Cave In.

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Author's note: My first Weechester story, so we'll see how it goes. Sam is 12 and Dean is 16.

Author's note 2: This is it for now, and yes there will be a sequel I promise not to leave you hanging... and you are gonna have to read the chapter to find out what I meant by that! Mmmwhahahaha


Sam sat quietly on the front veranda watching with detached interest as the new puppy did his damnedest to amuse his new playmate. Sighing heavily Sam pulled himself up and limped back up the steps and inside Ranger racing to beat the boy into the house. 'Hey Pastor Jim.' Sam smiled softly and carefully lowered himself into the armchair, 'where's Dean?'

'He went into town for a few things for me.' Jim replied without looking at his young charge.

'He's gone to find out more about Dad's disappearance isn't he.' Sam said with a directness that belies his youth.

'Sam believe me Dean went to do a few jobs for me, the two of you are eating me out of house and home.'

'Yeah okay.' Sam sighed again and picked up his book, 'might read for a while, I'm kinda tired.'


'Yes Sir?' Sam blinked as he looked up at the kindly cleric, 'is there something wrong?'

'Sam you know that your Dad was on his way back here don't you?'

'Yeah, I know when Bobby took Dean to the motel ... he told me that it was not far from here.'


'And that he had written about getting us back in his journal.' Sam admitted tonelessly.

'Then what is it?'

'Whatcha mean Pastor?'

'I know you are worried about your Dad but is there something else?'

'Nope, guess not.' Sam said so quietly that Jim had to lean closer to hear him, 'just my birthday on Saturday.'

'Oh Sammy.' Jim wanted to weep for the child, he had been through so much recently and now he faced his birthday knowing that someone took his daddy and no one knows why or by whom.

'It's okay Pastor Jim I'll be thirteen, a big kid guess I gotta suck it up and be grown up bout it.'

'No Sam that's not it at all.' Jim said realising now why Dean was so insistent in going to town on his own this morning. 'Dean, Ranger and me will make sure that you have a great thirteenth birthday and when your Dad comes back we'll have another celebration.'

'Doesn't matter Pastor.' Sam got up with his book, he gave the cleric a small smile and limped out the back with Ranger in tow, heading towards the sanctuary of the church.

'Yes it does Sam, yes it does.' Jim muttered picking up his phone he rang Bobby, needing to find out what is going on with the search for John Winchester.

'Hello Bobby?'

'Hey Preacher man how's it goin' with those two tearaways?'

'Fine, they are hanging in there.'

'What's up Preacher?'

'Any news on finding John?'

'Ah yeah there is but it's not good news Jim.'

Jim sighed audibly and sat down rubbing at his throbbing forehead, 'what is it Bobby?'

'Definitely supernatural, sulphur traces led us to a warehouse about an hour out of Blue Earth. We missed them by hours.'

'What do you think they are?'

'High level demons, they are shifting him around regularly something is hinkey Preacher I can tell ya that.'

'What aren't you telling me Bobby?'

'I have a feeling that one of the demons is the one that John has been searching for and if it aint then it is one of the lackeys.'

'Oh dear ... Bobby where are you going from here?'

'I'm staying put for the next two days while I wait for Joshua and Caleb then we're picking up the trail again, someone pretty important is pulling the strings here Preacher I'm not sure what kind of condition we're gonna find him in.'

'I was hoping for better news.'

'What is it Preacher? The boys? Sam?'

'It's Sam's birthday on Saturday and he's taking his Dad's disappearance pretty badly.'

'Ah shit Preacher I forgot the date.'

'Don't be hard on yourself Bobby I think we all did, well except for Dean he left to go into town this morning and I have a feeling that he is planning something.'

'Dang it all Preacher can Sammy take a break?'

'He is healing that is one good thing Bobby, he doesn't wear his brace anymore and he ditched the chair the day after we arrived. He's walking not perfectly but getting better all the time.'

'Good to hear, well you can guarantee that me, Josh and Caleb will be there for his birthday and hopefully we'll have his father too.'

'Please God that will happen, ah Dean's back I had better go keep in touch Bobby.'

'You too Preacher.'

Jim hung up just as Dean burst in through the front door, his eyes roaming over the hallway and living room, 'where's Sammy Pastor Jim?'

'He's in the church with Ranger.' Jim smiled at the teenager, 'and please Dean call me Jim.'

'Or Grandpa?' Dean grinned and produced the package he had hidden in his jacket pocket, 'I got this for his birthday do you think he'll like it?'

Jim opened the box to find a silver hunting knife with a carved wooden hilt, Sam's initials and birth date carved into the polished wood. 'Dean it's beautiful.'

