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Chapter 1: Collision

Hermione was alone in an empty corridor. Carefully looking around to make sure nobody was around, she took out a small hourglass hanging on a gold chain. As she was about to turn her time-turner, she heard a familiar voice behind her back.

"What are you doing here, Granger?"

It was Draco Malfoy. Hermione reluctantly faced him, tucking the time-turner beneath her robe.

"Nothing of your concern."

"No, you just hid something underneath your robe. Hmm...I presume it is something against the school rules and I think I have a right to know what you are hiding as I am the Head Boy."

Hermione bit her lips. Time-turner was not exactly against school rules since Professor McGonagall gave her the permission to use it; Hermione had a trouble fitting all the courses she needed --or thought she needed-- to take in her schedule. However, she had promissed McGonagall to keep it secret, even from Harry or Ron.

"Quick, Granger, or I will take points off from your House for disobeying the Head Boy."

"In case you forgot, I am the Head Girl, and you shouldn't treat me like this."

Draco gave a glare at Hermione as he approached her.

"In case you forgot, I need not to show any respect to a filthy Mudblood."

Hermione, full of fury, raised her right arm to slap Malfoy in the face; however, her movement only enabled Draco to catch a gold glimpse around her neck. Without thinking twice, he seized it.

"What's this, Miss Head Girl? A time-turner?"

"Let go of it. I got the permission to use it."

"Like I will believe that! No student is allowed to use a time-turner."

Draco, although knew what the function of a time-turner was, did not seem to know how it operated. He carelessly turned the hourglass over and over again with curiosity in his eyes.

"Stop it, Malfoy! You are not supposed to turn it that many times!"

Draco stopped immediately, sensing that something was going wrong, but it was already too late. Hermione felt her body being drawn in to deep darkness, as well as Draco pulling the gold chain around her neck, in an effort to bring her back. The last thing she heard was Draco screaming,

"No, Granger!"



Hermione collided with someone and fell to the ground immediately; she heard something being shattered onto the hard stone-floor.

"What the--"

Hermione glanced up and saw a boy with blond hair and pale, pointed face.

"Malfoy! Could you be more careful for you are the Head Boy this year! And I told you to let go of my time...oh my God."

Hermione's face darkened as she found the broken pieces of her time-turner. The gold chain was also broken, only half of it laying on the floor.

"Oh my God, it's broken. Oh no."

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Shut up, Malfoy! It's all your fault! Oh no...what will Professor McGonagall say if I tell her that it's broken?"


Hermione turned her face upward and was shocked to death.

It was not Malfoy. To be correct, it was not Draco Malfoy. The boy standing in front of her had longer hair which reached upon his shoulders, and piercing blue eyes which were obviously different from the grey eyes of Draco's. In shock, Hermione asked,

"Oh my God, who are you?"