: Take the bad with the good

Bella awoke suddenly and violently and immediately wished she hadn't awoken at all. Her stomach heaved and roiled as a wave of something so indescribably SICK that it could barely even be categorized as nausea washed over her now upright body.

She made a mad dash for the restroom, or more specifically, for something in which to empty her stomach.

Edward had witnessed the whole debacle from the very start, prone as he was to watching her sleep, and was now hovering worriedly in a fashion she would have normally found endearing but at the moment found plain annoying, intent as she was on not succumbing to the sickness washing over her incessantly.

"Edward! Would you please give me some sp…", she began before realizing that he was supporting her and if he let go she would undoubtedly collapse in an undignified heap on the bathroom rug.

"Bella, just… let go, I've got you", he said bracingly in his silky smooth voice, stroking her forehead and trying to disguise his own anxiety.

"It's normal…", he said reassuringly, "Morning sickness…You're in your sixth week now. Esme told me it was bound to happen sooner or later".

Bella nodded, then ducked back down as her stomach heaved again.

Edward's smooth forehead creased with worry. He knew it was one of the many "joys" of pregnancy, but having to watch his wife experience such obvious misery was almost unbearable.

..and, no doubt about it, Bella was miserable. She had absolutely never been so ill, not even when Mike had given her that stomach flu. From the top of her head to the toes Alice had so recently painted pale pink, she felt nauseous. For the first time, she felt a slight apprehension about her pregnancy and all that it did, and would, entail.

Eventually her stomach stopped rebelling and she felt well enough for Edward to carry her out of the restroom and into the bedroom that was now lit with foggy predawn light.

He laid her gently on the bed and stroked her face for a moment before dashing downstairs for a glass of water. His icy hand felt so good on her feverish face and she was loath for him to remove it for even the moment it took for him to retrieve the water.

He returned and she took the glass from him gratefully, eager to wash the terrible taste from her mouth and ease the ache in her now sore throat.

"It kills me seeing you like this", Edward whispered so low Bella barely heard him, as he absent-mindedly caressed the barely-there bump on her belly.

"You have to take the bad with the good", she whispered back, mustering a wan smile for him as she covered his hand with her own on her bare stomach.

There was a soft knock on the door, interrupting the heavy moment.

"It's Esme", Edward whispered in Bella's ear, as if to be sure that she wanted visitors in her current state.

"Come in, Esme", Bella said quietly, knowing Esme would easily hear her, and then looked at Edward slightly askance, as if to say "you don't shut out family".

He looked back at her unabashedly.

Esme entered and smiled at Bella sympathetically before gracefully sitting down on Bella's side of the bed.

"How are you?", she said, rearranging the blankets around her in an unconsciously maternal way.

"I've been better", Bella replied honestly while grimacing slightly.

Esme nodded understandingly before saying, "When I was pregnant I was so dreadfully ill, and not just in the mornings…all day! It was terrible, but it was all worth it in the end…". At this Esme trailed off, staring into the distance sadly, with a heartbreaking look on her face as she remembered her own baby, loved desperately and gone for so long now.. If vampires could cry, surely Esme would have soaked the bedding.

Uncharacteristically, Bella hugged Esme fiercely.

In her ear, she said. "This baby is all of ours. It's going to need everyone's love, especially yours, Esme…You're already a wonderful mother".

Esme smiled down at Bella and squeezed her back before leaving the room with a sad sigh.


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