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On to chapter 11..


"But I'm afraid I'm head over heels in love with you...and that makes me scared. I'm afraid to let that guard around my heart down...See everything I did and said that night...I meant. But I was afraid to be with love you. With Amber it was easy, I didn't have to give my heart to her, but with you,you have it,completely..and that scares me so much. I'm scared to let my heart go, and just let it be.."

One Two Three Four
Tell me that you love me more
Sleepless, long nights
That was what my youth was for
Oh teenage hopes are lying at your door
Left you with nothing
But they want some more

"Do you think I'm not scared? I felt so vulnerable last night, I gave you my whole heart inside and out, and I all I got were bitter,cold words in return...I didn't mean I hate you..I could seemed like the only words I could conjure up at that moment that wasn't I love you. I hated the words you said more so then you..and Link don't be scared..I'm with you, I always have. You just never saw it."

Oh, oh, oh
You're changing your heart
Oh, oh, oh
You know who you are
Sweetheart, bitter heart
Now I can't tell you apart
Cozy and cold
Put the horse before the cart

"I know I didn't..I'm such an idiot Tracy, I really am..I don't know why you love me. You could have someone that wasn't so emotionally detached, or with a messed up home life, and has endless mood swings. I'm so hard to be with Tracy. Thats why I went with Amber too. I didn't want to hurt you, and I didn't want you to get hurt. I wanna change so bad Tracy..I wanna change my heart, but its so hard and I don't know what I'm gonna do..But I do know that I love you, and thats all that seems to matter to me."

Those teenage hopes
Who have tears in their eyes
Too scared to own up
To one little lie

Oh, oh, oh
You're changing your heart
Oh, oh, oh
You know who you are

One, two, three, four, five, six, nine, and ten
Money can't buy you back the love that you had then

One, two, three, four, five, six, nine, and ten
Money can't buy you back the love that you had then

Tracy had the biggest smile on her face, she her heart still bursted with happiness at every word he spoke so tenderly, so honestly. A peaceful silence came between the two of them. The kind of silence when you take in the most beautiful words you ever heard and you just want them to last forever. Perfect and simple. Sweet and complex. The words you so longed to hear, from the one you so longed to have. Tracy still wasn't convinced this was real or one of her many dreams. Even her dreams weren't this perfect.


Oh, oh, oh

You're changing your heart

Oh, oh, oh

You know who you are

Oh, oh, oh

You're changing your heart

Oh, oh, oh

You know who you are


"Link..I don't care about all the other guys..I only want you. Are you sure you heart is able to do this Link? I mean you've said things before..maybe not this wonderful, but still actions speak louder then words. And your telling me all of this on the phone, these things should be said to my face."

"I know Trace..I'm sorry. I'm such a screw up, I should have waited..but I couldn't. I needed to tell you this now. I've wait far to long already. I'm not sure I can do this Tracy..I know I can. I need to I can't keep living my life without you. A life without you isn't much of a life ya know."

"Oh Link stop it. You've already made me cry now!" Her voice was slightly shaky now and tears of joy were falling down her cheeks.

"Tracy I'm sorry! I always hurt people.." Link sighed sorrowfully.

"No Link! You're making me cry in a happy way." She spoke softly, whipping away the excess tears. "But I think you should go home now." Tracy said hesitantly not really wanting to end this conversation, but it probably would be shared better in person. Link sighed softly, then inhaled a sharp breath. Home? He couldn't go home. That was the place he had come to fear the most. But thinking of home he got a bright idea.

"Yeah you're right Trace..I should probably get going. Plus Miss Teenage Hairspray is tomorrow." Link rambled.

"Yes it is. Well..sleep good ok? Bye."

"Bye Trace." A second later the line went dead. Link shot up the seat he had taken from the kitchen and placed the phone back on the hook. He ran out of the kitchen and said his goodbyes to Wilbur and Edna. Dashing to the street not wanting to waste another second going to his home. The streets of Baltimore were empty and the lighting was dull. Then again it was almost midnight. Link knew this probably wasn't the safest way to travel where he was foot at least, so he figured he should go get his car. His house was only a few blocks away and he always had his keys with him. So he wouldn't have to worry about running into his..father. While running a little to fast and his mind to far gone to even keep track of where he was he ran into someone.