'I was thirteen when I got my first ... I figured Sammy deserves his.'

'Yes he does.' Jim smiled at the boy, 'it is a fine knife Dean.'

'Oh and I got him the next Lord of the Rings book, dunno much about it but he wants it.'

'You are a good brother Dean don't anyone ever let you think otherwise.'

'Thanks Past ... thanks Jim.' Dean blushed and ducked his head, 'I had better hide these before Sammy gets wind of them, he's like a dog searching for a bone otherwise.'

'Bobby, Caleb and Joshua are coming in on Saturday, they're hoping to well they are hoping.'

'Any news at all Jim?'

'They know it's demons and they are close behind them.'

'Dad?' Sam's voice came from behind them, turning around Jim saw the boy standing in the kitchen doorway, 'you're talking about Dad?'

'They're getting closer Sammy, Bobby and the guys.' Dean said forcing himself to sound optimistic, 'won't be much longer now.'

'Oh okay.' Sam shrugged and limped towards the living room, 'is it okay if I watch TV for a while I'm tired.'

'Yes sure Sam that's fine.' Jim said frowning slightly, 'are you in pain Sam?'

'A little I guess.' Sam shrugged, 'my back hurts a bit.'

'How's about I go and get rid of my jacket and stuff and come down to give you a back rub?' Dean offered widening his grin.

'Yeah sure thanks Dean.' Sam gave him a grateful smile and limped into the living room.

Jim checked the boys after finishing work on the sermon for Sunday, both of them were sound asleep curled together on the couch. Dean held Sam safely in his arms, and even in sleep, he had a protective stance. They looked so innocent and yet so hardened for children their age, Sam should be playing soccer and Dean planning who he's taking to the prom and hanging with his friends. Not supporting each other and hunting things that kids should not know exist.

The shrill ringing of his phone caused the cleric to jump startled and he hurried to answer it. 'Hello?'

'Preacher it's me Bobby.'

'What's wrong?'

'Where's the boys?'

'Asleep what's wrong Bobby?'

'We found John.'

'Oh my ... what is it Bobby?'

'It aint good, damn it Preacher and I aint apologising for cussing either, what they ... the boys can't see him like this.'

'Bobby I have to say something.'

'No, no you can't, damn it Preacher we dunno if he's gonna make it through the night let alone past that.'

'Just how?'

'He's in a medically induced coma, they tortured him, he has so many broken bones, his face has been ... we could hardly recognise him ... Jim please don't ya tell those boys yet, wait and see what happens with him.'

'Alright, did you get the demons?'

'One of em, the other is on the loose and that's the other reason why I'm ringing, Jim you gotta get those boys outta there.'

'What aren't you telling me?'

'What we got from the one we dusted, they're after the boys now, they want to kill Dean and take Sam.'

'Oh my Lord help us.' Jim breathed in shock, 'where can I take them?'

'Joshua's cabin, we'll meet you there for Sam's birthday and can plan the rest from there can you get someone to take over at the church?'

'Yes, yes don't worry Bobby, we'll see you at the cabin Friday night.'

'Thanks Jim.'

'I'll pray for him, for all of us Bobby.' Jim hung up and wiped his face before turning his attention back to the boys.

'They found Dad didn't they?' Dean asked his voice barely above a whisper as he slipped out from behind Sam's still sleeping form and followed the preacher into the kitchen. 'Jim?'

'They ... they found one of the demons, we have to move Dean.'

'Why what's going on?'

'They want to get you boys next, kill you and take Sammy.'

'What about Dad Jim?' Dean's face remained impassive as he stared down at Pastor Jim, 'please don't lie to me.'

'It's not good Dean.' Jim started sitting down heavily on a kitchen chair he held his head in his hands for a few minutes to clear his thoughts.

'Dad's dead isn't he?'

'No, no he's not dead.'


'He's seriously, critically injured Dean they don't know if...'

'If he'll live?'

'Yes son, they don't know if he'll see the night through.'

'Where is he?'

'I honestly don't know and I think for the moment it is for the best that none of us do.'


'Coz they'll be watching for you and Sammy to turn up.'

'Dean?' Sam's sleepy voice called from the living room, 'Dean where you?'

'Right here Sammy?'

'My back hurts.' Sam whimpered, 'Deanie?'

'Coming Sammy.' Dean got up and looked at Jim Murphy, 'this aint over Pastor Jim.'

'I know son, it is just time to regroup.'

'Yeah it is, but the first priority is Sam.' Dean stalked into the living room leaving the stunned pastor sitting in the kitchen. Jim blinked and shook his head, he just caught a glimpse of the adult Dean.

Sequel will be coming in the not so distant future!!