Chapter 16: Back Home

They are on their way back home to california. The first ones to drive are Cloe and Cameron. Sasha was packing up the baby's things like clothes, some bottles, and other things. Dylan was in the dining room watching the game and so was Eitan. Jade was in her room picking up the mess in her room. Yasmin was playing with the Kayla. Sasha was on her labtop looking for houses for sale because she saved her money wisley and the money is at her moms house. She saved up $500,000.

" Dylan do you want to buy a house in San Fansico" said Sasha

'' Sure whatever" said Dylan not paying any attention to her.

" Great the house I am looking at is 5 bedrooms,5 full bathrooms, there is a 2 garages, and there is a pool.

It has upstairs down stairs" said Sasha. " It's a couple houses down from my mom's house".

" Yeah yeah ok whatever'' said Dylan.

Sasha IMed her sister

Bunnyboo19: Hey little sister

Melissa1221: Hey, How is my niece

Bunnyboo19: good she was cranky earlier. tell mom that I will be home by tomorrow"

Melissa1221: Ok

Bunnyboo19: I looking at houses in the nieghbor hood and there is one there can you get the number on the for sale sign

Melissa1221: The number is 555-595-4563

Bunnyboo19: How did you find out so quickly

Melissa1221: I am texting off my phone and I am right next to it

Bunnyboo 19 : Are you on your way to school

Melissa1221: No I am on my way to CCD

Bunnyboo19: You still go

Melissa1221: Yeah mom and dad are making me go or I have to church with them

Bunnyboo19: I have to change you nieces diaper so see you tommorrw K

Melissa1221: Ok bye

Sasha called the number. Now she has an apointment to take a look at the house tomorrow at 3pm

" Can you say mommy" said Sasha

" mommy" said Elizabeth

Sasha's eyes lit up " what did you say" sad Sasha

'' mommy" said Elizabeth

Sasha got her phone out and video taped it

" mommy'' said Elizabeth.

Sasha picked up Elizabeth and brought her to the kitchen and gave her some food and then gave her to Dylan

" What the hell" said dylan.

" Don't say that she might repeat''said Sasha

" she can't even speak" said Dylan

'' Hell" said Elizabeth

Dylan looked at her and then at Sasha.

"see what you did" said Sasha as she was picking up Elizabeth.

" Hell ooooo" said Elizabeth.

Sasha put her down for a nap.

She sent the video to her sister and mom.

Sasha's phone rang.It was her mom.

'' Aw my grand daughter can speak" said Her mom

" I know her first word it mommy and her second word was hell and her third is Hello"

'' who taught her to say hell" said her mom

" dylan but he didn't know she could talk" said Sasha

'' Ok Are you staying at my house tonight''

'' No I am probably not going to be there until tomorrow or later on tonight".

" Ok Your apartment is set so when you get back.."

'' I am going to move to San Fansico'' said Sasha.

" Oh really where'

" the house for sale on your street" said Sasha

" Really!!!"

" We are going to look at it tommorow at 3pm so can you meet me there" said Sasha

" Of course''.

14 hours later

It's 11 o' clock and they are at the border of Nevada and they are dropping off Sasha, Dylan , and Elizabeth.

At Sasha's Apartment

" we are going to do this trip again after several years" said Sasha.

The End

there will be Roadtrip 2 coming out soon.