Okay, I decided to tone it down with the smut a little, and start something a little less...steamy LOL. Anyway, based on some new found information I was shown, I came up with a fabulous story idea. This is totally different than my other stories, and it's gonna be cute and hopefully funny, so I hope you enjoy! This will end up longer than the other stories I've written so far, so if you like it, let me know!!

Corny Collins sighed and loosened his cufflinks as he tossed his keys onto a side table by the front door, heading towards the kitchen in his small house. He'd been at the studio since early this morning; always the first in, and the last to leave. That was the way it usually went, and he'd grown accustomed to the idea of only coming home long enough to grab a bite to eat, a shower, and sleep before leaving the next day. He perused through the scarce remnants of his Frigidaire, and decided on a wedge of cheese and some crackers that he was sure were no longer fresh.

He swallowed his dinner quickly, and then put on a pot of coffee. He never drank all of it, and usually let what was left sit on the counter for a few days until it grew a disgusting green film over it and he was forced to pour it out because of its retched odor. It wasn't that he didn't like a clean house; it was just that, with him living alone, he didn't find much time to clean. He had always taken pride in the fact that he was an established bachelor, and aside from the occasional fling, he'd never gotten serious with a woman. It suited him well enough, though, and for the most part he was glad that he lived alone.

He heard the coffee pot bubbling and sat down at the kitchen table, flipping the newspaper open and browsing the headlines. It seemed like the same thing happened day after day in Baltimore. He would have been tired of it, except for the fact that he liked the routine of knowing what to expect each day. He knew he could come home from the studio, rest his feet for a few minutes, and go back the next day. And since Velma Von Tussle's reign of terror had ended over five years ago, he actually enjoyed work. He had met some of the brightest, sweetest kids that way, and always enjoyed spending his day with them.

He found it amusing when one of the girls from his council would develop a crush on him, and spend what time they didn't use filming the show to find a way to hang around him. It usually happened at least once a month, and this month, it was little Katie Parker, with eyes as dark as chocolate and a heart of gold. She was a cute kid, but that's all she was; a kid. She had just turned sixteen and spent every free moment trying to dance next to him, or smile at him. He had made the mistake once of getting a little too close to one of the girls on the council, but that had been five years ago, and he'd grown up a lot in that time. He had learned from his stupid mistakes and wasn't planning on retracing any steps he'd made then.

He finished his coffee, and folded the newspaper, setting it on top of the kitchen counter that he never used for anything but storing things until they either rotted or became so indistinguishable that he was forced to throw them out. He stood and made his way towards his bathroom, loosening his tie and unbuttoning his jacket on his way. He tossed the articles of clothing onto his bed, and headed towards the shower.

It felt good as the water hit his back, and he stayed in the shower for a lengthy time, enjoying the peace that he could only enjoy now, when he was in his own personal haven.

By the time he got out and toweled off, it was late, and he dressed in his pajamas. He was starting to yawn to himself, and looked forward to the night's sleep he had ahead of him. Dancing all day was exhausting, especially when you no longer had the energy of a teenager. Even though he was only in his early thirties, it had seemed much easier when he'd started the show a little more than eight years ago. But, it kept him in shape, and the ladies liked it, so he made sure he made every rehearsal, no matter what.

Just as he was pulling the sheets back from his bed, the doorbell rang, loudly and clearly. He groaned, and stepped around the bed, making his way down the hall to the front door. He hated having random visitors, especially now. He was already dressed for bed, and unless it was one of his miscellaneous girlfriends dropping by for a good time, he wasn't interested.

He didn't know why, but he peeked through the window on the door before opening it. He couldn't see anyone, and unlocked the door, pulling it open to the warm air of the summer night.

When it swung open, he didn't see anyone, but then his eyes fell downward, to a small child standing right upon the doorstep, smiling brightly at him. Her face looked familiar, but he didn't recognize her. Dark hair spilled out of two high ponytails on her head, and she stared happily up at him with hazel eyes.

He smiled down at the girl, who couldn't have been older than four or five, and cleared his throat.

"Hi, honey. What are you doing here?" He glanced around, and didn't see anyone whom might be her parents.

"I'm here to see you!" She squealed the words happily, and then jumped excitedly on two tiny feet. "Hi, Daddy!"