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Chapter 20: CRITICAL

Things happened so fast she wasn't able to move her body. She froze thinking that this is her end. She couldn't move, she couldn't hear anything, she felt light just like a feather. Is this my end she thought? She felt something heavy but she didn't dared to move. She tried to move but she couldn't. Time seem to freeze for her. Opening her eyes was a challenge, she tried and thought she opened her eyes but open to a bright light and she immediately close. Then she couldn't hear a thing, this freaked her out. Am I dead? She wanted to scream, she wanted to run but nothing happened nothing respond, tears started to form and nothing more.

She saw a stair leading to a bright light. She had a funny feeling that she was here before. There were two shadows in front of her and wondered who they were and run towards them, but she struggled to run but she seems to go no where. She shouted, "Hey! Wait up!" They didn't turn around and they didn't seem to care to face her either. "Anyone?" Tazusa cried out again. "Wait!"

A familiar voice said "Go back!"

"Who are you?" Tazusa said

"Return now." Another voice said

"Wait!" Tazusa screamed and awakened looking at the walls of her room.

"You gave us a scare there." Yoko said as she was walking to her sister's side.

"What happened?" Tazusa said and she her face twitched in pain and she clutched her head. She thought her head would crack as she struggled with the pain.

Yoko panic and immediately pressed the call button to summon a nurse.

A doctor and a nurse came running in the room. Checking at Tazusa and giving her some painkillers, which helped Tazusa to calm down.

"What happened?" Tazusa not minding the people inside the room but kept her eyes on Yoko.

"You were in an accident sis." Yoko replied in a very sad tone.

An accident… that's right… Tazusa having some flashbacks about the accident. I was running away… I don't know if anyone was chasing me. I was running away from who? Who was I running from? I can't remember.Tears started to form on her eyes. Then somebody called me out. But who? I turned around… Did I see anyone? Just a car… then suddenly. Tazusa clutched her head. Tazusa was restless grimaced with pain.

"Sis…" Yoko said

"What is it?" Tazusa said.

"You need to know something." Yoko grasping both of her hands and starts to feel very uncomfortable. Yoko struggles with her words. Debating within herself does Tazusa need to know or not. She doesn't know and is very unsure how she would handle this. Hoping that for once that her parents are with her and not her on he position. Now she is looking a her both hands. Stammering with her words she started. "i—i---its… i---itt's… a…" Yoko trying to keep calm and started "It's about Pete…" Yoko paused before continuing, Tazusa's heart rose upon hearing Pete's name and her heartbeat drowned Yoko's voice into oblivion. It seems Yoko's words were very far "…and Kazuya."

Pete she remembered her body froze in the middle of the street and a couple of big weights rammed her down. She couldn't see, since everything happened fast but the last thing she remembered was holding someone's hand. She couldn't remember what happened after that it was all blank and waking up in this bed. She came back to her senses and said. "Where's Pete?" Tazusa struggling with her body, she felt pain all over as she moved. Yoko tried to let her lie back down on her bed. "No." Tazusa said. "Help me Yoko." Tazusa pleaded her sister. "Help me get up. I need to see…" Tazusa said and started to sob as she pictured all horrifying images in her mind about Pete. "Take me to Pete." She finally blurted out.

Yoko confused and helped her sister stand. She saw Tazusa's face struggling with the pain she felt. Even with the painkillers given she still knows her sister was really in pain. "Wait I'll borrow a wh…" Yoko was about to leave the room. But Tazusa grabbed her arm and said "No… Help me walk there." As she sat at the edge of the bed one of her hand on the bed to support herself. Yoko grabbed one arm and placed in around her shoulders as she assisted Tazusa to stand. She reminded herself that Tazusa was heavy so she was well prepared to support her weight and walked out the room.

Tazusa walked one arm holding on the wall while the other was around Yoko. Pain was unbearable as she walked the lengthy hallway towards where she hoped Pete was. Her body was shaking with pain and labored breathing as each step means an excruciating pain but she continued to march forward hoping to see Pete. Suddenly she stopped, signaling Yoko to stop. Her mind filled with dread. "Sis, are you alright?"

It took a while before Tazusa can answer. "Let's proceed."

"But sis…" Yoko tried to counter her sister but Tazusa snapped "Let's go."

Tazusa and Yoko reached the ICU where Tazusa couldn't find her nerves to proceed. "Why are we in the ICU?" Tazusa asked.

"Both… Kazuya and Pete are in here." Yoko said.

"It's all my fault…" Tazusa said in a low tone All my fault.

"Don't push yourself sis." Yoko said. "It's not your fault at all. None of this is."

Suddenly the doors in the ICU open and Rikka stepped out with her eyes puffy red. Looking Tazusa with all the hatred that she can feel from that point and said "You!" without any consideration she raised her right hand and slapped Tazusa's face. The sound was loud as it echoed through the hallway. The slap cause was so fierce that it left Yoko and Tazusa on the ground. Tazusa's cheek was really red thinking that she deserved that with all the guilt she felt inside her. Drowning along with her sorrows suffocating her completely. But in that moment she thought she heard something. Something that is very familiar of once she thought she knew. But that thought was broken when Rikka started to talk "You…" She paused trying to calm her voice down from all the sobbing. "You have no right to be here. For the people in this world you don't deserve him!" stopping all the tears and replacing them with the anger that fueled her heart upon the sight of Tazusa "You of all the people… It's you who did this to him. You who wouldn't be more unsatisfied with the things. If I were you… I wouldn't show my face anymore."

Then the ICU doors opened once again, and Mrs. Pumps came out looking at the commotion and saw Tazusa on the ground with Yoko supporting her and helping her to stand up. Mrs. Pumps said "Enough Rikka. You better go home." Rikka didn't said any word but she walked ahead without looking at Tazusa nor Mrs. Pumps.

Mrs. Pumps as compassionate as she is as a mother went to Tazusa's side and held her hand. Looking with much concern over her, "Tazusa." She said with a warm voice. Tazusa couldn't stop herself from crying. Just like a mother Mrs. Pumps hugged Tazusa to comfort her. "It's alright."

Tazusa couldn't remember she cried like this before. And someone has actually to be there for her to comfort her just like a mother. Mrs. Pumps helped Tazusa stand up and guided her inside the ICU where Pete's body was found. "He was badly hurt in the accident. I know he is happy that you are safe Tazusa. Right now to be by his side."

"Look at that. Just like I was before." A sudden voice came. Tazusa's heart raised and don't know what to do anymore. That familiar voice.

To be continued…

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