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Unpredictable Predicaments


Directing his eyes to the ground, Allen shuffled along, avoiding the glare that he knew was being thrown at him. Still trying to get over the abrupt shock of being forcefully chained to someone, he didn't notice that Kanda had stopped walking. Fortunately for him though, he was not walking behind the dark-haired youth, so he did not bump into him. He did, however, bump into someone else, who when he looked up, gave him an amused grin.

"Glad to know you're still alive huh, moyashi-chan?" Rabi perched his arm on Allen's head, making the shorter one wrinkle his nose in distaste. "Anyways you two, follow me and I'll lead you to your loooveee shack!"

He leapt forwards merrily, just avoiding Kanda's swinging fist. Frowning slightly, Allen followed the energetic youth. Up and up some more they were lead, until Rabi hopped to a stop right in front of a magnificent black door. Seeing as the other two weren't going to do anything, Kanda raised a foot and kicked the door open.

The room wasn't anything extravagant, but ultimately, it was a vast improvement from those small rooms that they usually slept in. A medium sized closet sat at the far end of the room, while a king-sized bed rested near the right wall. Opposite to the bed, there was a full length mirror, which turned out to be a door for a bathroom. All in all, it was a nice comfy room. But one did have to question how Kanda and Allen were going to survive in each others presence for however long they were chained up together.

"Wow..." Allen breathed softly, amazed at the sheer size of the room. Momentarily forgetting that he was chained to someone, he took off at a sprint and threw himself onto the bed. That is, he would have if Kanda had not decided to dig in his heels and jerk his wrist back at the last moment, sending the unfortunate white-haired teen face first into the [thankfully carpeted floor.

"Well, shit moyashi-chaaaann, that must've hurt!" Rabi whistled out, one eye widening rapidly before fixing themselves on the swordsman. "Yuu-chan! You're so mean to him! You know he's fragile! Look at him, you probably just caused him to break his nose and dislocate his jaw!"

Simply ignoring the rambling youth, Kanda stepped towards Allen who was still sprawled ungracefully on the floor. Knudging him rather roughly with the tip of his right boot, the receiver giving a slight oomph at the action, the more malicious one gave a powerful tug on the chain, causing Allen's arm and consequently, his upper body to lift off the ground completely.

"Get up moyashi. Unlike you, some people have things to do with their lives." Growling irritatedly at the amount of time that it took just for the younger one to get up Kanda couldn't help note with a certain air of smugness that Allen did indeed have a rather spectacular looking bruise on the side of his chin. Rabi just gave them both an amused look from the doorway before twirling around and prancing out.

"Have fun you two Try not to destroy too much furniture and remember to always use protection when messing around!" Glancing over his shoulder to see what reaction his statement would cause, Rabi was unsurprised to see Allen stare blankly before reddening up in embarrassment. Grinning manically, he waved a finger in his direction.

"Tsk tsk moyashi-chan, you sure are perverted. I didn't mean it that way! I was merely saying to use armor or something because I didn't want to see you guys get hurt."

Blinking slightly, Allen allowed a slow grin to grow on his face, "Why Rabi, I wasn't blushing because of that. I was just thinking about how embarrassing it is to be scolded like that all the time."

Kanda let out a snort, "Funny this hits you now...after the seventieth time that you've been berated."

"I wouldn't be saying anything since all the other times I've been scolded, you were standing there right beside me." Allen stood up and started to walk towards Rabi. The said youth burst out into laughter.

"Waaa you're sure quick today Allen-chan!" Rubbing the back of his head good-naturedly, he beckoned the other two to follow him once more. "Come on, since both of you can't train at the moment, Rinali decided that she would bring you along with her to shop for new clothes." Seeing the tension rising in the room, he hastily added, "This under Komui's orders. Seriously you two, this thing has got to stop."

Sighing slightly, Allen nodded his head and dragged a reluctant Kanda out the door after him.


Squinting against the sun that shone brightly in the sky, Allen couldn't help but think that maybe calling a truce between Kanda and himself wouldn't be so bad if it prevented him from being dragged into female clothing stores. Colour rose high in his cheeks as he realized just which store Rinali had pulled them into.

"P-p-panties?! But Rinali, we're MALE! You can't just pull us into a female undergarment store!" Allen wailed, causing many of the shoppers to throw a curious glance in their direction. Rinali just smiled and patted Allen on the head.