"Ow!" The voice shrieked, obviously it was a girl. Link's head lowered slowly seeing blonde hair and the all to familiar scowl of Amber.

Link rolled his eyes in sheer aggravation. "Sorry." Link spat out and tried to carry on his own way, not wanting to talk to Amber at all. She actually, was the last person he wanted to see. But to no avail Amber wasn't letting him get away that easily. She grabbed his arm roughly causing him to spin around.

"Link don't go please." She said softly. She sounded almost scared and sad. Emotions that really weren't all to normal for Amber Von Tussel. Link raised a brow and yanked his arm away from her grasp.

"What do you want Amber?" He asked impatiently. Once again it was Amber who was keeping him away from Tracy.

"I saw the news. How could you be so stupid and go to that Negro protest!?" Amber scoffed shaking her head disapprovingly. Link's jaw clenched tightly. This girls emotions changed every second. Then again she was pregnant.

"Whatever Amber." Link turned around again and tried to walk away. With Amber, things like this were hard to do.

"Link I wasn't done!" She yelled stomping her feet. Here it was, he was only around her one minuet and she already was fussing.

"Well we are! So I don't need to listen to you nag at everything I do ok! You're not my mom."

"Well excuse me! Your the one that said" She paused her shrieking for a moment not really wanting to say the following words too loud. "Fuck you. How dare you say something so, so vulgar to me." She was now at her enraged self, and Link sadly was used to this behavior so it didn't really effect him.

"And your point is..?" Link gestured with hand motions. He was somehow getting amusement out of Amber's rage.

"Link Larkin! You do not say things like that to a lady!" She wagged her finger at him.

"Oh, you're a lady?" Link joked, but Amber had enough.

"Oh real mature Link. Whatever. What I am trying to say is that tomorrow is Miss Teenage Hairspray."

"Yah so?" Feeling his patience wear thin again.

"So I know your pathetic little, oops I mean big girlfriend won't be able to make it since my mother will make damn sure she won't get on the show. I think we should go together." She said simply.

"What!? Are you kidding me? I would never, and I mean never go with you to Miss Teenage Hairspray, ever. Period. And why would I anyhow? You have Fender. Why not go with him?!" Link spat bitterly. Amber once again scowled, gulping, and tried to regain her composure.

"Look Link it obvious we look good together! And you know we do. Agents are gonna be there. Who are they gonna sign? Amber and Fender..or Amber and Link Larkin? Besides I can't go with Fender..I mean my mom won't--" Link cut off Amber's pathetic speech.

"Amber look I'm not going with you ok? Just get used to it! I don't care about image anymore...I care about Tracy and thats it." He shook his head and looked down at her sympathetically. "And a ex boyfriend..I shouldn't even care about you or anything you do..but I do care, and I don't want you to get hurt. I think its time you stop letting your mom push you around. Your almost 18, you got a baby on the way, and I know Fender is gonna be there for you. You need to be in control of your own life. Being around your mom isn't good for you! She made you be bulimic..and act so evil and mean to everyone you meet. What you need to do is get the money, that I know you have, and get out of that house. Believe me I know how it is my dad has been hurting me--" Link stopped there realizing he was going a little to deep in that conversation. He didn't really wanna tell Amber anything that personal. Amber's facial features changed completely. She looked almost soft and not so cruel. She was shocked at Links caring and sensitivity. No one else Amber knew was like that.

"Link what do you mean your dad has been hurting you?" Amber's face full of confusion and she took a step towards him, and he took a step back.

"No! I don't wanna talk about it ok! Go back to your best friend, your porcelain best friend, the toilet." He spat viciously at her. He really didn't wanna snap at her so cruelly, but he figured that would be the only thing to get her off his back..for the moment. She lowered her had painfully and watched him walk away into the darkness. It became more apparent to Amber that almost everyone hated her. And it was her own fault. But in another way she liked the cruel way she was. He was right about one thing..she did need to take control of her own life..and soon.

