Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon. Nintendo does, however. Not that you don't know this, of course. If I owned pokemon, there would be more legendaries, pokemon would be easier to catch, you would not have to go to a special pokemon party in Japan to get Mew, and the pokemon would be either total crack, stupid-looking, or look so cool they actually looked idiotic. Anyway, let's get to what you really came here for.

"Despite the exploration team's best efforts, however, the rare, oddly colored pokemon eluded detection. The rumored red gyarados failed to appear, even fleetingly, to the crestfallen team…" said the TV. "That concludes our special report, 'Search for the Red Gyarados!'" Elliot got up off his peach colored, pink-trimmed rug (part of his mother's inscrutable decorating scheme) and turned the TV off. He had just been watching one of his favorite TV shows. Elliot had always been interested in rare, unknown pokemon, and tuned in every week to watch another search attempt, unbothered that they nearly always ended with no discovery. He walked over the dark colored wood of his floor, pacing in excitement. He looked at the large bonsai in the corner, one of his mother's many plants that dotted the house, then turned and started back, eyes catching on his wii console by the TV, wii remote sitting ready next to it with a worn strap, then his computer, with the start of a school report on it. He could make out the words as he approached.

Pokemon Basics, read his title. People live alongside pokemon in this world. The people who battle pokemon are called pokemon trainers. That was as far as he'd gotten.

He felt antsy and decided to head out. As he walked downstairs, he glanced at a little paper he had hung on the wall.

"The X button opens the menu!" was written on it. Elliot had hung it there to make him laugh every morning. It was a quote from a video game NPC. Elliot thought it was funny to have something like that in real life. When he reached the bottom of the stairs, his mom ran over to him.

"Huh? What is it, Mom?"

"Tom came calling for you a little while ago. I don't know what it was about, but he said it was an emergency," she said.

"Yeah, that's Tom all right," said Elliot, smiling. His mom smiled back. Elliot's mom had dark blue-green hair, with a small pink hairclip in it. Before he left, Elliot headed into the kitchen to grab a snack. The kitchen was spotless, and was so shiny you could see your face in the floor. Mom liked to try and keep it that way. Mom's favorite dessert, custard pie, was in the fridge, as well. Elliot left that alone.

"Don't keep him waiting!" she said.

Elliot nodded and started to the door. As Elliot was about to leave, his mom called him.

"Elliot, don't go in the tall grass. Wild pokemon might fight you. It would be okay if you had your own pokemon, but you don't, so…" Elliot nodded.

"I know, mom. I'll be careful." Elliot said as he walked out the door.

Next to his house was a red mailbox with a painted ceramic sign attached, written by Elliot when he was younger, saying "Elliot's house." The house itself was two stories high, with a green roof. Tom's house, a little ways off, looked the same, right down to a similar sign under the mailbox. They'd both made them in crafts at school. Right as Elliot reached the front door of Tom's house, it was yanked open and Tom came rocketing out to crash into Elliot.

"What was that about?! Oh, hey Elliot! Hey, I'm going down to the lake! You come too, and be quick about it! Okay, Elliot? I'm fining you 1 million pen if you're late!" Tom said to Elliot.

"Whoa, Tom, wait-" Elliot started to say, but Tom was already taking off. He stopped suddenly, shouted "Oh jeez! Forgot something!" then turned around and ran back in the house. Elliot sighed and walked in after him. Tom's mother turned to look at him.

"Oh, hi, Elliot. Are you looking for Tom? He was gone for a second, but then he came running back here. He just can't sit still, that boy. I wonder who he takes after?" she said.

Elliot shrugged and walked up the steps to Tom's room. Tom's house was much like Elliot's, with bonsai in the corners and a peach-colored rug in the center. Up in Tom's room, Tom was looking through his things.

"…I'd better take my bag and journal, too…" Elliot heard him saying. Tom noticed him and turned to look at him. "Oh, hey, Elliot? We're going to the lake! I'll be waiting on the road! It's a 10 million pen fine if you're late!" Tom zoomed past Elliot and down the stairs.

"Hey, wait up!" Elliot said. But Tom was already out of the house. Elliot sighed and looked around. Tom's room looked very much like his own, right down to having a document open on the computer screen. Tom seemed to have some sort of videogame walkthrough up rather than a report, though, as it said Adventure Rule No. 1 The X button opens the menu. Adventure Rule No. 2 Record your progress with SAVE. It looked like it was a walkthrough for the same game Elliot had the quote from. Hadn't Tom played it before? It must have been his first time. He couldn't stay long, though. Elliot went downstairs. Tom's mom turned to him again.

"That kid rocketed off again like usual. I'd guess he would be on Route 201 by now." She said.