"Nonsense, Allen-kun. This store sells more then just underwear, they sell the prettiest dresses as well..." She drifted off, eyes landing on what she deemed as a beautiful and elegant dress. 'Well...' Allen thought, 'The thing sure is frilly. Frilly being its only redeeming quality.'

Withdrawing into his own thoughts, Allen barely realized that something soft was being stuffed into his hands. Blinking in confusion, he looked towards Kanda, who looked like he was trying hard not to laugh. Frowning softly, he turned his gaze towards Rinali, who had both her hands still pushing against the bundle of...clothing...in his hands.

"I've picked out your punishment costume, Allen-kun. I want you to try it on." The girl winked at him. Looking uncertain, Allen looked towards Kanda for support. The samurai stared right back, eyes emotionless and face passive.

"Rinali...what costume could you have possibly chosen for me in a female clothing store?" Allen whimpered softly, eyes widening even further as he unravelled the lacy lump in his hands. Glancing once more at the positively too-good-to-be-true smile on Rinali's face, he slid quietly into the changing room stall, dragging an unwilling Kanda to a stop right before the curtains.


Grunting softly as he tried to tug on the uncomfortably tight - there was no other word for it - panties, Allen cursed. Manuvering one-handed was incredibly hard. Fortunately though, Kanda had decided to be merciful and let his arm be swung this way and that.

"Oi, moyashi, hurry the hell up."

Fingering the last accessory, some weird necklace, Allen hurriedly clipped it on and pushed the curtains open. Blushing wildly as he saw Rinali's face light up, he couldn't help but drop his free hand to cover up a bit of his overexposed skin.

"Holy shit Allen-kun you make such a good Genis!"

Covering her mouth excitedly, she tugged frantically at Kanda's sleeve.

"Kanda! Kanda!! Urk!"

The poor girl couldn't even form her words properly anymore. Giving them both an irritated yet nonetheless amused look Kanda dragged the heavily made over Allen over to the counter where Rinali paid for the outfit. The poor boy wasn't even walking anymore, having resigned to being lugged along the road by an indifferent Kanda. Surprisingly though, Allen did not garner much attention from much of the passerbys, as they were too busy staring at the shiny silver exorcist stars that were pasted on Rinali and Kanda's chest.

Keeping his head down the entire time, Allen was knocked out of his stupor when he practically ran into a door frame. Looking up to check out where he was, he was not surprised to find himself standing outside of a mens clothing store. Giving a quick glance out of the corner of his eyes to the male standing next to him, he wondered briefly if Kanda would ever even wear such outfits. Even in his most relaxed state, all Allen had ever seen him don would be a loose fitting kimono.

Rinali pushed open the door to the store, the welcome bells jingling merrily at their entrance. Kanda, as usual, scowled at the little golden noisemakers. Upon laying his eyes on the clothes, Allen couldn't help but scowl. What injustice was this? Kanda got to wear these kinds of clothing while he had to literally stuff himself into the lacy getup his was wearing now.

Huffing slightly, the dark raincloud stayed above his head even when their shopping trip was over. However that raincloud was abruptly blown away when a happily cheering blur bursted its way into the gloomy lobby of HQ and proceeded to tackle the poor male over. Kanda was forced to take a few grudging steps backwards in order to not be pulled down as well.

"AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaAaaAAahhh Moyashi-chan You're lookin' all cute today!!" Lavi stared down at the sheepish looking exorcist, who fidgeted uncomfortably under the intense green gaze.

"I swear Lavi, I didn't do this voluntarily. S-seriously!" Allen stuttered a bit when the red-head's shit eating grin grew even bigger.

"Chuu" he patted Allen's head like he would to a pet, "That's okay with me if you like to dress up like a girl every once in a while Moyashi-chan 3"

Timcampy, who had made itself suspiciously scarce during the shopping trip, fluttered down to Lavi's head and snapped teeth together in what seemed like agreement to what had been said.

Kanda, who had been standing there quietly for the entire episode, finally started opening his mouth to snap out something nasty. Unfortunately, before he could even the the first syllable of the first word out, a certain Head Supervisor had zoomed out, in much the same fashion as the redhead before. Heading for Rinali, the Chinese man didn't even spare the males a glance before ramming into them and continuing on to his sister.

Green eyes widened and met silver ones in surprise before the distance between them suddenly closed itself in a flash. Feeling slightly chapped lips smash into his, Allen's eyes widened dramatically.

Well, shit.


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