Chapter 1: Soul Destroyed

Harry went home after his sixth year at Hogwarts. Nothing had happened but Harry knew that Voldemort had to be planning something. It had been far too quiet for far too long. No twinges in his scar or anything. The Order now knew of the prophecy. That, of course included his friends, which had joined before him, without his knowledge. They were never as close as they once were; Ron was always going on about how he was helping the Order to fight the Death Eaters. Harry never went on them as he was not allowed. Apparently he was too important to them for to lose.

Everyone saw Harry withdraw into himself. Everyone had assumed it was for Sirius but only Harry knew it was not. None of them could ever imagine or believe what had happened for him to act the way he was. Harry had started to become broken when the one person he had trusted the most, abused it. And he was not talking about his friends or even his godfather, he was talking about Dumbledore.

Snape had been the same as always, making Harry's life as miserable as possible but he had let the man know how he had felt and after that Snape had still done it. But there was no venom behind it, he sometimes saw the man looking at him curiously. He just wished he would enter his mind and see why he was like that let him see what side he was standing on.

It would not make him feel any better if Snape changed sides he just wish he had that choice, but knew Voldemort would kill him before accepting him. So he had of course, accepted himself to his lonely horrible fate. He would rather die than help a world that had hurt him by letting him return to the abuse of his relatives and the public for demeaning him at every turn. He could not help but agree with Voldemort, muggles did need to be killed and agreed it was wrong to keep a magically capable child with muggles and magical children should be kept in the wizarding world.


Flash back potions classroom


"Right everyone get your cauldrons on and get started, and Potter don't sit there and destroy another cauldron what self pity you have yourself in will stay outside my class room. I won't have you moping around and I'm hardly going to hold you hand" snarled Snape.

"Piss off Snape!" said Harry finally having enough of his teacher.

"What did you say to me Potter?" hissed Snape.

"Fucking piss off! That's what I said! I'm so fucking sick of your bull shit" he shouted. Half of the class was glad Harry seemed to have found his voice. He had hardly spoken more than two words all day, everyday.

"I can have you expelled for this Potter!" said Snape triumph glittering in his onyx eyes.

"Know what! I don't give a shit! Go expel me. I don't care anymore, you can't make me anymore miserable than I already am! You can all go to fucking hell for all I care and you can find someone else to be your savior because I give in! I quit. I've had enough, I've seen enough and... Grrr the fucking lot of you can go to HELL!" yelled Harry.

Before he knew it, Snape had taken a hold of his arm, and dragged him up to the Headmaster's office. Harry had to stop himself from wincing as the bruises hurt more, with the way Snape was gripping his arm. As well as having to nearly run to keep up with the man, he was stretching his skin making his wounds reopen. Thankfully they were there at the Headmaster's office by the end of it.

"Headmaster I've had enough of Potter; you either do something or I will, I want him expelled!" shouted Severus as he entered the headmasters office.

"Ah Severus what has he done now?" asked Dumbledore his eyes flashing with disappointment. He made it look as if all his teachers had already been up here and complaining about him.

"He yelled at me in front of the whole class headmaster. I want him expelled!" snarled the man.

"You know we cannot expel Harry Potter, Severus. The ministry would be over here in a flash the best we could do it suspend him" said Dumbledore who looked from Severus to Harry.

"Fine, suspend him then! He cannot keep getting away with this, Headmaster" said Severus his voice finally back to the voice he uses all the time.

Harry had shown no emotion when he was being talked about as if he were not there. Not even when the headmaster looked at him in disappointment. Not even when he was told he was going back to the Dursley's, the only thing he would miss would be his bed in Gryffindor dorms room.

"Very well Harry, I have no choice to suspend you from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry you will continue your education after the summer finishes and join your fellow class mates on September the first. Professor Snape will take you home" said the headmaster. He had no need of Harry Potter as long as he was alive to deal with Voldemort. After that he didn't care what happened to him. And wards would tell him if he was dying before then and he would heal him if was needed.

"Yes sir" his voice cold and devoted of emotion.

Severus Snape didn't get as much satisfaction of Harry Potter being suspended as he thought he would. He had thought the boy would be horrified at being suspended. His perfect self having such a black label against it. But he was none of the sort. All Severus could think about was what was wrong with the blasted boy?

"Get your stuff Potter" said Snape. Sounding pissed off, he had been told to use anything he had to get Harry Potter expelled for his lord. And thankfully he had so he should have pleased his lord. He didn't know what his lord had planned but he didn't care. Or so he thought.

"Yes sir" said Harry.

Climbing up to Gryffindor tower, it took him twenty minutes. Good job he didn't have a lot of things to pack or he would piss Snape off. Not that he minded. He didn't care what happened to him; perhaps his uncle could kill him and finish this stupidness. But he would like to be alive to see them all die for there stupidity, for putting their trust in a sixteen year old boy.

"Slytherin sucks" he said.

The portrait opened admitting him entrance to the common room. Everyone was at class so he didn't have to worry about anyone seeing him. With a sigh he went up the stairs, and collected his mother's photos and other belongings and put them into his trunk. He had found some photos of his mother when he had raided the library. Slamming his trunk shut he shrunk it, He didn't have time this year to get any pain relieving potions, not that he wanted any. He just wanted to die, but not alone. He would have preferred someone who understood him to be there for him when he did die. Funny thing was the only person Harry found he could trust was Voldemort. And the thought of him being there when he died holding his hand was laughable.

"I'm ready sir" said Harry panting as he reached his professor. His eyes totally blank and devoted of emotion. For a second Snape regretted his decision in expelling him before it was gone. He was never going to find out what had been bothering Harry if he was gone.

"Let's go Potter" snarled Snape. He was out and down the steps of the Great Hall before he could blink. And with a sigh Harry followed, he was rather curious to how Snape knew where he lived. If he did then he could not be a spy for Voldemort.

"Yes sir" said Harry.

Snape apparated them to the spot near the wards as it being the only place he could get to. He knew if he walked passed it, he would set the wards off. He was a dark wizard. He did wonder if his lord would be able to break them, he knew his lord was so much stronger than his friend, Lily and Dumbledore. He could remember a time when Lily was his friend, before James and his friends had become involved and changed her way of thinking.