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Bad Boys, Good Girls

Chapter: 1 Phenomenon


"And the winner is the infamous Uchiha Sasuke once again!!!!" A certain loud mouthed blond yelled over the screaming crowd of teens.

The raven haired teen stepped out of his 2007 C-West Nissan Silvia S-15. It was sleek black with chromed spinners on each wheel. A grill as shiny as diamond and windows black like the night. Twin silver dragons spiraled on the car doors. He tosses his car keys to his best friend Naruto as many girls start to surround him and lavish him with compliments.

The other racer, a man named Fujin just glared at everything in his way as he fled the race track scene. Anger took over him quickly.

"Oh Sasuke-kun!! Your so awesome!"

"Marry me Sasu-chan!!"

"What a hot rod boy!"

However, unlike some of his friends, Uchiha Sasuke wasn't completely obsessed with girls. Sure, he may have dated a few girls, but never have there been a serious relationship. Never has he actually kissed a girl on the lips, but his current girlfriend Ami wanted to change that. She wanted to be his first and only love. Too bad for her though.

As Ami approached Sasuke in a jean mini skirt with a small red tube top and platform boots, the crowd around Sasuke got smaller. She smiled knowing that fact. She was Sasuke's girlfriend, and she to be treated with proper respect.

"Sasu darling! I'm so happy you won again!" She screeched as she flung her arms around her boyfriend who held an impassive look upon his face. He smirked to himself though. In his mind, a plan was forming.

Ami had tip-toed up to reach his lips to give him a kiss but his hand flew in front of her face.

"I think we should break-up." Was Sasuke's cold response. Ami gasped as did her friends. Sasuke's friends smirked and all started walking to their own separate cars.

"Wait! But it hasn't even been two weeks yet!!" She called after him.

"Good." The racing king remarked. Not even turning around to face his ex. Ami clenched her fist and gathered her group. Together they let in a small pink car.

"You really can't hold onto a girl for more than two weeks, can you?" Naruto asked as he threw back Sasuke's keys to him.

"Hn. Girls are unimportant. It's racing that matters." He answered gruffly. Sasuke got into his car and drove off to his mansion. Tomorrow was a school day, and his mom would cut his head off if he wasn't home in time before midnight.

And so, the racing king wins another match...


"Oi Sakura-chan!" Tenten called out. The rosette haired girl looked at her friend and ran to the table she sat upon. Tenten was not the only one there. Ino and Hinata were casually by their table as well.

Tenten sat upon the table with her legs on the seat. Hinata stood in front of the square table, clutching her music book. Ino was seat on the blue seat with her legs crossed.

"Hey girls, how's it going?" Sakura asked as she stood in front of her best friends. They all smiled or grinned.

"Guess who won another match?" Ino asked slyly. It was nonsense to not understand what Ino had meant by match.

"Sasuke." Sakura simply said, although she hoped she was right.

"Bingo." Hinata inquired. Sakura sighed. "What does it matter if he won? He has his girlfriend to cheer him on."

"On the contrary, my dear Saku-chan. Sasuke broke up with Ami-bitch yesterday after the race." Tenten said and smirked. The three girls caught the glimpse of happiness in Sakura's emerald eyes.

"So..he's single again. Now do you plan on telling him?" Ino asked as she finished polishing her nail.

"Nope." Came the pink haired girl's short response. Ino glared. Tenten smacked her hand to her forehead and Hinata sighed.

"Your unbelievable.." Ino muttered.


"Shut up Ino. Looks like your boyfriend is here anyway, and his friends came too." Sakura said. Ino hopped up from the table and bounded towards her boyfriend Shikamaru.

The lazy-genius strutted out of his green Ford 1967 Mustang. Ino quickly enveloped him in a hug and placed a chaste kiss on the lips. Shikamaru glanced at her attire and smirked.

"Nice clothes." He said as they kissed again. Sakura, Tenten, and Hinata really didn't know why he said that in the first place. I mean they all wear the same uniforms but Ino spiced hers up a bit as did the other girls.

Ino had on a dark green long sleeved shirt with the sleeved rolled up to her elbows. She left two buttons undone at the top. Her black skirt came to her mid thigh and she wore the black sneakers. Sakura had her uniform the same way only she left one button undone and laced her sneakers with green laces. Tenten had her sleeves rolled up to her shoulders and the skirt came up three inches from her knees. She wore the green knee high socks but they had different sized holes cut into them for appearance. Hinata had the green sleeves rolled all the way down and her skirt was as short as Sakura and Ino's. She wore the green knee highs with the black sneakers like a good girl would.

