Hey guys, I'm back with a new story. Sorry it took me so long to get going again, but fan fiction is a lot harder than people make it out to be. I need to give props to all those amazing fan fiction writers on this site, such as Pyrojoe, Medea Crowley, CJ7, OnemanShow, and a lot more! You guys rock, so keep writing.

Logan Parker

The Outsiders belongs to S.E. Hinton

Chapter 1 Prologue (Pony's Point of View)

2x+3x-20y+2y 0

I tap my pencil on the face of the desk I'm sitting at, and sigh deeply. I've been sitting here every since Darry got home from work, trying to do the homework he's been hounding me over. It's not that it's hard, far from it actually, it's just that I can't stop thinking about Candy. Man is she ever pretty. Not the average pretty like some girls, but really pretty. Nice too. If it weren't for her being a soc, I might have asked her out by now, but I can tell she don't dig guys like me.

"Ponyboy Curtis, you were on that same problem fifteen minutes ago!" Darry hollers from over my shoulder. I didn't even hear him come into me and Soda's room. I look up at him as innocently as possible.

"Do you not understand it?" Darry asks a little nicer. Every since that night we lost Dally and Johnny, the two of us have been trying to get along better. With both of us working at it, it hasn't been so hard neither. I guess it just takes a little effort from both sides.

"I, uh-no. I don't get it." I answer. It's not exactly a lie either. I mean, like I said, I totally and completely get the problem in front of me. What I don't get however, is how Candy can date a guy as insensitive as Joey Dawn. He's a real jerk if you ask me, but of course she didn't, and I got no reason to think she will. Girls like her-

"Pony!" Darry yells, drawing me out of my silent tirade. I look back up at him, hoping it's not too obvious that I've completely tuned out his whole lecture.

"You get it now?" He asks. I nod after a short hesitation.

"Yeah. Uh, thanks." I answer. He rolls his eyes and messes with my hair.

"No problem kiddo. Just tell me if you don't understand something else and I'll help you out okay?" He asks. I wish I could ask him about Candy, but that would it make it too obvious that I wasn't listening, so I nod instead and watch as he leaves the room. There's just so much I don't understand about girls.

Soda's Point of View

The house is relatively quiet when I get home from work. This would have been shocking about three months ago, but every since the night Dally was shot, things have been quiet. Steve is over, and I just barely miss hitting him with my shoe as I fling it off of my foot and send it passing over him, and landing on the floor.

"Damn it Soda! Will you watch where you're kickin' those things?" Steve asks in one of his slightly annoyed tones.

"Well, for someone who had the day off from work, you seem pretty grouchy." I tease him. He rolls his eyes and stays just as somber as before.

"It's just Evie. The bitch is so hardheaded and goddamned flirtatious I just can't stand it." He answers hastily. I nod, showing I understand. I kind of do too, the girl is nuts. Why he's still with her I'll never know.

"Soda? That you?" Darry calls from the kitchen.

"Yep, it's me. Miss me?" I answer back. He pokes his head into the living room and announces that dinner's ready.

"Pony, come eat something!" Darry hollers. Him and Pony have been getting along well enough for the past couple of months, and it's really nice. Makes the house less tense, something we could all use. Pony comes trudging out of his room a moment later.

"Hey, why don't we go out and see a movie after dinner?" I ask, sitting down at the kitchen table next to Pony. Steve sits across from me, next to Darry.

"Yeah, maybe there'll be some good lookin' chicks." Steve agrees.

"Sure there will be. Good lookin' chicks are all over the place." I assure him. Darry rolls his eyes.

"Pony, you wanna go?" I ask him.

"Sure." He answers nonchalantly.

"Did you finish your homework?" Darry asks critically. Pony looks down at his plate and scoots his green beans into a pile.

"Not yet." Pony confesses.

"Then you aint goin'." Darry answers sternly. "It's a school night and you gotta get your homework done."

"Darry-" Pony starts to counter.

"No Pony! You gotta do your work and keep your grades up." Darry snaps before Pony can finish. Darry is real strict about school work. Pony scoots his chair back away from the table and leaves off to his room, to finish his homework I presume.

"Guess it's just us two." I say to Steve. He nods and swallows down a pork chop.

"Maybe we'll catch up with Two-bit." Steve says once he's finished.

"Maybe. But you know how Two-bit gets at movies." I say with a laugh. Just thinking about it cracks me up. I'm not a big movies person myself, just go there for the chicks, but Two-bit can't even sit still long enough to look for them. Steve laughs a little himself thinking about it.

"Just make sure you're home by eleven okay?" Darry says, getting up and cleaning off his plate in the trashcan.

"Yep." I answer, following his same action.

"And don't bring home any pregnant girls." Darry adds as Steve and I get ready to head off. I give Steve an amused look and shrug my shoulders.

"We're not promising anything." I tell him. I grab a jacket and follow Steve out the front door and down the street. He sure as been acting weird lately.

Tim Shepard's Point of View

I went to the movies around seven to slash some tires, and ended up meeting up with Sodapop Curtis and his friend Steve Randle. Soda's a cool guy, but that friend of his is something else. Especially tonight when he announced that he had better things to do than slash social's tires and get boozed up. I mean, what's the point in living if you don't ruin a few tires and drink a few beers? Anyways, after the movie they actually paid to watch went off, the three of us meet up with some my boys and start looking for trouble. It aint that hard to find. Trouble I mean. It just seems to pop up in weird places at random times. Especially at night, when the darkness masks all the faces that you don't know. And worse yet, all the ones you do.