Cave In.

Disclaimer: I am still bereft of anything Supernatural or of the Winchester persuasion, well all except for the ghost that shares my place with me, and my friendly vamps and umm oh yeah then there's the sexy werewolf guys ... anyway sorry to say I still don't own the show or the characters from Supernatural ... SIGH

Author's note: My first Weechester story, so we'll see how it goes. Sam is 12 and Dean is 16.


June 21 1991

Eldorado Canyon State Park


Dean heaved another heavy sigh and turned to see if Sam was still behind him, his brother was just starting to get on his nerves, if it wasn't what Sam wanted then Sam sulked in true pre-teen fashion.

'Come on Sam get a move on or Dad will skin us instead.' Dean called exasperated when his brother still didn't appear behind him.

'Alright Dean I'm coming, sheesh give him an inch and he takes it all.' Sam mumbled grumpily, he didn't quite understand why he felt like this all of the time, maybe it was because he spent every waking hour with Dean or his Dad unless he was lucky enough to stay in one spot to go to school properly.

'Whatcha doin' back there Sammy? Or don't I want to know?' Dean smirked, he wanted this hunt over with, the leggy Debbie Sanders was going to wait for him after cheerleading practice. All they had to do was to scope out the cave during the day to see if they can find any signs of the disgruntled entity supposedly terrorising the park hikers. 'Geeze Sammy come on will ya, Dad will rip us new ones if we don't get the legwork done for him.'

'How come you're so excited about doing legwork anyways?' Sam asked as he strolled up to his brother, 'you usually want to do the shoot em up stuff.'

'Got things to do Sammy, places to be and people to see well one certain person anyways and believe me she is not one you keep waiting.'

'Does Dad know?'

'Ah does the word buzz killer mean anything to you?'

'Actually Dean buzz killer's two words.' Sam smirked, 'so what does Dad want us to do?'

'All we have to do is check out this cave while he does the other one, see if the thing uses this as its base.'

'There's nothing here Dean.'

'No kiddin' Sammy that's why we have to go to the back of the cave.'

'It's Sam.'


'It's Sam not Sammy.'

The brothers walked in companionable silence as they ventured further into the cave, both lost in their own thoughts. A rumbling through the rocks and ground went unnoticed by the two youths as they moved further into the shadows.


'Yeah Sammy.'

'How come ... how come Dad won't let me go with you guys?'

'Whatcha talking about Sammy? You're here aren't ya?'

'Yeah this is leg work, research how come Dad won't let me go with you guys on actual hunts?'

'You're not old enough squirt.'

'You were younger than me when you started going with Dad.' Sam pointed out sulkily.

'Yeah but I am the oldest and best looking so of course I get to go.'

'Dean ... Dean did you feel that?' Sam stopped walking and gazed around with wide eyes.

'What? Geeze come on Sam the sooner we get this done the sooner I am in the arms of the lovely Debbie Sanders.'

'Debbie Sanders? But wasn't she going out with that senior Rick?'

'Yes and no not now, she's gonna be with me.' Dean smirked but then stumbled to his knees as the cave started to rumble loudly around them, the ground shook with surprising ferocity. 'Sammy you okay?'

'Dean?' Sam called as he scrambled out of the way of falling rocks. 'We gotta get outta here.'

'No kiddin' Sam.' Dean yelled back jumping up he turned to face his younger brother, 'you okay kiddo?'

'Yeah I'm fine, just dusty.' Sam grinned as he shook the dirt from his longish hair.

'You so need a haircut.'

'Do not.'

'Do so.'

'Dean we have to get out of here.'

A loud cracking sound silenced the two boys panicking they started to run back towards the main interest when the ground seemed to rise up and prevent them from leaving, the roof of the cave shook and cracked above them showering them with sharp shards of rock. 'Sammy!' Dean yelled as he grabbed his brother's arm and tried to haul him out of the way.

They dodged the falling rocks and debris as they tried to find their way through the clouds of dust. 'Dean?' Sam choked clutching his brother's arm he pointed to the spectral entity floating just above them.