Link made his way down the pavement his mind still reeling from the words he said to Amber. Hopefully Amber wouldn't take his last choice of words to heart. He really in the weirdest way..cared about Amber. Maybe more for the baby then Amber, but still. Link was also recapping on what he said to Amber about taking control of her life and getting out of the house with her mother. It seemed like those words were more meant for Link. He loved his dad...he did, but he had hurt him so much. Link needed to stop letting his dad get to him, or he may turn out just like him, and thats the last thing Link wanted to happen. Finally seeing his car he shoved his hands in his pocket and retrieved his keys. Climbing into the passenger seat her started the engine and made his way home.


Tracy needed fresh air, badly. Especially after that amazing conversation with Link. She opened the window first before stepping out and just looked up at the sky her mind flooded with thoughts. Even if she wanted to believe everything Link said so much..there was a part of her that was still a little mistrusting and not able to forget the words he spoke just a few nights ago. The night was beautiful and oh so distracting. The bright stars seemed to stand out even more in front of the midnight blue sky. And the semi loud sound of a engine clouded the quite city. Tracy now grew curious and walked to the door and opened it. She saw someone she surely wasn't expecting to see. Link. She shut the door behind her softly and gave him a confused glance. She walked down the three small steps a little closer to him, not really sure if this was real or not. Link walked towards her, he was slightly bitting his lip and he had a determined look on his face.

"Link..what are you--" Tracy was instantly cut off by Link.

"I love you." He spoke almost lustfully,almost passionately. Either way it made Tracy's knees weak. Good thing Link was there to catch her before she fell. Tracy didn't even have time to respond before Link's hands cupped her face and his lips pressed on hers. Suddenly both of them felt as if they weren't even on Earth. That they had been taken away to their own little world, only inhabited by Tracy and Link. Link noticed that with her eyes closed and her lips parted and wide, he thought that he could see the future...his future. Finally they shared a kiss, a real kiss. A kiss that wasn't a simple lapse in judgment or a last minuet comfort. A real blissful kiss shared between two people who may be young, but were head over heels in love. Butterflies were fluttering all too much in Tracy's stomach and even in this passionate lip lock she couldn't help but giggle softly at this warm and very welcomed feeling. Link wasn't too sure how to react to this but he hoped it wasn't negative. They both pulled away at the same time. But not to far away. Their eyes met again and the fireworks were surrounding them. The sparkle in each other's eyes made it all the more sweet. Link tenderly stroked Tracy's cheek and kissed her forehead softly. She closed her eyes again and felt the amazing warmth of his arms around her. After a couple of seconds Tracy pulled away feeling that this moment was all to perfect. But she, despite the voices in her head didn't move away. She even traced small circles on his chest with her finger, but she knew that it was time to talk.

"I thought you were going home Link." She choked out quietly. She seemed to have lost some of her ability to speak with that breathtaking kiss.

"Home? Looks like home to me." He looked her up and down. "I am home." He finished simply gazing deep into her eyes. Tracy felt that warmth in her whole body go hot. This boy knew exactly what to say to make her feel amazing..and vise versa.

"Oh Link" She rolled her eyes playfully. Link smiled a bit but otherwise, was serious. There still were some things he needed to get off his chest.

"Trace..I had to come here. I know that it was probably so stupid of me to just tell you how I felt on the phone and not in person. And I know I have made mistakes before in the past with telling you beautiful things and not meaning them..but I do mean everything I'm saying. I love you Trace. I love you so much. You're all that I see, need, breath, and want. I know everything I'm saying sounds so cliché..but I don't care, because it's true. Trace I'd swim the ocean for you. I know everyday it's going to get harder,..and it's going to feel tougher each and every day. But everyday know that I'll always be there through the thick and thin. Until the end So let me say that i love you you're all that I've ever wanted all that I've ever dreamed of to come. I want you so bad Trace, can you feel it too? I need you,i need you,your touch. But everything I said two nights was so untrue. You're not a mistake. You never will be. Wow I sound cheesy." They both shared a soft laugh. Tears filling both there eyes.

