Author's notes: This is the sequel to Life's Constant Shift which is the sequel to The Strength Within. I didn't plan on making this story-line a trilogy, but eh—what are you going to do?

This story starts 9 years after the last chapter of LCS, FYI.

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Chapter 1 A New Generation

"Marco!" Roslyn shouted as she stood in the middle of the backyard.

"Polo!" shouted 4 voices from various locations.

Roslyn started running, trying to tag one of her friends, but failing again to pinpoint them. "Marco!"


Harry and Ginny sat outside with James, Lily, Silver, and Sirius sipping cold butterbeers as the kids laughed and played.

Silver and Sirius's son, Alden, was trying to avoid being tagged by Roslyn who was pretty quick for a 9-year-old with very minimal vision.

Harry had taught her well. Even Brooke worked with her sister on Braille, homework, and other things. Ginny was proud of how her family had bounced back after all they'd been through. Harry was one of the favorite Teachers at Hogwarts and had just seen his most recent round of 7th years get 'Outstanding's on their OWLs.


Harry was up in a flash when he'd heard Brooke's frantic voice. Everyone hurried over to where Roslyn was lying on the grass. Ginny knelt down and saw that her daughter's left knee was severely scraped and bloody. Roslyn was freaking out. "Mama, what's going on? Why does my leg hurt?"

Lily put a hand on her granddaughter's shoulder as Michael and Valerie came over. "Is Rosie okay, Mommy?" Michael asked, looking down at his aunt.

Ginny used a few healing spells and Roslyn's leg was good as new. But she wasn't interested in playing anymore.

Undeterred, the other kids went back to running around while Roslyn made her way inside and up to the room she shared with her twin sister, Brooke.

After a while, Roslyn decided to start on her weekend assignments for the muggle primary school she attended.


Roslyn started when she heard someone come into the room. "Who…?"

"It's Alden."

Roslyn put her book away and sat back on the bed. She couldn't really focus on her best friend, but she could see a human-like shape standing in the room. "I hate this. I can kind of make out shapes, but not really. I have to use a cane for guidance, I read by touch…"

"You're over-thinking again, Rose," Alden said, sitting next to her. "I know that you want a normal life—"

"I want it to be one way or the other," Roslyn interjected. "I don't like this middle ground. I want to either be able to see… or I want to be completely blind."

"Well, wait until you get to Hogwarts," Alden replied, shrugging. "You might change your mind."


September 1st

It was the day that Brooke had been waiting years for: When she would finally be going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Standing just before the barrier, Brooke glanced at her twin who was looking slightly twitchy. Roslyn had received dual acceptance letters: one from Hogwarts and another from Merlin's Academy for Disabled Witches and Wizards. She'd considered both options carefully before deciding on Hogwarts.

With a deep breath, Roslyn stepped forward, and through the barrier onto Platform 9 ¾ with Brooke on her heels. On the other side, the twins found Valerie and Michael waiting with Alden. Once all their luggage, except for their knapsacks, was on the train and they'd said good-bye to everyone, they all got on board the Hogwarts Express and headed down the aisle until they found an empty compartment.

Roslyn folded her cane and set it next to her bag as Alden sat next to her. "How are you feeling, Rose?"

"Scared," she replied, shrugging. "I know Daddy learned how to do magic blind… and I was born blind… but I don't know how well I'll do on the magic stuff. I'm great at potions, though."

Alden smiled at his best friend. "Hey, I'll help you through anything, Rose. Cross my heart."


It was one of the scariest moments of Roslyn's life. In a moment, she would be Sorted and officially start her life as a Hogwarts student.

Her grandfather started reading aloud the names of the first years. A few names down was: "Black, Alden."

A moment of silence, then: "Gryffindor!"

Roslyn cheered with the rest of the students and waited until… "Potter, Brooke!"

Brooke went into Hufflepuff.

Finally… "Potter, Roslyn."

Roslyn tapped her way up to the stool and sat down, James setting the Sorting Hat on her head. Instantly, she heard a voice in her mind. "Ahhh… Miss Roslyn. You wish your life was one way or the other… yet mentally you see in shades of grey."