'Ah fuck!' Dean exclaimed pushing Sam behind him he backed them up a bit moving away from the possible supernatural danger.

A rumble and loud crash over their heads made them freeze in fear as the roof of the cave came crashing down around them. Dean heard Sam scream with pain and then he couldn't hear another thing. After seemingly hours although it was only a few minutes the cave in slowed to a trickle of stones and fragments tumbling down the walls. Dean groaned and tried to lift his head wincing when he felt something warm and wet run down the back of his neck, 'son of a ... Sammy?' he choked out trying to open his eyes Dean blinked and gazed around at the disaster surrounding him. 'Sammy?' He yelled louder straining to hear a sound. 'Damn it Sammy where are you?' He groaned sitting up he gazed blearily down at his left arm, lying at his side already swollen. 'Ah damn it all to hell.'

Swallowing deeply he gritted his teeth as he used his right hand to lift his left and to drape it across his stomach, and then he decided to try to stand. After two attempts he managed to get to his feet, swaying drunkenly he scanned the area searching for any sign of ... 'Sam?' He gasped scrambling over to a pile of rocks where he could see Sam's shoe poking out from under them. 'Sam!' He pulled at the rocks with his good arm painstakingly slowly, 'come on Sammy don't do this to me.'

Finally he managed to pull the last of the bigger rocks away and exposed Sam's legs moving closer he used a flat rock to help him dig the dirt and stones from Sam's body gradually he uncovered his baby brother. 'Sammy?' He whispered not wanting to accept anything less than Sam's snarky remarks for now.

Gently he pressed along Sam's spine aside from a nasty swelling at the base it seemed mindful of Sam's neck and head he rolled him over to check his front, once again with innate patience Dean checked his brother for any broken bones or signs of major injury, exhaling the breath he held while he did so Dean sat back on his haunches, aside from the swelling on the base of his spine Sam didn't seem to have any other major injuries.

'Dean?' Sam croaked whimpering slightly as he tried to pull himself back from the abyss. 'Dean?'

'Right here kiddo.' Dean replied brushing his hand tenderly across Sam's forehead, frowning at how cool he felt.

'C-cold Dean.' Sam whispered blinking up at his brother's face hovering over him, 's-so c-c-cold.'

'Hey easy buddy you got yourself buried under a heap of rock.'

'D-Dean y-you're h-hurt.' Sam frowned and tried to sit up, a gasp of pain slipped past his dry lips and he slumped backwards, eyes fluttering closed.

'Hey Sam, no you don't you gotta stay awake for me.' Dean cried out inwardly cursing his Dad for not staying with them.

'D-Dean I – I can't m-move properly.' Sam cried, large tears pooling in his eyes, 'm-my l-legs.'

'Sammy hey listen to me move your foot for me dude.' Dean said trying to stay calm when he saw Sam's leg stay still, his foot unmoving, 'what about your other one?'

'D-Dean w-what's wrong w-with m-me?'

'I know you gotta big bruise and lump on your back it's probably pressing on the nerves or something.' Dean said, 'you'll be fine just as soon as Dad finds us.'

'D-Dean s-so cold.' Sam whimpered as a cough wracked through his thin body, 'y-you g-got h-hurt.'

'Yeah dude looks like it got my arm ... might have a pretty cool cast for a while, even a scar or two, girls love scars.' Dean's teeth gleamed against the grime stuck to his face with sweat and blood.

'The g-ghost?'

'Dunno ... don't worry bout that now Sammy you just take it easy huh? Dad's gonna find us.'

'We're ...we're r-right up the b-back of the c-cave.' Sam countered. 'D-Dean?'

'Yeah kiddo?'

'T-tell me a s-story p-please.'

'Which one?'


'Ah okkies now there's a young woman named Mary and she met her handsome hero John.'

'An-and th-they g-got m-married.'

'Uhhuh and then a year later they had the most beautiful baby boy the world had ever seen.'

'A-and the l-loudest.'

'Hey who's telling the story?'


'Okay then, of course their baby boy was the best behaved child and was fussed over by all he were to gaze at him.'