"Aw look at us now. Are we gonna cry? I'm such a cheese ball." Link's lighthearted humor seemed to only make Tracy happier if that was even possible. She finally had her old Link back.

"So how does it feel being the vulnerable one?" She asked with a warm smile on her face and Link smiled back.

"Pretty good actually. You don't know how good it feels to get that all of my chest." He said almost breathlessly. Not even from that long paragraph of words he just spoke, but from the sheer beauty of Tracy herself, his Tracy. The Tracy he had missed so much.

"Link everything you It's all so hard to believe..but I do believe. I love you so to Link. More then you'll ever know. I finally have my old Link back." They found each other back in a loving hug. From there what else would come next but another blissful kiss.

Minuets later they were on the hood of Link's car, with his arm wrapped around her talking about anything that came to their minds. Mainly catching up on lost time. If Tracy or Link for that matter would've known two weeks ago this is where they would end up..they never would've believed it. Only wished it with all their hearts.

"So on the way here..I ran into Amber.." Link spoke softly. Instantly Tracy's throat tightened and her face changed slightly.


"Yah..she wanted me to be her 'date' to Miss Teenage Hairspray. Like that would ever happen..I can't believe she even asked me that." They in unison rolled their eyes.

"But what about Fender Link? Are you ever gonna talk to him again?" Tracy questioned studying Link's face.

"No! Well at least not yet..I'm not thinking about him right now Trace, only you."

"But Link. You really should forgive him eventually, he was your best guy friend." Tracy insisted.

"Yeah...well I will. I just can't right now." Link said looking down. Tracy knew that she should change the subject.

"Speaking of Miss Teenage Hairspray! I have a plan for that." Tracy said mischievously giving Link a smirk. Link got a cheesy smile on his face.

"Trace you devil dog you. What are you planning on doin?" Link asked feeling a little mischievous himself.

"I can't tell you the details silly. That would ruin it!" She said playfully.

"Aw! Come on Trace just a little?" He motioned with his fingers. Tracy hit him softly in a also playful manner.

"No Link. Its a secret. And my lips are sealed." She noted pretending to zip her lips.

"Oh fine, fine." Link said giving in. But was a little disappointed. He gave her those puppy dog eyes and a pout.

"Oh No Link! Link Larkin stop the cuteness! I will not give in and that is final." They both laughed. For the first time in a long time they felt so happy and comfortable. It was the greatest feeling. No one made Link smile like Tracy did. Her smile was all it took for him to get the stupidest smile on his face.

"You're so great Trace. You know that?" He said looking down at her, that sparkle still strong in his icy blue eyes.

"I am pretty amazing aren't I?" Tracy said exaggerating with enthusiasm, once again causing that gleeful laughter to go on between the two of them.

"You really are Trace. You really are." He spoke dreamily. "But really, I am so happy..that now we know how each other feel. Even if it took a while." He said his tone turning a little sad.

"Its ok Link. You don't even know how glad I am that you told me you loved me. I've been waiting years to hear you say that. I know why it took so long for you Link..your life hasn't been exactly the easiest I've tried to be as understanding as I could be." She said deeply, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Tracy was surprised at herself at how fast she forgave Link. But she waited to long to just let this moment pass. Life was short after all..might as well spend it with the one you love while you can.

"Tracy, you so get me." Link sighed happily.

"That's good, right?" Tracy asked inquisitively.

"Yeah, it means you really do care about me after all, and I need that..someone who understands me." Link said once again all giddy-like.

"You are such a dork Link." Tracy said comically in a fit of giggles at the tone he used. Link pretended to be offended.

"Trace! I am trying to be serious and romantic here. You're ruining the moment!" He said on the edge of laughter. Finally he couldn't hold it in anymore and he bursted out laughing too. After about a minuet of giddy laughter it finally subsided and Link lifted up the sleeve of his suit jacket and saw the time. His eyes widened when he saw it was 1:30 am.