All of them had their hair long and flowing. Ino's platinum blond hair was in a high pony tail as Tenten had her chocolate colored tresses into two buns. Hinata kept her bangs neat and violet hair flowed down to her waist. Sakura had her pink hair reaching to her waist almost with her bangs framing her angelic face.

Together, Shikamaru and Ino walked back to Ino's friends' table. In an instance, Sasuke, Neji, and Naruto's cars parked in the three remaining spots.

Coming out of an orange Nissan Fair Lady Z, was none other than the class clown,Naruto Uzumaki. He parked next to Shikamaru's car and quickly scanned the few faces of friends.

"Hi guys!!" Naruto yelled and waved enthusiacticly at the group. He ran up to Sakura and Hinata and squished them both in a bone crushing hug.

"H-hey Naruto-kun." Hinata shyly said even though her back started hurting.

"Naruto! Let us go now!!" Sakura yelled. Naruto let both girls go and frowned when he earned a light punch on his head from Sakura.

"Geez Sakura-chan..." Naruto turned around and looked at Tenten and Ino with hopeful eyes.

"Back off." The two girls muttered. Naruto sighed.

"At least Hinata-chan likes my hugs!" Hinata blushed and shyly tried to hide behind Sakura who smiled at her friend's reaction.

"Hey Tenten," Ino began to say as she and Shikamaru held hands. "isn't that Neji?" Tenten slowly felt a blush coming to her cheeks but ignored it and turned to look the opposite way.

Neji Hyuuga pulled up in his pure white Mazda RX-7. He stepped out of his car and casually walked to the group.

"Good morning." He replied in his calm and deep voice. Sakura and Ino caught Tenten's blush reheating her face. They both smirked.

"Ohayou Neji." Some of the friends said back.

"Hey Neji!!" Naruto shouted.

"Troublesome... keep it down Naruto." Shikamaru complained.

Finally coming out of his winning car, Sasuke stepped out and sighed. For as soon as his car parked in his space, many, many fan girls came rushing by his side. Most of them dressed in the appropriate uniform but some others made the uniforms look more...sluttish.

"Oh Sasuke-kun!"

"Go out with me Sasuke-kun!"

"Oh My God! He smiled at me!" Sasuke scowled and made his way through the screaming fans.

"He smiled at me you whore!"

"No he didn't bitch! He smirked at me!" One fan girl said proudly. As a result of this, it corrupted in a fight. Sasuke didn't really care about them so he just went towards the table of friends.

"Hn." He said loud enough for them to hear.

"Mornin' Sasuke-teme!" Naruto shouted once again causing Shikamaru to sigh and shake his head.

"Pipe down Naruto." Shikamaru stated. He rested his head on his girlfriend's shoulder and tried to take a quick nap before class began.

"Awe!!!" Ino cooed at her sleeping boyfriend. Sakura rolled her eyes.

"Ino, he does that all the time...even in class he sleeps on your shoulder." The rosette haired girl pointed out.

"Whatever Miss-I-like-somebody-but-I'm-afraid-to-tell-him." This caused everyone except the sleeping teen to look at her. Hell, even Sasuke looked at her.

"What!?" Sakura shouted at them and blushed 30 shades of red. In her mind, she starting forming ways to kill Ino.

"Nothing..." Neji said.

"Hn." Sasuke muttered.

"Who do you like Sakura-chan?!" Naruto yelled.

"No one!" She yelled back. And just before Naruto could ask more questions, the bell rang.

Sakura latched onto Tenten's and Hinata's arms and speedily made they way into the building. Naruto and Neji following after them. Ino awoke her boyfriend and together they left with Sasuke right beside them.

"Hey Sasuke." Ino said as she as Shikamaru's hand wrapped around her waist. Said boy shifted his eyes to her.

"Since you and Ami-bitch are not goin' out anymore, do you like anyone now?" The blond asked as they headed to homeroom.

"Hn, nope. Even if I did like a girl in this school, we'd just break up after a week or two." Sasuke said gruffly as they made their way through room 107.

"He really can't hold onto a fine girl, can that Uchiha?" Shikamaru commented went Sasuke was far enough from them. Ino nodded and they both went to sit at their table.

Sakura sat next to the window with Tenten next to her. Then next to them were Hinata and Naruto. Behind those two were Shikamaru and Ino. Next to the couple were Neji then Sasuke. The sat directly behind the two girls. Now, in front of Sakura and Tenten were Ami and her friends.

Ami and Kyoko sat in front of them. Then Bara and Yukina sat next to them. Soon, more and more seats were crowded with other students such as Kiba, Lee, Chouji, Shino, and more. Good thing the classroom was big, because there were about 28 students in the class.

