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Chapter 20


"Tane, turn the TV down!" Taro's voice screeched over the volume.

"What?" The youngest of the triplets called.

"I said…TURN. IT. DOWN!" Not waiting for a reply from his brother, Taro stormed over to the television and flipped it off.

"What'd you do that for?" Tane complained.

"What did I tell you about keeping the volume too high?" A new, monotone voice rose over the argument.

"Oh…hey Mom…" The green boy sweat dropped.

Raven rolled her eyes. She couldn't stand when he did that. The green pigment in his skin, hair, and eyes made him look enough like his father. But when he put his hand oh-so-innocently behind his neck, squeezed his eyes shut, and smiled, he looked too much like his dad to stay angry. And obviously he knew it. The green empath turned around, flicking the television back on. The volume blared, startling all three of them. He quickly lowered it, that same innocent-yet-guilty look playing on his face.

"Where is your sister?" The woman asked.

"She's out with Hanaa and Kori, I think." Taro informed her.

Raven nodded, turning to leave. As she approached the doorway, a small whisper, obviously not meant for her to hear, wafted towards her.

"You can't escape punishment forever, Odie."

Though she couldn't see him, she knew Taro was smirking. Tane despised the name, though when he was younger he adored it. She spun around, ready to stop the onslaught that was guaranteed to come, but was too late. She saw the dark aura covering Taro's body, and before she could blink he was thrown against the wall. A few pieces of plaster fell to the ground, but instead of screaming, the eldest was laughing.

"That the best you got, Odie?" He smirked.

The youngest boy's eyes glowed a furious white as he swung his brother across the room, smashing him into the corner where wall met ceiling. More plaster fell in large chunks, hitting the kitchenette heavily. The mother heard the distinct sound of her tea kettle shattering, and so did the boys. Immediately, the purple-haired one was dropped, plummeting to the ground. Tane started to run, but was quickly stopped by his mom.

"Where do you think you're going?" She asked, eyebrow raised.

"Um…" He struggled to think of an excuse to get out.

"You're grounded." His mom decided.

"Please Mom, I have a party to go to tonight!" He begged.

"Not anymore you don't. And I'm thinking of not letting you go to homecoming either." She threatened.

"You can't do that! I already bought tickets for me and Hanaa!" Raven still couldn't get over the fact that he and Kori's daughter were dating. They weren't related, obviously, but even so, it was kind of odd.

"We'll see. Right now, I want you to clean up that mess, then-" Raven was cut short by the doors opening.

A tall man stepped through, his hair tousled. He pulled a comb from his pants pocket, and while he straightened the mess on his head, he glared at his son.

"What happened?" The green man demanded.

"Well, Taro was making fun of me, so I threw him against a wall, and a piece of plaster broke mom's tea kettle and…IT'S NOT MY FAULT!" The miniature of his father screamed, pointing to Taro. "He made me mad! I can't control my telekinesis when I'm angry! He knows that!"

"And so do you. You should know when to lay off." Garfield turned to his older son. "Taro, I expect better of you. You should be more mature and should respect your brother's powers." There was an angry tone to the father's voice.

"Yessir." Taro said, attempting to save himself from an already sinking ship.

"You're not going to that party either, Taro." The green adult punished his son.

"Dad! That's not fair!" The older boy folded his arms over his chest in defiance.

"I do not expect this from my children, least of all from you. Now, unless you want to lose homecoming and prom, I suggest you both go to your rooms."

As the two boys groaned and began marching through the door, the alarm blared. Over the twenty-some-odd years, the blasted thing had not changed. It still lit the room a fluorescent red, and still made that horrible screeching noise that sounded like a dying whale. Because of their heightened senses, it drove Garfield and his two changeling children insane.

Taro forgot about his punishment and rushed to the computer, typing furiously. He had turned into a mini-Nightwing when it came to criminals. He even had his own obsession. She called herself Pink X, and was said to be Red X's daughter. It was no wonder she was his fascination. Garfield couldn't help but notice that she resembled Kitten amazingly.