"Jeez already 1:30! One and a half hours goes by fast when your having fun and confessing your love to someone." He laughed and she smiled. "You should probably head to bed Tracy, and I should go...home." He said solemnly. Tracy got a look of confusion, but she decided not push on the subject of his home.

"Yeah your right! I have a lot of preparation for tomorrow." She said giving him the signature 'Link Wink'. He blushed slightly with that smile still planted on his face. He figured it probably would be permanently planted there. They hopped off the hood of the car and he walked her to the door.

Tracy held on to Link's arm. She slightly squeezed it when they got to the door. This caused Link to wince in pain.

"Ow!" He said sharply, Tracy instantly loosened her grip that wasn't even that tight. She looked dumbfounded at him.

"I'm so sorry Link! I didn't your..arm was hurting." She rambled on suspiciously.

Link's eyes grew large once again. His pain must have been from the shove into that table his dad gave him. Now he probably freaked Tracy out again, and he didn't want her to worry.

"Oh its ok! I just um..ran into a—a mailbox on the way here." He lied quickly, his eyes wondered around.

"Do you want me to look at it and see if its ok?" Tracy asked full of worry. Too late. She was already worried.

"Nah. Its ok, probably just a scratch." He said shaking it off.

"You didn't make it seem like a scratch." Tracy mumbled.

"Well I'm gonna go!" He bent down and gave her a simple sweet kiss, that still caused their pulses to rise.

"Bye Trace." He said with his hands in his pockets and a small smile on his face.

"Bye Link." She replied leaning on the rail of the small staircase.

She watched him walk into the darkness and she couldn't get what just happened out of her head. From the sheer happiness and bliss, to the complete confusion of this pain in his arm. She had to push this out of her mind and focus on the good stuff. The fact that he finally said it. He said he loved her..and he meant it.


Link quietly entered his house. Not a sound was throughout it. He let out a sigh of relief. His dad had to be in bed. He walked to the staircase but his eyes drifted to the living room. And his heart dropped when he saw the broken pieces of his mother's favorite vase still lying carelessly on the floor. He walked slowly over to them a knelled down in front of them. Picking one piece of the broken porcelain that had beautiful printed flowers of blue, violet, and vibrant greens. Tears filled Link's eyes. Despite the overjoying events that took place only minuets ago..this was something Link did not take lightheartedly. This was something that belonged to his mother. One of the only things he has left of her besides a few old photographs he kept in his room, since his father tore them all down after she died not being able to take looking at her. Link needed them. Seeing his mother in those pictures, with that warm smile of hers in her face made him so happy, almost as happy as Tracy's smile makes him. He knew what he would have to do. He collected the pieces of the broken vase. Which were thankfully mainly big pieces and took them upstairs in his room. Link placed them carefully on his desk and examined them for a second. He would have to put it back together. But not now. It was far to late. Before Link climbed into bed he pulled something out of his pocket. A picture of Tracy he took from her room today. He smiled at back at the small photograph and placed it on his nightstand and turned off the light. For the first time in what seemed like forever, Link feel into a peaceful sleep now that his mind was finally clear. Except for one thing. His dad.


Tracy awoke to the blaring voice of Inez and the shaking of Penny.

"Tracy get up!" Inez yelled excitedly.

"I'm up,I'm up!" Tracy said sleepily. She rubbed her eyes, which instantly shot open from the memory of last night.

"Tracy, I know Link was here yesterday." Penny smirked at her best friend.

"Wha—What? Were you watching!?" Tracy shouted.

"No." Penny remarked innocently.

"Liar." Tracy said simply.

"Ok. I watched a little! Only enough to see him show up..and kiss you! And say he loves you!" Penny and Tracy looked at each other and squealed excitedly.

"Oh my God Penny it was amazing!" Tracy giggled. Inez looked at them oddly.

"Yeahhhh I'm just gonna go get dressed." Inez said walking out of the room.

