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Part Eleven

Hogwarts grounds:

Harry tried to be as close to Draco as he could as the pair danced slowly their second dance together.

When Narcissa, had called them up to open the dance there had been an awkward moment due to Draco's protruding belly, but they managed. Still, Draco was frowning. It was light and only few people who knew the blonde could tell.

"What is it Dray?" Harry asked in a low voice, his hand rubbing Draco's back slowly.

The pregnant teen sighed and rested his head on Harry's shoulder.

"I look fat," the teen said. "On my bonding day."

Harry rolled his eyes before pulling back and tilting Draco's head so that he could look into those grey eyes. "You are being ridiculous Draco. You look amazing with my child in you so never say the opposite. And before you start, you refused wearing glamour, am I correct?"

Draco nodded a small smile on his face. "You are right, but still…"

"What are you worried about?" his new husband inquired.

Draco pressed his head on Harry's only slightly shorter shoulder. "You'll laugh."

"No I won't," Harry promised.

Draco bit his lip before saying in a rush, "I don't want people say we married for the babies."

Harry blinked. "We did it for us as well as the babies," the green eyed teen said. "And since when does a Malfoy give a knut for what other people say or think?"

Draco chuckled. "True."

The song ended and Harry started leading him off the dance floor and dodging a dancing Neville and Luna as well as the flailing limbs of the Weasley twins, they nodded to Hermione and a tipsy Ron who were making out while dancing. There Harry paused only to tell them to go get a room lest they wanted Molly to see more than that, a comment that made a sober Hermione blush and her boyfriend to laugh and not deny anything.

"I think I like a drunken Weasley," Draco whispered to Harry.

"You have obviously never seen the twins drunk," his husband told him. "Not a good sight."

Draco processed that thought and the scary factor of that alone made him agree with his husband.

When Draco sat he was grateful. His feet had started to annoy him and his back hurt.

Narcissa pushed a plate of food in front of him. "You did not eat earlier," she told her son.

"I did," Draco complained.

"Draco, that was nibbling," Narcissa scolded. "I understand you were nervous but don't try to weasel out of this. Now eat."

"But Harry and I have to greet the guests," Draco protested.

Narcissa glared. "I have your father to baby-sit, not you too Draco," she told him.

"Father?" Draco asked. Narcissa did not elaborate on what she meant exactly. Thankfully Harry sauntering up to them cooing at baby Brendan he held in his arms.

"I just fed him, he wouldn't sit still," Harry told them. He tickled his son and the baby made that happy, gurgle that the new parents loved to hear. "You know, I think I saw Lucius giggling back there."

Draco choked on his food and Narcissa on air.



"-giggling?" mother and son finished together.

Harry blinked. "He was in a group hug with Snape and Siri and they were singing an odd song, or they were just out of tune."

"Oh dear," Narcissa muttered. She had an idea as to what that meant. "Where is Lucius exactly?"

"Near the fountain," Harry replied.

"Which one?" Draco asked.

"By the ice sculpture," Harry told him.

"You sit here," Narcissa told her son. "I'll go round up your father. And for Morgana's sake eat something!"

The teens blinked.

"This is odd," Draco commented as he took a bite from the nice fillet in front of him.

"Never mind them. Narcissa will take care of Lucius. And we have our own family; we are husbands now," Harry commented. He gave his pinkie to his son, who happily balled a fist around it. Harry and Draco smiled at the sight.

Draco touched his belly. "I just hope this one gets out soon. I'm starting to feel like aches on my knees. And I miss flying."

"Me too," Harry sighed. "Pomfrey won't let me jog, much less fly." He eyed Draco's plate and nicked a potato.

His new husband threatened him with a fork. "Lay off. My mother will kill me if I don't eat this."

"Yeah , yeah," Harry chuckled.

Narcissa walked swiftly, her dress swishing behind her. She was swept aside by McGonagall who wanted to congratulate there and then but Molly Weasley as well. It seemed that every single one of them wanted to talk to her but the blonde witch was in a hurry. It seemed that either her husband drunk too much or his drink had been spiked. And the culprits were just too many. She could not help but wonder if her cousin had a hand in this. Or perhaps those twins?

"Of course, the boys were a great help," she gave a smile to Molly. "If you'll excuse me, I was looking for Lucius. I believe he was hiding away and he owes me a dance."

Molly gushed at this and allowed her to walk away.

Narcissa found Lucius exactly where Harry had said her husband would be. And it was obvious he was drunk. The lack of grace (although the man could stand and walk without tripping on his feet, a feat really) as he greeted her and the glazed look in those grey eyes…

"Cissy!" he chirped.

Narcissa blinked. "Did you just… chirp?"

Lucius drew himself in a self important pose. "Malfoys don't chirp," he recited in a perfectly straight voice. But then he giggled.

