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"The defending champion, Oto FC, is on top of the table and has 3 points cleared from their strongest opponent, Konoha FC, with only 2 matches to go. It means, Konoha doesn't have any other option but beat Oto this afternoon to prolong the title race and keep their chances to win the premiership. If Konoha did win, then the points will be level between those two and we won't know who the champion is until the referee blows the whistle to end the final match of the season next week. If they lost… then we're going to have an early celebration here in Sound Stadium. And what a celebration it would be for Oto if they manage to beat their biggest rival at home. So ladies and gentlemen, sit tight and enjoy the game. It's going to be one hell of a match!"

The sounds of commentary that came out of the telly filled the huge home theater of the Hyuuga Mansion. There was only one person there, Hiashi Hyuuga, the owner of the estate itself. He sat on a big, comfortable -- though he didn't look comfy at all -- black leather chair, eyes stuck on the 40 inches HDTV. The match was about to begin.

"There's the kick-off! Uzumaki kicks the ball slightly to Gaara Sabaku who passes it to Gai Maito. He's dribbling the ball… passed Yakushi… passed Abumi… lovely skill… ooh there's the famous step over! He's still on the ball… there's a lot of option for him… Shiranui on the left, Hatake on the right, Inuzuka on the middle…. He decided to kick a short pass to Inuzuka. Nice flick from Inuzuka to Hatake… good first touch from the right winger… here's the cross! Sabaku and Uzumaki are already in the six yards box… too heavy! It's a goal kick for Oto."

The Konoha supporters groaned loudly and can be heard over the television. If he wasn't too tense, Hiashi might be doing the same thing, but instead he only grabbed the arms of the chair. 'The match just began… relax…'

"Oto attacks. There's a long ball from Kidoumaru to the left side of the field… Sakon gets the ball. Hatake and Maito try to challenge him… that was close… he kicks the ball to the other side of the pitch… nice control from Ukon. Shiranui hot on his tail… not fast enough though… he already passed the ball to Abumi's direction… he takes it well and… shoot! Great save by Namiashi!"

Hiashi let out a relieved breath, but his respite didn't last long. Minutes later, he was forced to hold his breath again as Sasuke Uchiha almost netted the ball. Thankfully Shino Aburame kicked it out before it passed the goal line.

Both teams were on fire that afternoon. They both know the stake was too high, especially for Konoha FC who desperately needed the 3 points. So they attacked and attacked, back and forth, trying to find a hole in the opponent's defense, trying to escape from the offside trap and, most importantly, trying to win!

"Ten minutes before half time and it's still nil-nil here at the Sound Stadium. It's been a fantastic match, full of excitement! So far we've seen two superb saves from each goal keeper; wonderful, wonderful attempts of goals and countless of individual skill displays. You don't want to take your eyes off this match, not even for a second!"

True to the commentator's words, Hiashi didn't take his eyes off the screen. They followed the movement of the ball and players very attentively. Hoping… and wishing… a goal would come very soon for the advantage of Konoha FC.

"Ah… look at the quality ball from Sarutobi to Akimichi who slightly forward from his position as center back. Still Akimichi… lovely through ball to Shiranui… Shiranui crossed! There's Uzumaki there… superb control… shoot between Tsuchi's legs… deflection! It's a goal!"

The roar of happiness of Konoha fans filled the stadium. As Naruto was hugged by his team mates to celebrate the goal, the fans were starting to sing his anthem.

Blond like an angel
Fierce like a devil

"Yes!" yelled Hiashi as he jumped to his feet, fist on the air. 'So far so good… this could be our year…'

"Three minutes before halftime. A quick kick off… Uchiha kicks the ball to Kaguya… passed right away to Sakon. Sakon moves forward along the left wing… Hatake tries to confront him… lovely inside hook from Sakon… he still got the ball… Tsuchi, the left fullback, overlapping from behind… Sakon lets go of the ball… Tsuchi takes it… she passed Yamashiro but Sarutobi already covered her… she kicks the ball back with her right heel… Sakon gets it… a pass right into the middle of the box… Kaguya slides on the ground… Oh! He scored! What a beauty! One-one."

The home supporters cheered wildly, while some of the Konoha's holding their head down in disbelief. Oto had evened the score on the added time, just seconds before halftime! Bummer!

Hiashi couldn't believe his eyes either. He was literally pulling his hair out.

