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It is on a foggy morning in February that they exit their apartment and head for the first day of work. The air is still damp from last night's rain and a chilly wind wraps around their bodies. Heero's eyes wander up to the sky.

There is nothing there. No airships or gundams or jet planes trying to destroy each other. No shine of plasma blades or flashes of rapid bullets. No aircraft plummeting down to the ground with its tail set on fire. No explosions, sirens, or screaming soldiers. No blood. Nothing but misty clouds against a blanket of cool-grey.

"Nice day, today."

His companion gives him an incredulous look and observes the atmosphere with distaste. Duo does not appreciate the fog, it seems. Heero imagines that Duo is thinking of summertime, when he can lie in a field of grass and enjoy the warm breeze and sunlight.

"If you can call yourself a nice guy, then yeah, sure."

Heero scoffs and Duo smiles as they walk together toward peaceful times.

Heero Yuy cares little for the weather. As long as the sky is not streaked with red, any day is a nice day. And besides, Duo is just as good as a shining sun, if not better.