Hey Guys guess what!?

Bumblebee: Your getting a brain transplant congraulations!


Bumblebee:Hey...Hey Ratchet are you done developing that Asprin?...no? Damn, hey SAm don't you have a date tonight with Mikeala?

Sam: Um no,

Bumblebee: Need a lift to Miles?

Sam: Miles is in washinton Bee remember

Bumblebee: Damn family vactions. wait what about to the mall? buger king? that store with all the-

Sam: Bumblebee! No, Stop being such a baby, it's just Misfits

Bumblebee: But!

Ironhide: Bee, It's just Misfits, she's mature.

Misfits: No I'm not. If I was mature I'd beable to say the word ball without thinking dirty,

Ironhide: Hey 'Fits : Ball Bearings

Misfits: . Gck..erk...DAMN YOU IRONHIDE!

Ironhide: Ahahahahaha! I gotcha agian!

Ratchet : 'Hideare you making fun of Misfits Hormone issues agian? which word'd you use this time?

Irohide: Ball Bearings

Ratchet: OH! Good one, try Nuts and Bolts next time.

Alright so anyway here are my Neomovieverse condtions

1). Misfits and BB are friends, Simmons is the guy who hate fits because she gangs up with Bumblebee to dump whatever bodily fuilds Bumblebee has on Mr. Simmons and Mr. Banachek. Why? Because I like the Lubricating thing BB did in the Movie, It was envitable. and i wish there were more funny pic's of BB doing that on Dev.Art.

2). BB either sleeps in the garage or lays out on Sams driveway

3). Ironhide lives with Capt. Lennnox and his family, Prime is out on a Roadtrip around america, Ratchet works as an abulance at Traquiltys Hosptial, and Jazz is alive and is in New York.

4). Misfits lives with BB in a Tree house behide the Garage, where she monitors for signs of Baracade and Frenzy.

Bumblebee: Are you done yet?


5). Misfits thinks Frenzy looks like a chicken/bug. so she calls him a cockbug.

6). Misfits is learning french.

7). BB snores and it sounds like a Bee

8). Bumblebee speeks Minicon. so - and - mean minicon speaking

9). Ratchet helps Misfits with French and he also helps Miles and Sam with Spanish

Un Devoir

I love my French class, it's so much fun learning a new language! so I gave it To Misfits. I get confused looks from my dad when i say stuff in french. it's funny.

Cookies and Chibi Bumblebee hugs to people who can tell me what's being said

Summary : Ratchet helps Misfits review for an oral Exam in French.

Also this was how I studyed for my exam, i actually wrote this story to become familar with the words.

Okay so there I'm done Go on Bumblebee what were you going to say to the nice people?

Bumblebee: Um? have a nice day? Bzz bzzz?

Bzz bzzz?

Bumblebee: What?

Nothing just say the disclamer

Bumblebee: Misfits owns nothing but chibis the Tree house, and the little red bag of goodies

"Alright Misfits, let's begin.," Ratchet huffed-slash-sighed while he sat down on the grass outside of the Hospital, with a rather large sheet of white paper in his hand. Bumblebee, Sam and Miles watched while eating an afternoon snack of Burger king, and a giant soda cans of oil for Bumblebee and energon for Ratchet, Who had been kind enough to help the three teens with their foregn languages

Misfits simply looked up at Ratchet with an expression that reminded him of Mojo.He swore she was wiggling her aft side to side as though she had a tail.She never found homework to be boring, unlike Sam and Miles.

" Bonjour Mademoiselle Misfits, ah, Qu'est-ce?" Ratchet started off pointing to Bumblebee.

" Bonjour Monsieur Ratchet, Qui ça?" Misfits looked confused, Ratchet pointed urgently agian at Bumblebee.

" Qu'est-ce? Qu'est-ce?"

Misfits looked at Bumblebee, and also pointed to him " Ah! C'est Monsieur Bumblebee, Bonjour Monsieur Bumblebee Ça Va?!"

Bumblebee - who was also helping with French study- " Salut Mademoiselle Misfits, Ça va bien. Et toi?"

Misfits thought, a lightblub blinked on, " Pas mal merci Monsieur Bumblebee Au revoir Monsieur Bumblebee! Au revoir Monsieur Ratchet."

Ratchet nodded approvingly, it took her fifty times to get that conversation down, "Bien Misfits, now recite the french alphabet,"

"Do I have to sing the funny song from class?"

"No, please don't, for the love of Primus, Please don't."

"darn, I like singing the funny French verson."

"Come on Misfits your on a roll," Ratchet urged

( A/N : These are the Pronouncations)

"Ah, Bay, Say, Day, euh, ef,jzhay, ah-sh, E, jzhE, kah,el, em, en, oh, pay, ku, air-"

"Air, Misfits, Air, use your nose a bit you had it yesterday."



"Air, es, tay, u, vay, Doo-ble vay,"

Bumblebee, Sam and Miles snickered at W, Ratchet shot them a look, which didn't really help.it could have been worse, Ironhide could have been present.

