A Life with You

By: priestess chazee

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For the people who doesn't know the story: A ghost named Pete Pumps possessed a body of a 16 years old figure skater champion with the so called 10 billion dollar beauty who is Tazusa Sakurano, shared the same body for 100 days.. you get the picture….

Chapter 1: My Life My Heart

After Pete had gone, I thought he was just an illusion or a dream but everything felt so real with him around me. His dictates and notions that I wished to get rid off but I never knew that this has happened his really gone…. Will I still see him or hear his voice once more… to hear what I really want to hear from him.

As tears started to form a comforting thought came to her looking up the starry night. His up there.… somewhere watching over me…. Waiting for me patiently to be with him. Yet I feel something is missing now. Why is he gone now, forever, when everything feels so right. I will always remember him in my last performance as my prince, and hope to reach the sky with my next, longing to reach him once again if that is only possible… In the morning he will return for certain. I am sure of it. For this is only just a dream.

In her sleep she dreamt… In an open field there she stand, watching the bright sky, a stunt plane flying across and she thought of Pete. This stunts seems so familiar (stunt formations same as the episode in the waitress) but she brushed the thought away. As the plane vanished everything became dark and somebody grabbed her for her back holding her tightly and wouldn't let go. She gasped. A familiar soft voice saying "I will be coming back…. Wait for me." As he lets go she turned her back and saw a light silhouette drawing from a far and slowly disappearing. She chased after it and starts to yell... "Who are you??? Come back… Wait…. PETE?!?!?"! Tears started to pour.

'Sis wake up.' Yoko who just entered her room and yelled after Tazusa. 'Are you OKEY? What was that scream about?'

Tazusa awaken and realized she was screaming Pete Pumps name. Was it all a dream? I didn't hear him anymore… No more Perverted Canadian Parasite in my head… 'Anyway, breakfast is ready, lets go…' then Yoko left the room. Just a dream and all it is. Nothing more, and the memory he left for me. Tazusa blankly stares at the ceiling. What was it? Was he here? Was it all a dream or all in my head? I must be crazy thinking of Pete that he would return now that he is gone. Just the thought of Pete made her want to cryShe brushed that thought away and unconsciously grabbed the blindfold by her hand and stared at it for a short time. She put it away and started to dressed, thinking that I can do everything on my own now nobody here to bother me anymore, and headed down to breakfast planning her day.

Breakfast really smell great, she thought to herself as she went down the stairs and headed to the kitchen and caught Yoko watching the news about the previous performance of Tazusa in the Olympics. As she heard Tazusa's footstep coming in the kitchen, she panicked and hurriedly change the channel unconsciously pressing the remote to another news station..

"So what were you upto?" Tazusa minding at her younger sister "watching the update…" she lost her words when she heard.

"Pete Pumps a 16 years old aerobat, recently crushed his plane and….…."

Tazusa's heart pound hardly behind her chest upon hearing Pete's name.

But accidentally Yoko changed to another station. Shocked by what just happened Tazusa hurriedly grabbed the remote and searched for the news station once more.

Yoko was stunned by Tazusa's action, and asked "what gives?"

By the time Tazusa has found the channel, the news has ended. Annoyed. Tazusa was silent, then asked "What's for breakfast?"

"Omelette, French toast and Tomato juice. Of course.." Yoko bewildering what was happening. Breakfast was silent. The coach and Yoko stared at her thinking what was wrong. She wasn't in her antics pigging out with tomatoes anymore.

Tazusa couldn't stop thinking of the news she had heard. "What was it? What about Pete?"

The coach broke the silence in the area. "Tazusa I am so proud and my pride as my skater and this time your training will be more harder, so be ready. For the meantime you can have a day-off today."

To be continued……..

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