Meantime, on the pitch, the referee already blew the whistle. Players made their way out of the field. On the tunnel, Shikamaru patted the shoulders of Konoha players, speaking encouraging words to them as they walked in to the locker room. Ibiki and Tsunade followed behind them.

Back in the Hyuuga Mansion, Hiashi was no longer in shock -- thanks to the double shot of whiskey. Pouring another shot, he walked back from the mini-bar on the corner of the home theater to his chair. He didn't pay much attention to the conversation between the commentators who were reviewing the first half. He was deep in his own thought. 'They better perform in the second half. They have to!'

"For those of you who just join us here at Skye Sport, the second half of the biggest match of the season between Oto and Konoha, live from the Sound Stadium, is about to start. The score so far is one-one. Sasuke Uchiha and Kimimaro Kaguya already on their position at the center of the pitch, set to do the kick off. That's the whistle! Game on!"

The sound of the whistle caught Hiashi's attention back in to the game. His right hand grasped the crystal glass that filled with amber liquid very tightly while his eyes firmly watched the telly.

"Nice block from Akimichi! The young center back used his own body to stop the powerful shot from Ukon. The ball is back on Konoha's side… Hatake on the run… he changes direction to escape from Sakon and Tsuchi… he made it but Kidoumaru engages in… Konoha's captain passes the ball to the left then runs forward… Inuzuka was there to take the pass, ready to give the ball back to the skipper… Oooh, nice steal from the other skipper, Yakushi!"

"God damn it!" yelled Hiashi who was stomping his feet hard on the floor.

"Here comes Sakon again… looks like he changed position with his twin brother, trying his luck from the right side. Yamashiro tackled… almost get the ball… Sakon keeps running… there's Sarutobi there and the big fellow regains the ball. A long kick to the left side, Shiranui on the ball now… running in and out of the left wing… passed Yakushi… passed Tsuchi… Kidoumaru challenges him… not succeeded… the left-winger passed him too… slight through ball between Tsuchi's legs to… himself! He does this a lot, this Shiranui lad… Uzumaki, Sabaku and Inuzuka, all three already in the penalty box… is Shiranui going to pass or go for himself…? Ouch, that's got to hurt! Wicked tackle from Kinuta. The referee points at the white spot. It's a penalty! What a great chance for Konoha to lead once more, and there's still 20 minutes on the clock."

The Konoha supporters screamed like crazy. They realized the big impact of the penalty for their beloved team's campaign this season, if it hit the target.

Hiashi excitedly jumped from the big chair. But merely second later he was back to his seat again. Fingers of his left hand curled into a fist… the tension was high…

"Shiranui is still on the ground, holding his left leg. Let's hope that hamstring injury that's been haunting him this entire season will not come up in this match. Paramedics are attending him right now... Oto's captain, Yakushi, is trying to reason with the ref. Kinuta could get a red card for that ruthless tackle, and it'll be a huge disadvantage for the home side. Well, it looks like Oto got what they wanted. The ref just pulled out a yellow card! And here we go… Uzumaki sets the ball on the spot; apparently he's the one who's going to take the responsibility. This particular young player is one of the most exciting strikers beside the Uchiha brothers, the Sabaku brothers, and Momochi of Kiri FC. From the 28 penalties he had taken for Konoha, Uzumaki had only missed once, and that was when he played against Seireitei FC three seasons ago. So, he's most likely going to make it now. He got the mental for it, and surely the skill."

The home fans made irritating noises as big as they could, trying to break Naruto's concentration. As the man under the spotlight, the pressure on Naruto's shoulders was huge. The blond locked on his target and made the shot…

"OH! Could you believe that??? Uzumaki's shot was denied by the goal post!!! What a waste! Just kill me… kill me…"

'And me…' Hiashi closed his face with his left hand as he groaned hard, uttering his anger and frustration. 'Bloody hell! Bloody HELL!'

Naruto dropped to his knees and seized his head in shock. He just blew the golden opportunity! Kakashi grabbed his right shoulder and whispered something to the striker. Naruto got on his feet and returned to his position. Jirobou placed the ball at the edge of the six yards box, and he took a goal kick for Oto.

