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In other words, everything is getting better.

This is my situation but with Shizuru. This is a bit OOC but I just wanted to write this…kinda pointless, eh? This is more realistic, cause in real life, I doubt anyone is as rich as Shizuru or as Powerful. Maybe looked up too, friendly/deadly, and other stuff.


Everyday I come to the school, to learn with my friends.

Everyday, even if she wasn't as close to me as my other friends with her, I fall helplessly more and more in love with her.

Her smiles, her laughs, her blushes; I love them all.

My name is Shizuru Fujino, and I'm in love. And I'm falling more into it.

I hear her laughter echo louder than the others, I smile when she's happy.

But it hurts. I already accepted the fact that even if she's so close to me, I can never touch her.

But I can never accept the fact that I can't do anything about it. It hurts, it hurts too much just to be helpless and watch her do things that you want to do with her.

A few of my best friends know, all accepting of me. I told her best friend; you know, the one I'm falling in love with, and she teases me.

I try to avoid her, but I always end up looking at her enchanting devilish eyes. Ah, speak of the devil, I'm the one with those eyes. Her eyes were young, mischievous, yes, but always innocent.

I love the noises she makes, I'd buy a CD if it was a soundtrack. But what I don't think I can make through our school year is P.E, her talking about a few crushes she's had, or hearing her get cuddled by other people.

Yes, that hurts to just watch, and all I can do is glare at the subject that she talks about.

But still, the worst part is the locker rooms. The year before, we had the same class and she was right behind me. I doubt anyone can resist taking a peak, so I had to cover up the bleeding from my nose by banging my head onto the metal lockers.

She called me an idiot, and laughed. That was when we finally started to talk a bit.

But now its different. Its been a year of being in love with her, and to see her ALMOST naked would probably kill me.

Yet switching out of the class is DEFINETLY not the answers; I mean, who would give up the chance of seeing an almost naked beautiful girl you loved?

All of the straight girls would, but not me. Ironic? I do agree.

Of course, I have to avoid that scenario because the last time it occurred, I slipped on the floor with my pants falling to the ground when I was changing back into my clothes.

My head hurt, but because I was in the floor…well.

Anyone else who has a brain of the view I had.

Let's just say that I had many wet dreams.




THE End.

That's all completely true, y'know. (laughs)