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Unpredictable Predicament

Allen gazed in silent joy out the train window as the scenery sped by in splashes of colour. He had just finished another tiring retrieval mission of not one, but two Innocences. Sitting stoicly across from him was no other than the infamous Kanda Yuu. After being paired with him six times in a row, Allen couldn't help but wonder if Komui was trying to torture him. The fact that they couldn't get along was well known around the Order.

He sighed slightly, 'Not even Kanda's gloomy face can bring me down right now.' Timcampy fluttered down to sit on top of his head. Giving a slight contented grin, the cursed boy turned around to sit properly, glancing quickly at the Japanese teen who Allen discovered was taking a small nap. Arms crossed, legs crossed, Mugen hugged securely to his chest, Allen couldn't help but think about how uptight Kanda looked.

'That is, until he gets his soba noodles. I've still yet to discover why he likes it so much.' Poking Timcampy around the mouth, he once again checked outside the window. 'Oh, we're getting close..I'd say another 10 minutes. Time to wake up Kanda.' Frowning slightly at the fact that he had to wake up one of the most grumpiest people in the world, Allen couldn't help but miss Toma. Unfortunately, the finder had to return back early as he had sustained some serious injuries.

Pushing himself onto his feet carefully, the silver-haired boy padded carefully to where the other exorcist sat. Tapping a finger quickly against the other teen's shoulder, he spoke up. "Erm, Kanda..wake up. We're almost back home." Allen raised an eyebrow when one of the pale hands shot out and grabbed his wrist tightly. Dark eyes glared out at him from under perfectly cut bangs.

"Don't touch me unless I give you permission to, moyashi." Kanda let go if his wrist and promptly dismissed his existance, turning to stare out the window instead.

"Don't call me moyashi. My name is Allen! Allen Walker! If you insist on calling me moyashi, I will have no other choice but to think of a nickname for you as well." Allen replied in annoyance. Kanda didn't even spare him a glance. Huffing indignantly, Allen settled back down into his seat. Resting his head against his hand.

As predicted, the train came to a screeching stop and silently, both exorcists filed out along with all the other passengers. After being bumped into by a rather large man, Allen lost his balance and rammed into Kanda roughly, who in turn glared daggers back at the silver haired exorcist. "Ah, I'm sorry Kanda." Not bothering to reply, Kanda continued to glare at him. Halfway back, Allen was getting agitated by the look shot in his direction and decided to glare right back at him. When they finally both reached the big gate, both of them were barely constraining their tempers. Not even once taking their eyes off of each other, they both ordered the gate to grant them access harshly. Not noticing the tension at all, Rinali and Rabi came running out of HQ just to meet up with them.

"Allen-kun!!!" Rinali exclaimed happily as she thew herself at him. "Yuu-chan!" having said that, the nyoibo user draped his arm across the aforementioned exorcist's shoulders. Staring strangly at both of them after not getting any reactions, the two clueless ones finally noticed how thick the killing-intent was.

"Oi...guys...make love, not war!" Rabi crowed nervously, scratching the back of his head. With that being said, Kanda finally snapped.

"Stupid Moyashi, you're always so damn clumsy! Why can't you ever watch out where you're going?!" He hissed dangerously at the silver-haired teen. Giving Kanda an enraged incredulous look, Allen shouted back, "It wasn't my fault! That big man bumped into me! You think I would actually want to touch you?!"

"Why couldn't you have been more careful?! You're a goddamned exorcist, if you can dodge akuma bullets, why couldn't you have moved out of the way?!"

"Well you do the exact same things, so why couldn't YOU have moved out of the way?!"

"I was carrying our damn luggage you stupid moyashi!"

"You were carrying your luggage. What makes you think I wasn't busy carrying mine?!"

"Now now you two, why don't we just forget about the entire incident? It seems rather petty anywa-" Rabi cut himself off trying save his head from Mugen which had been thrown rather quickly at him.

Words aside, after Kanda had made a move towards his sword, Allen pounced on him angrily, grabbing him by the collar and landing a heavy punch on the Japanese teen's cheek. Not even flinching at the hit, Kanda grabbed the arms of the other and pulled him down to knee him in the stomach. Whirling away holding his abdominals, Allen jumped and kicked the dark-haired youth across the mouth, sending the other skidding back a few feet. But before he could pull his leg away, a pair of pale hands took ahold of it in a vice-like grip, giving Allen a good twirl before throwing him powerfully into a few expensive vases. Not one to stay down for long, the shorter teen grabbed a nearby chair and hurled it quickly at his opponent, who in turn punched it in half. Flying back together and exchanging vicious blows, neither of them noticed the steaming Komui racing down the stairs with a blowgun clutched angrily in his fingers. Raising it to his lips, he blew swiftly twice, and the two fighting exorcists fell to the ground in a heap. Shaking with anger, Komui glanced about the ruined lobby.


Allen moaned softly, grasping his head while sitting up. Opening his eyes slowly and rubbing at a sharp ache in his stomach, the poor moyashi wondered why he felt like he got mauled over by Tyki's teases. Glancing around the room, Allen discovered that he was sitting in Komui's office with none other than Kanda standing moodily in the corner. Shooting a hateful look at the other, he quickly focused his attention on the man sitting behind the desk.

"Now that you're both awake...I would like to discuss a solution to this animosity between the two of you." Both the exorcists could see that the Chinese man's hands were clenched as he spoke to them in a carefully controlled voice. Deciding not to say anything that would endanger their lives anymore, the two listened on.

"You two completely destroyed my lobby, not to mention scared the shit out of my cute cute little Rinali-chan. And for that, I'm giving you guys a punishment." He gave Kanda a critical look. "I will not change my mind under any circumstances." There was a long pause.

Glancing fearfully at his hands, Allen spoke up, "And what exactly is our punishment?"

Komui stood up, grasping a weird crayon in his hand. Dragging Kanda forcefully over to stand by Allen's right side, he began drawing something into the air. Suddenly, a thin golden chain appeared around Kanda's left hand and Allen's right one. A second later, sparkles began flowing down the space between them, a red chain connecting both the golden bracelets together. With a satisfied smirk, Komui walked back to his desk. Allen was staring down at the chain in complete shock. They were...stuck together?!

"And thats not all. You two will be doing every single thing together. If one of you has to piss, you take the other one with you. If one of you wants to take a bath, you both take a bath. This chain has a maximum stretch distance of two and a half feet. I have prepared a special room for the both of you. It contains one king sized bed and one bathroom." Kanda's eyes narrowed at this. "I expect your relationship to improve or I will inforce even worse punishments." He glanced at Allen, who was still staring at the chain dazedly. "Oh, one more thing. If you try to break the chain, there will be backlash and it will not be...pleasent. With that being said, the both of you are dismissed. Rabi will be outside to lead you to your new room."

And just like that, the fates of Kanda and Allen were sealed.

To Be Continued...

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