'Then when this amazing boy was nearly four his mom Mary told him that he was going to be a big brother, right away our super little hero knew that he was going to have an annoying little brother but that was okay coz he would teach him to be cool.'

Sam started to cough again interrupting his older brother's tall tale, awkwardly Dean helped him sit up slightly, using his good arm to brace Sam's shoulders. As the fit passed Sam laid down again and blinked up at Dean with tear-filled eyes waiting for the story to continue.

'So the little guy's fourth birthday came and went and he still waited for his brother to be born, he did notice how big his mom was getting and that he couldn't hug her around the waist anymore but that was fine coz he knew that's where his brother was.'

'Th-then what?'

'Well one day the amazing little dude came home from kindergarten to find his mom all red in the face and making funny noises, his daddy said that it was time for the baby to come and that they had to take mommy to the hospital.' Dean took a breath and gazed down at Sam for a heartbeat before he continued, 'he had to wait with Aunty Karen while his daddy went with him mommy behind the closed doors, he was pretty mad coz he wanted to go too but they told him that he was too small. So he huffed, puffed, and paced up and down the waiting room until his daddy came back with a big goofy look on his face. Honestly Sammy he looked like Goofy.'

Sam smiled wearily and gripped his brother's hand tightly as a wave of pain washed through his chest followed by another hacking coughing fit. 'K-keep g-going D-Dee please.'

'Okay so his daddy picked his awesome little son up and told him that he has a brand new brother, something that the little dude knew but he kept it from his daddy. Then he took him into another room so he could see his mom and then he heard this really weird wailing sound. It was sooooo loud but that didn't deter our little hero he just sat down and put his hands out to nurse his brother. As soon as his brother was put in his arms the weird wailing stopped and the baby smiled up at him.'

'An-and I was the baby.' Sam nodded tiredly, 'I like that story.'

'Mom looked like an angel Sam, like she was glowing or something and Dad just looked like Goofy.'

'Ah De-Dean hurts.'

'I know kiddo but don't worry coz Dad is gonna find us I know it. After all he is a great hunter.'

'I-I'm sorry D-Dean.'

'What for?'

'If, if I didn't t-take s-so long we m-might've gotten out in t-t-time.'

'Hey Sammy no it's not your fault, that fucking ghost did this not you.'

'K-kinda l-like m-my first hunt huh?' Sam tried to smile 'b-but Dad's not here.'

'Hey don't worry Sammy, he'll be here soon.'

'C-cold Dee.'

'I know Sammy so am I but we're going to be okay.'

'Wanna g-go s-sleep.' Sam whispered as his eyes slid shut and his head lolled to the side.

'Sammy?' Dean cried out shaking his brother's shoulder but Sam didn't wake a tiny trickle of blood made its way out of the corner of his mouth. 'Oh God Sammy.'


John glared at the park ranger, making the younger man take a deep breath and unconsciously stepped back. 'My sons are trapped in this cave.'

'I know Sir but until we get help then there is nothing I can do.' The ranger repeated, 'help is on the way you just have to be patient.'

'Patient? Patient? You expect me to be patient when my sons, my only children, are trapped in a cave and I have no idea if they are ... hurt.'

'Mister Winchester, Sir I understand your concern I do but ...'

'But nothing, how old are you anyway?'

'I am twenty-two Sir.' The young ranger replied indignantly.

'Do you have any children?'

'N-no Sir I don't but ...'

'Then until you do don't you dare tell me that you understand my concern.' John snarled turning to face the cave entrance, 'my babies are in there, trapped and possibly hurt you have no freaking clue Ranger Morris.'

'Mister Winchester we will have a search and rescue team here in the next half hour, they are on their way, unfortunately this is one of the more remote hiking trails and it is harder to...'

'We got through fine Ranger Morris.' John snarled returning his sole attention back on the younger man. 'Now you can either come with me or you can wait for your search and rescue team I am going in.'