"I'm blind," Roslyn thought, irritably. "I can't see colors."

"But you wish to prove yourself… to yourself. And for that alone do I place you in—" The whole hall heard the hat say "Gryffindor!"

Roslyn felt the hat leave her head and she head down to the Gryffindor table. As she sat next to Alden, she smiled. She was here at last.


The next morning, Roslyn met Alden and Val for breakfast at the Gryffindor table. "So what classes do we have first?" Alden asked once the Head Boy had handed them their schedules.

Alden pulled out his wand and tapped Roslyn's so that the writing went from English to Braille. "See for yourself," he said, giving her the schedule back.

Roslyn's fingers ran over the bumps and she said, "First up… Defense against the Dark Arts… Charms… History of Magic. Then lunch followed by Potions and Transfiguration." She put her schedule back in her bag and asked Val to pass the toast and sausage. "I'm kinda nervous. I've done some practice spells and I've read all my books… but doing this stuff in a classroom is far different."

"You'll do just fine," Val said, smiling at her niece. "Remember: Concentrate on the task, focus your magic, and enunciate your spells."

"If you say so," Roslyn muttered as she ate.


In Defense Against the Dark Arts, Roslyn found out right away that being the offspring of a Hogwarts teacher was going to get her very little leniency. Harry had made it clear that all students would be treated equally and fairly with no exceptions.

They started out taking notes about Dark creatures and Roslyn had to pull out one of her self-writing quills in order to copy the notes. She'd ask Alden for the spell to convert the writing to Braille later.

In Charms, Brook worked with her sister and together they both managed to levitate their feathers and lower them gently. Both received 10 points for their houses and were told to practice the spell for homework.

Once out of Charms, Alden looked at his schedule. "Next is History of Magic with Professor Malfoy."

"I like Uncle Draco," Brooke said as she walked with Roslyn and Alden.

"Yeah, but let's hope he's prone to special treatment," Alden said, as they took a shortcut up to the room. Since the three of them had practically grown up at Hogwarts when they were little, they knew almost all of the secret passages in the castle.

Once in the classroom, they found Draco Malfoy leaning back against his desk. His blonde hair was in a ponytail and he wore blue robes which matched his eyes. "Hello, Brooke, Roslyn, Alden. Take a seat and pull out your books, parchment and quills."

"We're not getting special treatment, are we?" Roslyn asked, as she grabbed one of her self-writing quills.

Draco chuckled as his nieces got their things together. "No… No special treatment. Sorry."

"Well, what about for the blind girl?" Brooke said, nodding at her twin.

Draco crossed his arms and looked at Roslyn who was reading over the first chapter of her history book. "We'll see," He replied, quickly as the rest of the class started filing in.


Hermione was doing a last minute check of her potions stores. Since Roslyn would be here this year, Hermione had made sure that all of her bottles, jars, and other containers were labeled both in English and Braille so that there wouldn't be any confusions. Not that she really worried about Roslyn since the girl was a born potions expert. Still, it was always better to be safe than sorry.

"Aunt Hermione?"

Hermione came out of the store room and heard tapping outside the classroom. Poking her head into the hallway, Hermione saw Roslyn heading down the hall. "Roslyn."

Roslyn stopped and turned around. "Um… okay, I missed it." She headed back towards her aunt's voice and after a moment, entered the Potions room. "I thought it was further down," Roslyn said as she felt for a desk in the front of the room. Sitting down she started pulling out her textbook and supplies.

"How has your first day been?" Hermione asked, perching on a corner of the table. "I notice you're here early."

"Wasn't hungry at lunch. I wanted to study," Roslyn replied.

Hermione stood up, shaking her head. Her niece studied far too hard…. Just like Hermione'd done at that age. And being blind, Roslyn was actually able to read two books at once. Smiling at Roslyn, Hermione said, "Just remember not to get so wrapped up in your studies that you ignore everything else. Like when a boy is interested in you."

Roslyn smiled. "Alden and I are best friends… just friends."

"That's what Ron and I used to say," Hermione said with a knowing smile.