Part two, and bringing this one home.

This has been an interesting challenge for me, trying to get into the main character's heads. I hope I've at least made it entertaining.

Angua pushed her way into the pub's main room. There was a cessation of movement, of sound. She picked up the scent of sharply suppressed fear from a few... okay, from every corner of the room. After all, who was innocent in Ankh-Morpork, really? Besides, she knew some of the rumors already circulating about her.

Better play it cool.

Stifling a yawn, she made her way towards the bar. As she passed, conversations and dealings(1) started up again as if nothing had happened. She ordered a fruit juice.

After trying to explain to the bartender what it was, and the barman's expressed doubt of it's usefulness, she simply ordered a weak white wine. "Well, Mr. Vimes," she muttered, "I see your tastes fit right in with your city."

She took a sip of the wine when it came, and grimaced. Almost worse than it smelled. She took a creased paper out of her duty pouch, opened it, and began to check off names.

"That was Dibbler, and then some junior priests at Small Gods. Mrs. Cake already told me what I needed to know, so I have to be sure to ask her tomorrow morning." She tapped the pencil against the bar, then ticked off a few more items. Next name was...

"Rincewind." She rubbed her forehead and tried to remember what she knew about him. Bit of a scraggly, dingy type for a wizard. Always radiating a bldgrauw...

She stopped, took a deep breath, and focused. The Captain was right, of course; she really needed some rest. She knew her control was slipping when she couldn't keep her internal dialog human.

It was the right term, though. Rincewind always put out a smell of subdermal alertness bordering on terror, on the edge of fleeing at top speed even when asleep or blind drunk.

She sighed. He was worse than a chicken or deer for her wolf senses. Even those had the decency to calm down once in a while.

That same smell penetrated her nostrils as he entered the pub. Well, this was it. Time to start! She leaned back and watched out of the corner of her eye as Rincewind sat down at a table in the corner and ordered his first round of drinks.

Angua sipped at her third glass of wine and grimaced. How long was he going to be here? This was his sixth round! She was starting to get a little woozy, herself. This was bad.

Perhaps she should get a little closer, just so he didn't ...get away so easily. Yeshr.

She frowned, then ground her teeth. Where had that come from?! She had meant to just make sure to keep an eye on him!

She moved over to another chair closer to him, taking care to stay downwind...

Out of line of sight. Dammit!

Meanwhile, Rincewind, though now quite well lubricated, suddenly twitched. His eyes carefully scanned the room around him. He blearily craned his neck and tried to nonchalantly take in the whole place.

Something was not quite right.

He carefully(2) got up from his seat and started quietly toward the door.

He's leaving can't let him out of sight/get away!

She stood and followed him out, trying to keep unnoticed.

They were both several yards from the pub when Rincewind casually looked around. He looked slightly relieved, but wary.

"Uh, hello, Wash- Watchman! I'm glad it'sh you. I'd hate to be rolled at this time of..." He stopped. He started to go a bit round-eyed.

The blonde watchman had not stopped advancing; she had merely slowed. Her eyes seemed to be gleaming, even in the very poor light of the street.

Why was she smiling like that?

"Er, I know I'm not wanted for anything. Really! Hey, what's that?!" The last came out in a slight shriek as he pointed and leaped into a full-on run at the same time.

Angua felt the wolf spur her into a run as the wizard took off. The smell of the prey was intoxicating...

NO. Angua ground down on the wolf with what force of will she could still muster. He is Not prey. Or a plaything.

The wolf whined, but kept her in pursuit. She could feel her limbs changing, twisting...

Then this? The wolf flashed an image sensation into her mind. The other reason that one wolf might be pursuing another.

Angua was appalled. What?! She marshaled her will. Nonononono Too late!

She felt her body finish changing, dropping the uniform into the street. She was now full of the sensations, the thrill of the hunt, the rising of the need...

Rincewind pounded down yet another side alley. Damn damn damn! Why? WHY couldn't he just get a quiet drink and collapse till the morning?

Why did it always have to be about dangerous adventures, wild journeys, and now a psychotic watchman trying to kill him?

He took another hairpin turn at top speed, knocking over dustbins and startling cats.

If he could just get back to the University... the senior wizards hated being woken up. They would be able to handle this.

Well, them, or at least a couple of bledloes with clubs.

He leaped a short wall with surprising grace considering his drunken state, then sped across a small broken courtyard. Up ahead, the mighty stone walls of the University. Unbreached for, well, some years, they should be proof enough against a deranged woman.

Against all personal beliefs and quite some common sense, he looked back. And into the rapidly gaining eyes of a wolf. "Ohbuggernononono!" He redoubled what speed he had to make it to the wall.

Then had a horrible spasm of emergency amnesia. Where was the brick he needed to pull again? His hands scrabbled frantically for a couple of seconds, then froze as he heard the growl. He turned slowly.
His face paled even more at the sight of the wolf pacing toward him, jaw slack and wide.

"Er, nice doggie, I've got a yummy bone somewhere..."

The wolf leaped, and landed heavily against him, knocking him down. Its claws and teeth shredded at his robe as he briefly tried to fight it off.

Then his conscious declared loudly, Bugger this for a game of Soldiers.

Rincewind fainted.


Angua watched from the small glimmer of awakeness she had even when the Wolf was fully dominant and screamed in rage and embarrassment.

! No! Not a mate! Not a...

"Angua! Stop!"

Two strong hands grabbed at her collar and yanked her off the unconsious wizard. She twisted and tried to escape.

"Corporal Angua! That's Enough!" The air of command in Carrot's voice, combined with her own sense of embarrassment, knocked the Wolf insensible long enough for her to change back. Carrot quickly turned away and handed her a blanket.

"How did... find me?" She wasn't completely recovered.

"Mister Vimes figured that this might happen. He sent us to keep an eye on you."

Angua went cold. How much did he know? She did Not want to be discussing this incident with Carrot...

"Er, what did he say?"

"Just that you seemed out of sorts, tired and trouble might happen. He seems to have been correct." Carrot took a moment to regain his breath.


"Well, what every watchman knows. Errors in Judgement can cause Friction with the Local Populace. For instance," he continued, "you appear to have been trying to arrest Rincewind here, rather than just keeping an eye on him."

Angua breathed a slow sigh of relief. "Yes, that was exactly it, Carrot. Silly, silly me!" She pulled the blanket a bit tighter around her. "Mr. Vimes is exactly right, of course." She started to walk away.

"Just a moment! At least allow me to walk you home." Carrot quickly turned to the other two watchmen, who had been hanging back from the whole exchange. "You two, help Mister Rincewind back to his quarters, then report back to the watch house."

He turned back to Angua and offered his arm. "At least nothing really bad happened," he remarked as they started off for Mrs. Cake's house.

Angua smiled at him, and cringed inwardly. There was no way she would talk to Carrot about what had happened. Some were on a need to know basis.

And he would never, ever need to know.


(1)supplemented by the more than occaisional sigh of relief.
(2) or as carefully as a sloshed person is capable of.