Okay heres Un Devoir the Prequel! DUN DUN DA!

When School started that year, Misfits would be taking french,

Simple no?

Of course with giant Alien robots that downloaded everything on the internet in a millisecond and knew every language on earth for friends of course Misfits went to one for homework help, unfortunately there were only two currently living in traquility, one in a town that was about two hours away from Traquility, then other somewhere out in the wild America and the other living in New York for purposes that were his own.

So technically she only had three possiblitys available to her possibly four

Jazz over the phone?

no,the whole conversation sounded like this

MISFITS: "Hey Jazz Look I"

JAZZ: "Misfits! Hey 'Lil lady wha's in? Wha's happenin'?"

MISFITS: " Nothing really Jazz I-"

JAZZ:"Oh! Listen ta dis! Did'ja hear wha' 'appened in?"

MISFITS:" Jazz,"

JAZZ:" I guess ya did, can ya believe it?! How's Bee?"

MISFITS:" Oh Bumblebee's doing well, when h-"

JAZZ: "Tha's Great! did Sam 'n' Mikeala do it in his backseat yet?"

MISFITS: " Jazz?"

JAZZ:" No not yet huh?"


JAZZ:" Hey Ya gotta tell me when they do,"

MISFITS:" I will but J-"

JAZZ:" Well, look I gotta get, theres a party downtown 'n' I'm runnin' late, ya be good a 'lil lady, tell 'em I said hi, I'll call ya back, buh bye!-clik!-"




No, he wouldn't really help because he prefered to go Stunt driving with sam afterschool but he still offered a little help when he needed the down time


Are you kidding? The response would most likely be to misfits " Homework help eh? nup, but wha' say ya an' ah go do a little Target practic out 'n th' field?"


Mm, Ratchet was perfectly bribeable with energon and oil, and besides, he got breaks right after school got out,and he really would help, at least he won't be like Perceptor back in the G1 universe and go off in a tagent on a subject that had nothing to do with the topic of conversation.

Ratchet it is then!

( Buzz Buzz Buzz)

"Hey Ratchet?" Misfits rolled a giant soda can of energon up to the medic,

Ratchet looked down at Misfits, she had energon, and when Misfits had energon that meant she had a favor to ask, or was just trying to be a good friend, after all, who was really gonna take care of them all when it came to energon or oil?

the Goverment gave them the oil they needed, but it really wasn't in a human sense of the word, tasty. Misfits's had love in it, the love of her friends, and thats what probibly did it, the Goverment probibly gave them all crap oil in hopes of making them go into starvation so they could pick them appart and use Autobot tech to 'better' mankind.

Stupid politics and their need to get into other people and alien's business

Ratchet mused.

"Hello Misfits, how was your first day of school?" Ratchet sat down in the grass of the Garden that was in the middle of the hospital. it was good to see at least one human who was here that wasn't hurt, dead, sick, in labor, or here because another one was hurt.

Misfits wiped the sweat off her forehead and dropped her backpack, on a table, " well you tell me, I get out of Bumblebee, find noone with anything in common with me, I can't get into the libarary, get picked on by that asshole Trent, go out to have lunch with Bumblebee, find that he's not there, go back, get picked on by Trent somemore, nearly get into fight with Trent - I would have won- get home, find that Bumblebee won't help me with my homework because he's gotta go stunt driving with Sam and then take them out of their date -I hope they do it in his back seat- and then walk all the way here with the can of energon for you to ask you for Homework help!!!" Misfits huffed and climbed up Ratchets foot to sit with her back agianst his foot,

Ratchet chuckled, " Not so good huh?" he didn't really need the energon, but he took it and opened it as to not add salt in Misfits's wounds her body showed signs of worry, stress and exsaustion already.

"Pleeeeeeeease help with Homework!?" she begged with her hands together and on her knees.

"Did you ask anyone else?"

"Yes! Jazz won't shut up for five seconds to ask him anything, Ironhide would rather go shoot at nothing, and Bee said no,"

Ratchet laughed, and patted Misfits on the head with a finger , " Alright Misfits, I'll help, which subjects will you need help in?"

Misfits squeeled and hugged the medic

"Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! French 1, Alebra two, chemstry one,american histroy if any, but really mostly French,"

"Alright, I'm on break for two hours,"

"two hours really? thats a lot,"

"I asked for my scheuling, they went with it,"


"So you can pretty much come here right after school with what ever homework you get,"

"Yay! that means BB can just drop me off! I'll be a good student I promise!"

Ratchet smiled, " I know you will,"