'Mister Winchester I cannot guarantee your safety.' Martin Morris called after John watching him disappear into the cave, swearing under his breath the ranger picked up his pack and hurried after the distraught father and angry hunter. Halfway into the cave they found the cave in, the dirt, rocks and rubble packed firmly into the opening.

'Dean! Sam!' John called scrambling at the rocks, trying to pull them away, 'Dean! Sam!' He hesitated when he felt someone next to him, glancing over he saw the pale but determined face of the young park ranger, nodding silently John returned to the laborious task of digging through the blockage.

'Dean! Sam!' John yelled again, his voice hoarse and cracked, dust coated his mouth and throat making him feel queasy and thirsty. Stopping suddenly he turned to the packs and pulled out two bottles of water, tossing one at Morris, John gulped down the cool liquid before returning to his task. 'Dean!'

'Dad?' the reply was faint but clear and John nearly sobbed for joy, 'hang on son we're coming.'

'Mister Winchester ... John!' Morris pointed to a gaseous presence hovering above them, 'what is it?'


'Hear that Sammy, Dad's digging us out.' Dean cried, tears fell down his face but he ignored them as he cradled Sam's head on his lap.

'Daddy?' Sam croaked blinking up at Dean he gave him a wan smile before letting his eyes slide shut again.

'Yeah Sammy Daddy is coming, goofy Daddy is on his way.' Dean whispered resting his aching head against the rock wall. 'Hang in there Sammy, just hang...' Dean's head dropped forward his chin resting on his chest as unconsciousness finally claimed him.


'Fuck.' John grumbled reaching around for his pack he pulled out the shotgun loaded with rock salt and aimed at the ghost, 'what did you do to my boys.' He snarled as he fired hitting the spectre directly. The blast shook the loose rocks slightly but that was all, the ghost for now had disappeared giving them time to finish their digging.

Voices filled the cavern as the rescue team arrived and wanted to take over, one look from both men stopped them and silenced their voices. John and Martin were too close now to give up on the boys.

'Dean!' John yelled and waited but this time there was no reply. 'No, no, no.' He muttered digging faster, 'they are not dead.'

'John ... John your hands.' Martin pointed at John's bleeding and torn hands, 'here use this.' He passed him a small shovel and smiled grimly, 'we'll get em out.'

An hour later the rocks shifted and fell away exposing a small hole in the blockage, heartened by it, the rescue workers helped John and Martin finish shoring the gap and waited with baited breath as the determined father went in search of his missing children.

'Dean? Sam?' John called as he crawled through the opening.

'Daddy?' Sam's weak whisper reached his father's ears, 'Daddy ... D-Dean's ...' Sam started coughing stopping the words in his throat.

'Easy Sammy I've got you.' John said reaching his sons' sides.

'C-cold D-Daddy.' Sam whispered 'm-my l-legs d-don't.'

'Sh it's okay I'm gonna get you out of here.'

'N-no ... Dean, help Dean.' Sam protested coughing up more blood.

John focused on his eldest son's face, his dirty and tear-streaked cheeks, dried blood caked on his forehead and snaking down his neck in a semi-dry stream, the awkward angle of his left arm and the swelling but it was the sight of his son's clutching each other's hands tightly.

'John?' Martin Morris laid a gentle hand on John's shoulder, 'we're ready.' John nodded numbly as he shook himself out of his reverie and gently lifted his baby out of his eldest son's arms.

'Sam's complaining of his legs he said that they don't?'

Martin nodded and carefully took the child from him passing him through the opening to where the rescue team waited with stretchers then he turned back to watch John with his eldest son.

'Dean?' John tapped Dean's cheek and tried to rouse the teenager, 'son?'

'Hey Dad ... what time is it?'

'You okay Son?'

'Yeah ... Sammy? Where's Sammy?' Dean sat up and stared around panicking.

'He's fine we got him Dean, now it's your turn.' John said gently, 'ready?'

'Always Dad ... hey Dad?'

'Yeah Dean?'

'Ya know you look like Goofy?' Dean giggled before he slumped against his father unconscious but alive.


Martin knocked on the door and waited just inside the room until John acknowledged him. Seated between the two hospital beds sat the man with bandaged hands and a big goofy grin on his face.