"The voices of disappointment from Konoha supporters and that expression on Shikamaru Nara's face said it all. The Boy Genius must have known what a great chance Konoha had just now, and his striker failed to take advantage of it. But, there's still fifteen minutes on the clock and everything is possible for both… now what do we have here? There's some kind of riot is happening on the pitch! Shiranui and Sakon are forehead to forehead, Sabaku and Kaguya are changing words… and obviously not polite ones, Uchiha is on the ground and Uzumaki is being held by the captain! Let's see the replay here. Uh-hmm… it looks like Uchiha whispered something to Uzumaki that snapped the blond terribly and made him push his former teammate hard! The ref calls Uzumaki and Uchiha… this could be bad for Konoha… The two skippers, Hatake and Yakushi, are trying to get involved in the conversation between the ref and two strikers, but denied by the ref who strictly tells them to back off. Here comes the card… what would it be…? Hold your breath, people… it's a yellow one! Each team still has 11 player and we still have 10 minutes worth of a match."

Kakashi, again, whispered something to Naruto's ear before smacking the back of the striker's head slightly. Naruto forced a weak smile and brought his mind back to the game.

The tension at the Hyuuga Mansion became unbearable to Hiashi. The whiskey in his right hand was long gone but he still clutched the crystal glass like his life was depending on it. 'Eight minutes to go… a draw won't do us any good! Come on, boys!'

"Oto tries a different approach now. Kidoumaru left his post on center back and is playing between Yakushi and Abumi on the midfield to strengthen their attack. The home team now has five midfielder against Konoha's four. Yakushi, Abumi and Kidoumaru moves forward together, kicking short passes between them… they managed to cope with the challenge attempts that came from Inuzuka and Maito. Kidoumaru moves widely to the left, passing the ball to Sakon who's overlapping from the left back of the pitch. Sakon keeps running… He creates an opening for a perfect cross… he kicks… Kaguya is there but he let the ball through to… Uchiha! He's the target man all along! What a clever, clever move! Uchiha cushions the ball with his chest, kicks a volley from 10 yards, straight to the heart of Konoha goal! He got it! Game over!"

Oto supporters were yelling, cheering, and practically dancing on their feet. Sasuke, who took his bow in front of the fans, was being crushed to the ground by his teammates. And finally, Orochimaru, the Oto manager, let out his famous vicious grin.

"Sasuke Uchiha… The man who used to play for Konoha FC is the very same man who just shattered their hope. What a dramatic, dramatic ending!"

Konoha fans were almost in tears. Some already were in tears. Shikamaru threw his cigarette on the ground and squashed it with his right heel severely. Ibiki looked -- if possible -- scarier than ever. Kakashi took a deep breath, grabbed the ball from the net and put it on the center of the field. He yelled at his teammates, reminding them that they still have a match to finish.

"Konoha needs a miracle now. They have to score two goals and they don't even have five minutes. Sabaku took the kick off; passes it to Hatake on his right. All Oto players have moved back to their defense area, leaving Uchiha up front. A cross from Hatake to Uzumaki… blocked by Tayuya. Throw in for Konoha. Inuzuka takes the ball; passes it to Maito… he makes an effort to move forward but three Oto players are blocking his path… the attacking midfielder tries a different approach… he kicks the ball to the left… Shiranui gets the ball… shoot through ball to the middle… another block from Oto player… another throw in for the visitor. Looks like the home team had set their mind to spend last minutes of the match defensively. Even Uchiha has moved back to Oto's side of the pitch. Only seconds remaining until the ref blow the whistle… Oh, there it is!"

The Sound Stadium roared their excitement! Fans screamed one word over and over, "Champion! Champion! Champion!" as Oto players hugged each other. Some ran to the side of the pitch to hug their manager, some ran toward the fans and threw them their shirt.

"This result confirmed the fact that Oto FC, once again, for two years in a row, becomes the champion of the premiership. Konoha FC, who fought superbly and bravely, failed to bring home their crown for the third time. The last time Shikamaru Nara's team won this league was four seasons ago. But they're surely going to come back next season! You can't just write off a team like Konoha FC. On the screen we can see the smile of satisfaction on Fugaku Uchiha's face, the owner of Oto FC for the last 3 years. Many people said that he was the man behind Oto's…"

The commentary was cut off as Hiashi Hyuuga turned off the huge television set abruptly. The crystal glass was no longer in his grasp; it had turned into pieces when it shattered on the marble floor.


-- TBC --