The sun was shining through the balcony doors, hitting a newly married Hawkeye Pierce in the face. He turned over on to his side to face his new bride, her blonde hair, hanging down over her shoulders, the sun giving her a golden crown around her head. He ran his fingers over her back, in slow rhythmic circles; he felt her shiver under his touch. Her eyes opened to reveal ocean blue eyes, eyes that seemed to look straight through you, baring your soul. She smiled at him, a loving smile, a smile that only she could give him, her rose coloured lips pouting as they do naturally. He bent down a kissed her tenderly, a kiss that held so much, passion, excitement, friendship and love. He opened his arms to her, and she moved into them, fitting perfectly, her head resting on his torso, listening to his steady heart beat, this time it was her turn to run her fingers over his stomach. No words were said, words weren't necessary, everything that was needed to be said, was said with actions, they both knew that actions speak louder that words.

A year later they revisited, where they had spent their honeymoon, they stayed in the same room, and did exactly what they had done, only a year ago. A lot had happened in that year, they had witnessed the birth of their first child, held the first MASH reunion in their new house, and had their downs too; they witnessed the death of Daniel Pierce, but they did make his dying wish come true, that he was to live to see his first grandchild. But after all that had happened they were still going strong, and still very much in love, that wasn't running out fast.

After 60 years of marriage, that was still going strong, Hawkeye Pierce woke up, once again to the sun shining on his face, he turned over and came face to face with, his wife, apart from a few wrinkles, she was still the woman that had stole his heart, all those years ago. He ran his fingers over her smooth skin, feeling her shiver once again under his touch, she opened her eyes, still the colour of the ocean, and smiled the smiled that had not changed over the years. She moved into his arms, head resting on his torso, still listening to the steady thump of his heart. He kissed the top of her silvered hair, holding her to him never wanting to let her go. They stayed that way all morning, until her skin felt cold to the touch; he rubbed her arms, trying to get some heat into the circulation, with no luck. He rolled her over on to her back, she was pale, and she had a peaceful smile on her face, a smile that he had seen so many times before, when rocking their children to sleep. He placed a hand on her wrist, checking for the slightest pulse but their was nothing. As much as he wanted her back, he knew that she had gone to a better place and that they would be together soon, he pulled her back on to him, resting her head on his chest, he cried, silent tears, that fell on to the top of her head. He stayed that way all say, knowing that it was wrong, knowing that he should inform someone, but he couldn't bear himself to be parted from her. That night, Hawkeye Pierce, slowly passed away peacefully in his sleep, still with Margaret on his chest. He died of a broken heart.

They had seen a lot together, death, war, friendship, birth and marriage, but that had always faced it head on, and most importantly together. In those 60 years they had managed to bring 5 beautiful, healthy children into the world, along with 8 grandchildren, there life may have had its struggles, but you can never say it was dull.