"Yeah," Elliot commented before opening the door.

Right at the edge of Twinleaf before Route 201 began, Matt, another of Elliot's friends, came up to Elliot and said,

"Hiya, Elliot. You're looking for Tom?"

"Yeah. He said he was going to Route 201." Elliot replied.

"Well, he just went tearing off a little while ago. He's probably not gone too far. Why not go chase after him?"

"I guess I'll have to," Elliot said as he ran over the grass to Route 201. Tom was waiting there for him, for once.

"Hey, you saw that news report that was on TV, right? You know, 'Search for the Red Gyarados, the mysterious appearance of a furious pokemon in a lake!' That show got me to thinking. I'll bet our local lake has a pokemon like that in it, too! So that's what we're gonna do. We'll go find a pokemon like that." Tom said, grinning.

"Whoa, wait, Tom. Those guys were looking because there were reports of one there, and even then they couldn't find it. Besides, those guys were trained experts!" Elliot said.

As if he hadn't heard, Tom shouted, "All right, then! Let's move out! Hustle up!" Tom did that a lot.

Tom rocketed off once again, leaving Elliot far behind. Elliot walked a bit further up the path, where it split into two directions, the one on the left leading to Lake Verity. Annoyed at Tom, he started down the right path, but hadn't gotten far before he was confronted by a large patch of tall grass that covered the whole of the path. He could almost hear his mother's voice saying "Elliot, don't go in the tall grass. Wild pokemon might fight you. It would be okay if you had your own pokemon, but you don't, so…" After a moment of thought, Elliot turned back and started down the left path to follow Tom.

Elliot met up with Tom at the sign for Lake Verity, where there was a gap in the normally tightly packed trees allowing for a path beneath their branches. The sign read simply "Lake Verity – Lake of Emotions".

"All right! To the lake!" shouted Tom, seeing him approach. "Let's find us a red gyarados!"

Tom happily went further on the path into Lake Verity. As soon as he'd taken a few steps, he said,

"What's going on…?"

"Huh? Tom, let me see." Elliot said. Tom moved aside.

Near the shore of the lake was a man with a bit messy, long silver hair–which reminded Elliot slightly of Sephiroth, the FFVII villain–standing next to a teenage girl with a white hat. They were standing fearlessly in some tall grass, and Elliot wondered if they were trainers.

Elliot could just barely hear them speaking. "Professor, there isn't anything out of the ordinary on the other side, either!" the girl said. What were they talking about? Elliot leaned a little further to catch their words.

"Hmm…" said the professor, staring out over the water. "I may have been mistaken…something appears to be different then it was before, but…Fine! It's enough that we have seen the lake." He turned to the girl. "Dawn, we're leaving," he said curtly. As the professor turned to leave, Dawn turned to him and asked,

"Professor, how are you enjoying being back in Sinnoh? After being away for four years, it must be exciting again?"

The professor hesitated a moment before replying.

"…Hmm. There is one thing I can say. There are many rare kinds of pokemon in Sinnoh. The region should serve us well in regards to our studies."

The professor and Dawn walked up to Elliot and Tom, still standing in the middle of the pathway out.

"Excuse me, let us pass, please," the professor said.

"Uh, yes, sir," Elliot said, stepping aside. The professor and Dawn walked back toward Route 201.

"What was that about? These two…" Tom said as soon as they were out of earshot. He turned back to the lake, toward the place where the professor was standing. "Huh? Elliot, let's go check this out!"

"No! Wait! My mom said not to go into tall grass!" Elliot cried out.

"But…wait, I mean my mom, you know, I…She says…"

"What's that? Don't go into the tall grass? No problem, no problem!" Tom said, smiling confidently. "We won't be in there long enough for a wild pokemon to come out."

"Okay…" Elliot said uncertainly.

They walked up to where the professor was standing. It looked like he had dropped his briefcase.

"It's…a briefcase?" Tom said, picking it up. "Those people forgot it here. What are we supposed to do with it? We can try to deliver it, but who are they? I heard them say 'professor'…"

They stood there another second, and suddenly two large grey and white birds came flying out at them from the trees.

"Waaa! P-pokemon?!" Tom yelled.

"They look like starly! I told you this was a bad idea!" Elliot yelled back.

Startled, Tom dropped the briefcase and it popped open. There were many papers in it, as well as three pokeballs that rolled about inside from the drop.

"Look!" said Tom. "These are pokeballs! Let's battle using these!"

Author's Note: I am actually not replaying the game to write this story. Yes, this is my first playthrough, so no spoilers please. Tell me what you think of the story. Almost all NPC dialogue is taken directly from the game, with a few slightly edited.