'Come on in Martin and meet my boys.' John said, 'Dean, Sam this is the ranger who helped dig the two of you out.'

'Hey Ranger.' Dean grinned, his face pale under the swathe of bandaging around his head, a heavy cast engulfed his entire left arm and caught in a traction machine but he looked and felt good.

'Hey.' Sam whispered hoarsely his thin face still too pale and gaunt, 'thanks Ranger.'

'My pleasure guys so how are the two of you going?'

'Fine if you can say that trapped in traction.' Dean grumbled, 'but hey the nurses are pretty hot.'

Sam rolled his eyes and turned his face away from the others as tears threatened to spill. John watched his youngest son and then looked up at the confused look on the face of the park ranger. 'We're waiting on Sam's scan and test results.' John said his voice thick with unshed tears, 'the doctors are not sure if ... if he'll walk again.'

'Oh God, Sam I am so sorry.' Martin said sincerely.

Sam turned back with a tremulous smile, 'it's okay honestly.' He whispered before returning his gaze to the window and life outside the hospital.


Two weeks after their rescue Sam and Dean bickered constantly after spending the entire time trapped in the same room with each other. The nurses did their best to alleviate their boredom and tendency to annoy the hell out of each other but the only one who could bring about a modicum of control was their father John.

'John, Sam and Dean how are we all today?' asked the boys' doctor as he strode into the room and peered at them over the rim of his half-frame glasses.

'Hey Doctor Simpson I think you had better give Sam a personality transplant.' Dean greeted the doctor.

'Yeah well a brain transplant won't help you.' Sam shot back.

'Boys!' Their father barked instantly silencing them, 'so Doctor Simpson what's the verdict?'

'The swelling has dramatically reduced,' the doctor explained as he lifted the bottom edge of Sam's blankets exposing his feet, 'Sam can you try to move your left foot for me?'

Sam frowned and concentrated on wriggling his toes, a small smile of accomplishment danced on his lips when he felt the tiny movement. 'I did it.' He breathed out in shock.

'Excellent now how about the other one?' The doctor smiled at his patient and waited expectantly, 'very good Sam you moved your toes on both feet.'

'Doctor does this mean?'

'Well we're along way from total recovery but yes it looks good, I would like to give a guarded prognosis of complete recovery.'

'Thanks Doc.' Sam smiled shyly at the doctor and then he turned his face towards his father and brother, 'Dad?'

'I am so proud of you Sammy.' John said thickly ruffling his son's hair.

'Same here kiddo.' Dean chimed in proudly, 'but then again with a brother like me what else can you expect?'


John pulled the impala up to the front of the hospital and hurried inside to find his two sons, hoping that they hadn't killed each other while they waited for him. A smile fixed on his lips and reflected in his eyes when he saw them waiting for him, Dean with his arm firmly tucked in a sling the heavy cast cumbersome but not for much longer and his baby boy, propped up on crutches, a walking, talking miracle the doctors declared.

His boys, Mary's boys, Winchesters through and through, they survived a cave in, life threatening injuries and a threat of permanent incapacity couldn't keep the two of them down for long.

'Hey Dad, so where we going?'

'Well I have rented an apartment nearby so Sam can go to school and attend his physiotherapy sessions here and so they can keep an eye on your arm when it comes out of the plaster.'

'What about the ghost in the cave?' Sam asked as he handed his Dad the crutches while he settled in the backseat of the impala.

'As soon as the two of you can handle it physically we're doing a good old fashioned salt and burn.' John said sliding in behind the wheel, he glanced at his eldest riding shotgun and then at his baby directly behind him, 'they have roped off the area since the cave in so no more hauntings have been reported. We know that the ghost's remains are in that cave so ... I thought that Sam might like to do his first salt and burn.'

'Thanks Dad.' Sam smiled as he settled back, finally he was gonna do something with his father and brother. Maybe his Dad will start letting him go on the hunts properly now as a participant and not an observer now he has his first major hunting injury racked up. Just maybe one day soon.