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Edward pov

The dog felt heavy in my arms. Just dead weight. Dead. How would Bella take it, he attacked me first. She would understand. Hopefully. Killing him was too easy, just a twist of the neck and… he was gone.

The thought made me shudder. This was the first in a long time that I had killed anything other than a vampire. Would she despise me? Call me a murderer? Would she be revolted by my nature. That was a thought that I couldn't tolerate.

What would my life be without her? Nothing. My life would mean nothing, because she is my life. She is my non-existent soul, my un-beating heart. The ranting in my mind made the trip to the treaty line go by rapidly, I lay Jacob there gently.

I thought back to the things he had done for me, unknowing that he had done them. He didn't do them for me, he did them for Bella. He saved her from her zombie period, he was her best friend when I was gone. He mended her heart back together, piece by shredded piece.

The rain had not thinned, it had possibly became harder. But I couldn't feel the pounding rain soaking me to my core. I couldn't just leave the dog there, no matter how much I despised him. But at the same time I couldn't risk crossing the border, so I did the only thing my many years of chivalry could thing of. I peeled of my wet jacket and positioned it long ways on his mangled dog form.

Another flash of lighting lit up the sky, I couldn't bear to sit there any more. I ran as fast as I could, to the edge of the woods by my house, not close enough for my family to smell me. I took out my cell phone, praying that it still worked. I flipped it open and sighed in relief when the light flickered on.

I hit the speed dial, calling the house phone. I saw Alice flit down to the kitchen to receive the call. "Edward?" She said breathlessly.

"Yes, its me. How is Bella?" I said quietly, regretting it immediately.

"Edward, what happened. I couldn't see the outcome because you were with a werewolf." Alice squeaked nervously.

"Tell me how Bella is first and I will tell you what happened." I growled.

"Carlisle checked her our, she has a minor concussion. She has had worse, Edward. Now tell me what happened." She said choosing her words carefully, as not to further upset me.

"I just tried to get him into the woods. I was trying to calm him down, and reason with him so he wouldn't attack me. But my reasoning just made him angrier and he striked. I was just protecting myself when something went wrong. I let my senses overtake my reason and I… I snapped his neck." I replied. The scene kept playing itself over and over in my mind.

"Oh Edward! I'm so sorry, but it was out of self defense. You couldn't of just stood there and let him kill you." She spoke with true sympathy. "Do you want me to explain, well try anyway, to Bella before you come and talk to her.?"

"Yes, please Alice. That would be great of you. I need a little time to calm down, and plan out my next move." I said, feeling almost as if a giant weight was being repeatedly dropped on my head.

"Okay Edward, see you when you calm down." I shut the phone without saying goodbye.

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