"Eeks, E/ Grek, zed. Ta-Ta?"

"Ah, ah, ah, Misfits you still have one more verse," Ratchet wagged his finger at Misfits. This was much, much, much easier than when he was doing this with Ironhide near them.Or Jazz as well now that Ratchet thought about it.

"Arrgh I hate that one!"

"Come on, say it,"


"Quel Bonheur le sais l' alphabet par coeur!!!" Ratchet motioned for her to repeat after him. he said it a bit too fast though, just like Misfits's French teacher, altough usually she would say it part by part then fast.

( A/N; Bounus cookies and hugs to those who know this one.)

"Quel Bonhuer... Le sais...l' Alphabet...par coeur... Quel Bonhuer Le sais l' Alphabet Par coeur!!!"

"Bien, bien, bien! " Ratchet clapped for Misfits, this was definitely easier than when Ironhide was with them.

"Very good Misfits, your going to ace this oral exam! now, Bumblebee get out the objects, bien, "

Bumblebee started removing random objects that applied to Misfits review sheet from her little red bag that always had everything they needed, lying them in a line in front of himself, while Ratchet did a bit more review on words Misfits had already mastered

"A demain." Ratchet motioned agian

"A Demain,"

"Bien, ah, A tout à l'heure,"

"A tout à l'heure,"

"Ah, lets see if I can't slip you up, Tout le monde,"

" A Tout à-" she caught herself" tout le monde, nice try Ratch'"

"Bien, Bumblebee everything set up?" Bee nodded " Bien, Bien, bien, Qu'est-ce que c'est? Qu'est-ce que c'est? " Ratchet pointed to the chair,

"C'est une chaise,"

"bien, Qu'est-ce que c'est? " This time he pointed to the pen on the table Bumblebee had put out for things that were small,

" C'est un Stylo,"

"bien bien, ah, Qu'est-ce que c'est? " he pointed to a calculator

"c'est une calculatrice?"

"Qu'est-ce que c'est? " A book,

"C'est livre,"

"bien now try this, Qu'est-ce que c'est? " he pointed to a diffrent book

"C'est livre monsiuer Ratchet," she looked at him confused.

"Ah ah ah, no thats another book,"

"Ah! c'est autre livre!"

"Bien!Qu'est-ce que c'est? " he pointed to Sam's backpack

"c'est un sac à dos"

more laughter but not as bad as with doo-ble vay.

"Bien Qu'est-ce que c'est? " he pointed to Miles's backpack

"ahhh, c'est un autre sac à dos!"

"bien, Qu'est-ce que c'est?" Now Ratchet pointed to a sheet of paper,

misfits gave the paper a look of disgust, indicating to Ratchet that this was one she was struggling with. Bingo. he pointed to the paper agian more ugrently "Qu'est-ce que c'est? Qu'est-ce que c'est?"

" c'est Une fe.."

"Ah ah, not fe as in female, you know this, feuuu like fur-ious try that,"

"Une Feuille de papier?"

Bumblebee landed on the ground along with Sam and Miles, laughing like idoits Ratchet growled, " Shut up all of you! for Primus's sake you don't see her laughing at your Spanish lessons!"

Bumblebee straighted upright for monsiuer cranky pants, he laughed to himself at the thought. Sam and Miles however continued like all teenage boys do.

"Yarrrggh! Shut up!!!" Ratchet stomped the ground to get the boys attention, and this thankfully worked, " You'll distract Misfits! it's hard enough keeping her attention without you immature males laughing like hyenas in the background!" he turned to Misfits sighing like a very patient father " I'm sorry Misfits,your doing very very very well today,"

"merci!" Misfits smiled, trying hard to give Ratchet her full attention, but like Ratchet said, it was hard with the boys laughing. but well worth it.

"Lets continue, Qu'est-ce que c'est?" Ratchet weairly pointed to a sheet of computor paper,

" c'est Une Autre Feuille de papier,"

"bien, okay few more, and then the boys with spanish, just be glad Ironhide isn't here,"


"Qu'est-ce que c'est?" He pointed to the sheet of paper in his hand,

"C'est Une Autre feuil-"

Ratchet shook his head, " No, yes it is another sheet of paper, but not the answer i'm looking for, Qu'est-ce que c'est?"

Misfits thought hard, and then she had another lightbulb momment, " Ah Ah Ah! I got it! C'est Un Devoir!"

"Bien, okay one more, Qu'est-ce que c'est?" he pointed to the table the things were on,

"Un bureau,"

"Bien Misfits, very good, this is mush better then teaching spanish to a bunch of hyenas and a very stubborn-"

"Hey y'all,"

" 'Sup?"

"Bonjour Monsieur Ironhide, Bonjour Monsieur Jazz! ça va?" Misfits greeted with hug to the legs of her friends

"Ass... in the background... and a loud mouth macaw Slaggit," Ratchet muttered and crumbled up the sheet that was for the boys and threw it over his head.