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Chapter One

He's gone.

He's left me forever.

I never knew it could hurt so much.

My heart aches as though the walls have turned to dust.

My blood flows through my veins like razor blades, piercing my insides.

Even my tears scar my face and drench my lips in his blood.

These lips that he kissed so many times.

As I look in the mirror I see myself and what I have become without him.

His face and memory is permanently etched into my mind, my eyes.

And the tears come falling and flooding every time I remember him, see him.

I always thought myself strong…I could tackle anything.

What were men to me? Not worth so much pain.

But this man was my breath, my soul and my life.

And he was taken from me one cruel, merciless night.

That night I will never forget.

But I need someone to talk to, I know bottling it up inside just makes my heart throb harder and harder for him, and the pain and anger consumes me as though I am trapped in a blazing building screaming at the top of my lungs for someone to save me, to release me, to help me get out of this fire safely and say what there is to say! I know that's the one thing I need – to talk. He sees how I'm suffering. No. He knows how I'm suffering. He wants me to talk to him, to open up…to stop this burning feeling inside of me. He's the only one who can help me. I can't talk to some random nobody while lying down on some black leather sofa. I can't talk to anyone from my family, how could they empathise? How could they understand? He's the only one who can save me and I know it. He's the only one who would understand. But how can it be that the only man who can help me…is the only creature on this earth who looks like the man that I lost. How can it be, that even though the man I loved has gone, his face, his body, his personality still walks before me as though he never left me. How can it be, that I fell in love with Fred Weasley, and my only saviour from this torment is his twin.

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