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He makes me Laugh

Eddie Valiant: Seriously, what do you see in that guy?

Jessica Rabbit: He makes me laugh.

-- Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

They call us the odd couple. Maybe we are.

I admit, we're not exactly the perfectly-matched pair like Will and Layla. I'm cynical and sarcastic, he's goofy and excitable. Apparently, that's not on. But whatever happened to opposites attract, variety is the spice of life, blah blah blah?

Not that I care what people think. Or so I keep telling myself.

What, do they think I should be together with someone like Warren? I think not. I mean, the guy's good-looking and all, but he really needs to lighten up. He even takes reading his comics ├╝ber-seriously, although admittedly he claims that's how he passes Hero History. Besides, he has enough of his own troubles, being chased by all those wannabe goth girls with attitudes that make mine look like Mary Sunshine.

Anyhow, I don't really need my boyfriend to be another me. What I need is someone who makes me laugh, brings me out of my dark moods and helps me see things from a sunnier perspective. Come to think about it, what I just said about Warren needing to lighten up, I guess that applies to me too. Not that I'd admit that to anyone. Not that I'd admit any of this to anyone.

Not even Zach. Maybe one day I'll tell him how much he means to me. But not yet. I just can't let down the wall of sarcasm that I've constructed to protect myself. It's my only defence mechanism, and I'm not ready to let go of it yet. There is no way I can let anybody know that, deep down, I'd actually like to be more like him. To be able to freely express my emotions, to be able to get excited about stuff without worrying about people thinking I'm nuts or stupid. To be able to take things in my stride and not let the bad stuff get me down.

Perhaps some day I'll let him know how much I admire him. But until then, I'll just keep up with the snide comments and put-downs and pretending to not be impressed. Maybe he knows a bit of how I feel already. After all, there must be some reason (apart from his feelings for me, of course) why he puts up with my moods and keeps on trying to cheer me up even when I pretend I want to be left alone.

Maybe one day I'll be able to tell him that I love him. That, despite how I treat him, I actually think the world of him.

Until I'm ready for that, it will have to be my little secret.