The two boys gathered around the computer, looking at it sternly. Tane yawned and looked like he was about to fall asleep…much like his father would have. Taro seemed like he would hiss at the screen and claw at it like a cat.

"It's Pink X." He stated.

"No shit Sherlock." The younger brother mocked.

"Call Tacie, Jaime, and Hanaa." The older one ordered, not acknowledging the mockery.

"Sir yes sir!" The green boy saluted dramatically, pulling out his communicator.

The pager was a small cylinder, much like the previous generation. It, however, did not have the antennae, and was a deep green. Each child chose their own color. Taro's was a deep steel blue, Tacie's was a light violet, Hanaa had a black one, and Jaime's was a firebrick red.

Tane paged Jaime, who almost immediately flew through the sliding doors. He was nearly as tall as his father, and had his mother's dark curly hair. He was muscular, but a little thin. He wore a red shirt with a golden and black stripe running diagonally down the center of his shirt. His jeans were a dark black, and a little tight.

Giving a nod to his friend, the green boy sent a message to his sister and Hanna. Within minutes, the first and second generation of the Teen Titans was assembled outside the Tower and either getting into or on their vehicles or floating in the air.

Kori, Hanaa, Raven, and Tacie were hovering, ready for action. The mothers wore their characteristic outfits. Hanaa wore a two piece similar to her moms, but it was black and the metal plating was a brilliant gold. Her hair was tied back in a braided ponytail, flowing ceremoniously below her shoulder blades. Tacie had on a strapless leotard that was a light purple, matching her communicator. Her cape was a bit longer than her mothers, a darker shade of purple than her suit.

Nightwing wore outfit that Kori had described to him when she had traveled to the future all those years ago. His motorcycle now sported a fancy N where his R used to be, and had been spray painted black. Cyborg, in his same metal armor, climbed into the T-Car, now fitted with a Gamestation, surround sound, and many new weapons. His son, too, climbed in next to him.

Garfield morphed into a green raven. Taro morphed into an indigo hawk, swooping around the group. Tane grumbled in jealousy as he climbed onto his icy blue motorcycle, watching his brother spin circles around him. Both boys were in outfits similar to their fathers, but the purple section of their dad's uniform had been changed to match their communicators.

The group now ready, they shot off towards the city, the vehicles using the underwater passage to the city. Within minutes, they were at the scene of the crime. Pink X was giggling as she flirted with a hostage in the bank. Everyone but Taro rolled their eyes at her feminine ways. He merely glared and shouted the characteristic call "Titans, Go!"

Following orders, the five children shot forward, their weapons and abilities ambushing the girl. She let out a girlish scream, but didn't back down. Instead, she pulled out her black gun, marked with a pink X. Go figure. She fired at Taro with a wink, encasing him in a pink gooey mess. As he struggled to escape, the others kept going, only giving him a passing glance. They would get him out soon enough.

Tane used his inherited powers, quickly destroying the gun. Receiving a flirtatious thumbs up from Hanaa, the others advanced, backing the villain into a corner. The criminal smirked, and released a net, trapping the green teenager. Hanaa growled, swooping towards her. Her foot stretched outwards, slamming into the criminal's jaw.

As the battle raged on, the adults waited in the background, observing their children's skills. Their heads turned with every movement, following the group as they flew from corner to corner. They flinched when Pink X was thrown into a wall by Jaime.

"That's my boy!" Cyborg shouted, pumping his fist.

"They've gotten better." Robin observed.

"Timer says seventeen minutes and thirty seven seconds. Looks like a new record to me."

"Well, I guess this is the end of our generation…" Garfield mused, beaming with pride as his sons escaped their traps, assisting their friends.

"…and the beginning of theirs." With a small smile, Raven completed her husband's sentence.