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Chapter 1


The teenager lay on her back, hands behind her head, eyes closed. A small, rare smile crept over her lips. Slowly, daintily, eyelids raised, revealing her purple orbs to the world. The clouds above her were hard, dark, and cold. And wet, can't forget wet. A light rain had begun to fall, slowly soaking Raven. But she didn't mind. At a time like this, the empath would have given anything to lay quietly in the rain.

But she never could get her wish, could she? As she watched the sky, the unmistakable squeak of the door to the roof sounded, revealing a green teenager. Though Raven couldn't see his face, she could feel he was smiling. And it was aimed towards her. Her mouth habitually opened, ready to tell him to shut up and leave. But the teen was never given the chance to answer, because there was nothing to answer. A soft sound came from his direction, but it was not cast from his mouth, but his feet. He had slowly shuffled his way over to her, his body lowering next to hers. Without a word, her head turned slightly to face him.

He was wearing his newest outfit: black tripp pants with purple stitching, ¾ finger black gloves, black shoes with purple laces, and a black shirt with a purple line off to the right side of the front. He had really gotten into black lately, and Raven had had a hunch that it was because of his mood. Usually he emitted happy, grateful, and spunky emotions. But lately, they had all been reversed. Lately his mind was all about the sorrow, the rage, the guilt. It had frightened Raven how much guilt he felt. But, he hadn't done anything wrong, so what was bugging him?

"Hey." There was something new. Raven spoke first.

"Hey." Beast Boy mimicked.

"Wanna talk about something?"

"Nah." He had been quieter, too.

"Okay." And it was left at that. If he didn't want to talk, he wouldn't talk. He had always been stubborn like that. Happy had always tried to convince her it was cute, but she refused to listen. How could being stubborn be cute? So his eyes got a mischievous glint in them when he was set in his ways? So his nose crinkled slightly? So his ears wiggled when he smirked? It wasn't like she cared…or even noticed.

For what seemed like an hour, the pair lay quietly, letting the rain slowly drench them. Every now and again, a smile would cross over Beast Boy's face, but usually it was blank, even more blank than Raven's. And that was saying something. There was definitely a problem. His emotions were dulled, but still running rampant. Back and forth, it would flash from guilt, to devastation, to anger, and back to guilt. It was driving Raven insane.

"That's it." She said calmly. The empath glared at the changeling, the expected confusion anything but present. He was quiet, returning her glare with an empty look.

"That's what?" His words, though they sounded innocent, were anything but. He knew what she was talking about. He knew he was hiding something, and he knew she knew.

"You know exactly what. Beast Boy, what's wrong?"

A deep sigh resounded from the depths of the elf's lungs, and his eyes again closed. For a moment, he paid attention solely to the rain, silently confessing himself to it. Raven waited patiently, knowing that he wasn't going to give himself up lightly.

"It is too much to say right now, but let's just say my life hasn't been the easiest." A tremor ripped through the green teen's body. It was small, but there. Obviously, it wasn't easy at all.

Silently, Raven merely nodded. She knew he would tell her when he felt the time was right. All she wanted to do now was sit with him in the rain.

"Hey Raven?"

"Yes, Beast Boy?"

"Stand up for a second."

Confused, the half-demon followed his orders, lifting her drenched body upwards. He stood, as well, quite close to her. His chest was touching hers, their noses nearly touching as well. Raven fidgeted a bit, still wondering what he was up to. That long-missed mischievous glint was back. It wasn't as strong as it once was, but it was there. And that was enough to tell her that she probably wouldn't like what he was going to do. Before she could protest, however, he had slipped his hands over her jawbone and their lips met.

So this was what heaven was. For the first few milliseconds, Raven just stood, shocked. Then, slowly, her arms slipped between his shoulder and neck, reaching as far behind and above his head as they could. Her lips greeted his openly, and eyes welcomed the darkness. His hands moved from her face to her neck, cupping her nape gently. They stopped for air, then immediately picked up where they left off. As her hands became adjusted to his waist, his explored her stomach. Slowly, he cascaded over her deep indigo tube top, then moved down to her black hip-hugging jeans, then back up to her shoulder. His finger gently traced her upper arm bracelet, a small smile interrupting their kiss when he realized just what the charm was. He looked at her, his eyes once again happy.

"A snake?"

"Well, they didn't have any ravens, and I certainly wasn't going to stick with flowers or anything, so…"

A finger over her lips stopped her. She glared at the owner of the finger, only to be returned with a small grin.

"You talk too much." He knew he was lying. She barely talked at all. But there was nothing else to say. Again, he moved close, their lips meeting and tongues exploring. Thank the Lord for the rain.

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