Heneroshi's Island

Book 1

Cindy and Jon – the official version volume 3

Chapter 1

One stormy night, in the heart of Hamster City, there was a woman named Cynthia Anne Radiance. Her hair was as red as molten lava, her eyes were as green as emerald stones, and her face was absolutely flawless of any blemishes or acne. She was only fifteen years of age, and she was already heart broken.

Her boyfriend of two years named Jonathan said that he was going to go on a music tour and he could not take her with him. And so, she wanders the streets at night looking for love.

Tired and cold, she spotted a wooden bench by the Hamster City Common and sat down on it. She then placed her elbows on her knees and wept. She had loved Jonathan. She wanted him so very much, but she could not have him.

Beside her, there was another woman. This woman wore a pale blue gown that was made of waterproof silk. Her hair was crude oil black and it was long enough to reach her ankles. That night, this strange woman had her hair done up in a bun so it had crept down to her mid back as some of her hair could not fit into a bun or she would look like a female Frankenstein in terms of her hairstyle. Her name was Princess Heneroshi Shikoku. At this moment, Heneroshi also known as Heni was reading a book.

Hearing Cynthia's tears, the young royal peered over her shoulder to look at her wondering why in the entire universe this woman would be crying. Heni decided to quit wondering and asked her, "Excuse me, but why are you in tears? Isn't the sky doing enough of that already, shedding tears, I mean?"

Cynthia looked over her shoulder and for the first time that night, she realized that she was no longer alone. And so, Cynthia explained to Heneroshi what was going on between her and Jonathan.