Tracy and Penny looked at each other again and laughed.

"Oh I'm so happy for you Tracy!" Penny said joyfully giving Tracy a hug.

"Me too! So I was thinking about my hair.." Tracy said.

"Well that was random, but what about it?" Penny asked curiously.

"I wanna change it. Completely. I no longer want to conform. I don't need all that hairspray to make my do' hip!" Tracy said enthusiastically.

"Thats sounds good. But what are you gonna do?"

"Hmm..." Tracy thought. "I got it! Where is the iron?"


Link randomly felt himself wake up to the bright sun shining on him. He saw the time and he knew it was time to get ready for the Miss Teenage Hairspray competition. Link jumped out of bed and ran to his bathroom turning on the shower. He then went to his closet and pulled out his black and white suit. Now that he had Tracy he had to make himself look extra special. Taking only about five minuets he showered and got out. He wrapped a towel loosely around his hips, and his slightly wet hair was messily sticking up in all different direction.(A/N: I drool very much at the thought of that!) He laughed at his appearance and towel dried his hair. Twenty minuets later he was done, and he had to say..he looked good. He winked at himself. And picked up his car keys. Today was gonna be perfect.


Link arrived at the WYZT studios and in the guys dressing room area he was re-doing his do. A couple of Link's friends walked up to him.

"Hey Link." Brad said to Link. "I heard about Amber and Fender man..I'm sorry."

"Hey Brad, I.Q., Sketch. Nah it's ok man. I don't need her." He said with a smile, only thinking of Tracy.

"Are you sure? I mean you loved her and all." I.Q. asked.

"Yeah I'm sure. Besides..I have someone else." Link said beaming. The guys looked at each other back and forth confused.

"Alright man. Lets just go out there and hope the agents notice us, oh and lets try to avoid Fender." Sketch said staring at Fender from across the room. They took their places backstage as the sound of drum rolls and Corny's voice filled the studio. Suddenly Amber entered the room in a yellow flowy dress that looked a little to tight. Link's eyes widened and he tried to hide. But there was no hiding from Amber. Everyone walked out from backstage and took their places to began the opening dance and singing sequence. Amber instantly linked arms with Link. He rolled his eyes annoyed at Amber's stubbornness.

"Look Link! Theres the agents. Maybe they'll book us together." Amber said eagerly, puffing her hair. Yeah right, like that would happen.

Minuets later all of the girls were taking their places and dancing. It was quite boring actually, and Amber hung on his shoulder the whole time. He wished he still had that can of Ultra Clutch to spray in her face again. Link was growing impatient waiting for Tracy to come out, if she even was. Link also finally got some much needed separation from Amber when it was her turn to dance. She did the usual steps all the other girls did, but she was a little more..whore-ish. She lifted her dress a little too high at least 3 times doing the most annoying little squeal. Link rolled his eyes, and so did Corny. She was just trying to sway the men to vote by showing a little more leg. To the Von Tussels after sells. When Amber's turn was over she walked back over to Link.

"All right ladies and gentlemen the time has come to announce Miss Teenage Hairspray! Drum roll please." Corny shouted enthusiastically as the drum roll started. Amber looked at the card and smirked, Link sighed knowing that Amber had won. "It is my obligation" Amber hit his shoulder. "To announce that Amber Von Tussel--"

Corny was cut off by Tracy. "Is about to get out danced!" Link and everyone of the council members spun around to see Tracy standing in a large can of hairspray. Link got that cheesy smile again when she looked at him. She looked so different, but still so beautiful. Clad in a black a white checkerboard dress, her hair straight and flat, she stepped off the platform and over to Amber, and started to sing a familiar song. From there Tracy taunted Amber, Amber scowled at Tracy and ran back over to Link. She tried to get him to put her arms around her, but that wasn't happening. He was lost in his own world watching Tracy shake what shes got. He smiled and knew what he had to do he pushed Amber's hands away that were trying to touch his face.