"Oh, Merlin," Narcissa felt the need to sigh loudly. "You're drunk."

"Nonsense, I only drink socially," Lucius replied in a sing song voice.

"Or perhaps you were hit with a cheering charm," the witch continued. "Never mind though. Let's get you a potion to clear the effects away."

Sirius was hiding. He had seen his cousin disappearing with her husband and then Lucius re-emerged from the castle, his whole face thunderous. The man wisely opted to flee, hide, or even migrate till Lucius got over his ire. Remus confronted his errant friend, hands on his hips in an impressive imitation of Molly Weasley.

"Sirius Orion Black!" the werewolf thundered.


"Not one word. Get back to the reception and cancel whatever spell you did, any booby-traps and the like. You will not spoil this for your godson acting like a five year old!"

Sirius swallowed and hurried away, missing the smug smirk on Remus' face.

Hermione was having a wonderful time dancing. She had shared a couple of dances with Ron but her boyfriend was not that good on a dance floor even after all the rehearsals with Molly. Currently one of the twins (he said he was George but one could never tell with those two).

"I really… need to sit," Hermione told her dance partner.

George nodded and with a twirl and an elaborate bow he released her.

The witch went to the table were Ginny was also taking a break from dancing. Ron was a couple of feet away discussing what sounded like Quidditch with Charlie.

"I'm beat," Hermione told the redheaded witch.

"I feel you," Ginny replied.

"You know, witches are so lucky, what with cushioning charms in their shoes and

Ginny winced. "I feel sorry for Muggle women."all," the Muggleborn commented.

"Girls," Molly came over.


"Mrs. Weasley."

"How do you like the celebration?" the mother of seven asked.

"It's great!" Ginny honestly told her.

Hermione nodded. "You and Mrs. Malfoy did an amazing job."

Molly blushed at the praise.

Just then Arthur came by and took his wife's hand into his.

"Arthur!" Molly exclaimed as her husband pulled her away from the table.

"May I have this dance my lady?" Arthur, like a man from times passed asked his wife of several years.

The two youngest witches giggled as the older couple swept off to the dance floor.

"Just pray they don't make Weasley Number Eight tonight," Ginny told Hermione, making her fellow Gryffindor shudder.

Albus looked around the grounds. He felt proud of those two boys and the almost ancient looking wizard was happy to see so much life in the castle; Hogwarts was never meant to be empty of children. His colleagues had been invited to the bonding ceremony as well and they seemed happy with the work Molly and Narcissa had put into making this ceremony unforgettable for the two young men.

The old man felt a sting from his injured hand and carefully arranged his limb so that it was hidden better under the robes. The hunt for the Horcruxes had tired him and the dark magic and his own old demons had left their mark on him. He had never before thought to ask for help and he felt sad and a bit ashamed he had not trusted Severus or Sirius earlier. And after the whole incident with the two male pregnancies Lucius Malfoy had become a valuable ally. Albus would have never thought the blond was so clever, or knowledgeable in magic, even if it concerned the dark arts. From the first time since the curse from the Gaunt ring took hold he believed that he might actually survive this if the clues Lucius had about the curse were correct.

"Albus?" Minerva asked, breaking the wizard's trail of thought.

"Yes my dear?"

"You had a gloomy look about you."

"Ah, yes, the lemon pastries are over," Dumbledore fibbed.

"Albus!" Poppy Pomfrey yelled. The medi-witch had been close by and had heard him. "What have I told you about sweets and sugar?"

The old wizard laughed and dispelled any disturbing thoughts for when he was alone.

Harry was very tired as the day wore on and he knew that Draco was even worse off than he was as he was still heavy with child. Hermione had pushed each of them into chairs plenty of times already but after a while they were too worn out to go on. Harry was nodding off when his mother in law gently shook his shoulder, rousing him and the blond that was napping against his shoulder.

"You two," Narcissa told them softly, "Just go to bed, okay?

Harry smiled. "We want to."

"The guests?" Draco sleepily asked.

"Never mind about them," the blonde witch told them.

Carefully the bonded pair left the grounds for their rooms with Narcissa's promise to take care of Brendan for the night so that the couple could spend time alone for the weekend and catch some sleep that night. They both undressed and got under the covers after mumbling sleepy 'goodnights' and 'love you'.

But Harry did not have that luxury. In the middle of the night he woke violently after yet another vision/nightmare from Voldemort's night. The green eyed wizard was covered in cold sweat and his breath was coming in short pants. Carefully he slipped out of the bed, after making first making sure his husband had not been disturbed by his demons. It took him a few hours to calm down and when he did he was too tired to care anymore. He got back in bed and almost fell unconscious from fatigue.

End of chapter

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