Title: Smoking in the Attic

Fandom: Dead Poets Society

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: Charlie/ Knox

Warnings: None apart from slash. Don't like, don't read. Strange ways of sharing smoke.

A/N: Yeah I'm aware that Knox loves Chris, but hey who said this was about love?

Synopsis: Knox needs something to calm him down. Charlie is fed up of people taking his cigarettes.

Knox leaned back against the wooden wall. "This isn't fair Charlie. Why Chet Danburry of all people?"

They're in a small box room, where Charlie comes to smoke when the bathroom's full of prefects. It's small and confined, but at least it's private and only the porters come here- sometimes for a quick smoke themselves.

Charlie shrugged. "Like Pittsie said. All the good ones go for jerks." He looked up to see Knox eyeing him pleadingly. "No."

"Aw come on. Just one. I really need it to calm me down after that."

Charlie sighed. "I've only got one left."

Knox rolled his eyes. "I just keep thinking about her."

"Is she smart?"

"I don't know. I'd guess so- she's into plays and books and things."

Charlie pulled out his last cigarette. "I've an idea," he said. Giving Knox a glance, he lit the cigarette. "Remember what we used to do?"

Knox smiled. "Only you would remember something as inconsequential as that Charlie. But yeah I do." He wriggled closer in the confined space. They'd used to do it all the time, when they'd first started smoking, but they'd grown out of the habit, as they got older and hormones started to kick in properly.

Charlie inhaled a puff of smoke, then leaned over and set his lips on Knox's, breathing out as Knox breathed in. He disengaged long enough to take a breath of air and then another drag of smoke, before returning again. Knox was warm against his side, breath intoxicating beside him. Charlie ignores the familiar symptoms. Too long without a girl is what he thinks. Too long without anyone close.

He passes the cigarette to Knox, who starts over again- leaning close enough to Charlie that their thighs touch. The cigarette has almost burnt down to a stub, just enough for one more. Knox does the honours, lips lightly touching as he breathes out into Charlie's lungs.

Knox flavoured smoke, thinks Charlie. He stubs out the cigarette on the side, and leans across once more. This time he takes his time in savouring the taste. Nicotine, toothpaste and Knox. Knox doesn't protest, he's used to Charlie's odd ways, and it has been a long time for him as well. It tastes like nostalgia really. But when Charlie pulls away, he feels cold and thoughts of Chris fail to warm him.

He looks into Charlie's knowing eyes, and smiles. "I owe you a smoke."

Charlie looks sad almost for an instant. "Forget it."

They leave the small room, heading back to their bedrooms, and to lonely cold beds. Knox expects to dream about Chris, but Charlie's face haunts his dreams, and he wakes up tired.

Charlie doesn't dream of anything.

Aww poor Charlie. Don't know why I was inspired to write this, but it felt right. I got the idea from the line in the film in the Indian cave, when Charlie tells everyone to bring their food out since they're 'always bumming smokes,' off him.

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