"No!" He shouted at her. He ran down to Tracy and danced right beside her. Not caring what anyone thought. He had a lot of proving still to do to Tracy after what he did. And he was eager to get to that full forgiveness point. Everything from there was a blur. From Link pulling Inez on the dance floor, to Edna coming out of her shell and shaking whats shes got, and then to Miss Teenage Hairspray being annoyed.

"And Miss Teenage Hairspray is...Inez Stubbs!" Corny announced cheerfully. Link and Tracy were shocked, in a good way. Link was sure that Tracy would win. Tracy became all giddy and jumped into Link's arms.

"Ladies and gentleman the Corny Collins Show is now and forever integrated!" Corny shouted enthusiastically.

On the other side of the room Velma was busted for rigging the votes for the competition.

"Mom! How could you do that?!" Amber shouted furiously at her mother. Velma scoffed.

"Because apparently you aren't good enough! You looked terrible out there!" Velma screamed coldly.

"Oh believe me mother you won't look to much better broadcast on live television. And mother..I don't look terrible. I look damn good! Oh and me and Link are over." Amber walked over to Fender pulling him by his collar and giving him a passionate kiss. "I'm with Fender now." She smirked at her mother's shocked expression. Amber felt a lot better finally standing up to her mother. She knew there was many other things she had to tell her and they would be told eventually, but for now..Amber was very much satisfied.

Confetti fell from all over the room and everyone was cheering joyously. Even with all the other people around Link and Tracy felt as if they were the only ones in the room. Caught in this moment of complete happiness Link and Tracy's faces moved closer together. Their lips connected in a perfect rhythm. The loud cheers from all around them were silenced. Tracy deepened the kiss, it was Link's turn to get butterflies in his stomach. He smiled through the kiss finally feeling complete. He had his girl, the Corny Collins Show was now integrated, and almost everything was right in his world..almost.

Ok so it was the cliché ending.

Boy meets girl.

Girl falls head over heels for boy.

Boy secretly falls for girl.

Boy meets another girl.

Girl's heart breaks.

Boy realizes that he loves Girl.

And they live happily ever after.

How perfect.

This wasn't the end of Tracy and Link.

In fact it was only the beginning

Sadly everything can't remain just perfect in real life.

But with love this strong, maybe they could make it.

The (not) End.


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Speaking of sequel, I thought I would give you a little bit of a are some random lines that will be used in the sequel:


Link: Can one of you guys hand me my cloths...please?

Tracy: I can't believe I was stupid enough to believe you changed!

Doctor: She's gonna be ok...but the baby isn't.

Penny: No..Stop! Help!!

Seaweed: Penny!?

Tracy: So that was awkward...but do you think you could possibly explain to me why your hands were down your pants in my bathroom?

Link: I'm gonna be famous!

Amber: I'm pregnant, ok!

Link's dad: Get the hell out of my house.

Tracy: Everything is not ok!

Amber: This isn't over Tracy.

Link: Will you marry me?

Tracy: Well look at you! You just some disgusting old hag!

Corny: I..might be leaving the show.

Link: I can take care of myself!

Tracy: I love you, I love you, I love you. It feels so good to say it...I love you

Link: Lets run away,..from all this..

Amber: Every girl is entitled to a secret

Link: Just get the hell away from me!

Tracy: So Link isn't the most stable person in the world...

Fender: You such a slut!

Link: Why can't you just trust me!?

Brenda: How..could you!?

Tracy: Link what happened?!

Amber: Why are you hurting me!?

Link: Tracy...I need your help.

-BOOM-(hahah cheesy)

Yah. Those were some random moments in no order for the up and coming sequel to 'My Heart, Your Hands' entitled.."You're Changing Your Heart" I know, I know I'm a little obsessed with hearts..if you can't tell. HAHA. I also renamed it. It was gonna be entitled 'Kidnap my heart, take me with you'.

Thank you so much to everyone who read,reviewed, favorited, and alerted this story!

You all are amazing!


So remember to please answer those questions and stay tuned for the sequel!

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Songs used: 1 2 3 4 by feist