Now, as the students waited for their sensei to appear, Sakura and Tenten were looking at how the guys in their group dressed.

Naruto had his dark green button-up on with the sleeves rolled to his elbows. His black and green stripped tie hung in his back pocket like he was a gangster, although Naruto was just a little kid in a grown-up's body. He wore the black baggy jeans and black sneakers. His hair was still a vibrant blond and unruly. His baby blue eyes changed to a sterling cerulean throughout the years.

Shikamaru had his dark green shirt unbuttoned and his black vest showed. Ino loved the look on him. His black jeans were baggy and the tie wasn't even seen on him at all. He wore the sneakers and kept his dark brown hair in a spiky pony-tail. His small black eyes remained closed as he slept on Ino's shoulder again.

Neji was actually dressed appropriately compared to the other guys. His shirt was buttoned all the way and the sleeves were rolled down to his wrists. The tie was neatly around his neck and his shirt was also placed neatly in his pants. His jeans seemed a bit less baggy then Naruto and Shikamaru's. He wore the sneakers and kept his long brown free of tangles. His lavender eyes were just like Hinata's except his were leaning towards more of a paler lavender.

Sasuke's uniform consisted of the green button-up which had the sleeves rolled to his elbows and he left three buttons undone. His tie hung loosely around his neck and his jeans were black and baggy. His though, had a silver chain hanging down the side. His sneakers were worn as well. His raven hair still stuck out in the back and his onyx eyes looked emotionless as ever.

To Sakura, he was like a perfectly carved statue with pale skin and stunning obsidian eyes. She sighed and Tenten rose a shapely brown brow.

"It's nothing Tenten-chan. Don't worry about it." Sakura said. Tenten let that subject drop.

"Hm...you know Sakura-chan, I heard from Neji that Sasuke's going to be in another race tonight. Why don't you come?" Tenten whispered lowly so the two boys behind them wouldn't hear.

"It's okay Tenten-chan. You know how my parents are. Besides, I have to go...somewhere today." Sakura muttered back. Tenten gave her an impassive look.

"Oh yeah? Where are you going?"

"Um...to my cousin Sasori's house?"


"It's true!"

"Come now Sakura-chan. I know your parents better than that. They won't let you interfere with anyone after school now, will they?" Tenten guessed, disappointment written across her face. Sakura lowered her head.

"Tenten, please. You know that my parents want me to get into Konoha's top Medical School for college." Sakura whispered.

"But it's the last year of high school!" Tenten whined. "You deserve some freedom from those books you know!"


"But nothing Sakura-chan. Your almost 18 and it's the last year of high school. Senior year is suppose to be fun, so Sakura-chan, I'll let you decide if you want to come to that race tonight or not." Tenten stated just as their sensei walked in.

"Good morning class." Kakashi said and grinned.

"You're late Kakashi-sensei!!" Many students yelled.

"Heh. Anyway, the school's going under construction from the main hallway, pass the elective hallway, and math and english hall ways. Thanks to someone's little stunt they pulled which cause the school to almost collapse." Kakashi shifted his eyes to Sasuke and then turned away toward his novel. The young racing king smirked.

"You're so lucky that your parents are rich Uchiha." Kakashi muttered.

"It's not my fault those bastards wanted to race around the school." Sasuke stated. Kakashi rolled his eyes.

"Anyway, being as the hallways are closed off, your principal assigned all homeroom teachers to take care of their class. So for the time being, welcome to Kakashi's Free time Classroom!" Many students cheered. Free time from all the school work. Thank you Kami-sama!

"Now, don't disturb me." Kakashi said, a hint of threat lacing his words. He sat down in his comfy chair and pulled out his novel once again.


"So Ami-chan, how are you going to get Sasuke-sama back?" Kyoko asked her leader. Bara and Yukina shifted towards the group as well.

"Hm...I'll seduce him." Ami smirked and started to tie the ends of her shirt into a bow. She tied it right under her breasts which exposed most of her flat stomach. Her skirt was already short and her sneakers were now replaced with black heels. She had combed her purple hair into a side part and left it down.

She stood up from her seat and made her way towards Sasuke.


"Hey Tenten." A deep voice called. Tenten turned around to look at Neji.


"You coming to the race tonight?" He asked. Tenten thought she heard a bit of hope in his voice.

"Hell yeah!" She replied. It was true. Tenten had the most freedom out of all four girls. Next was Ino, then Hinata and lastly Sakura, who actually had no freedom at all in Tenten's opinion.

"Good." Neji's eyes shifted toward Sasuke and then Sakura. Tenten saw his eyes shift between the two.

"Hey Sasuke," Tenten called. The racing king looked at the chocolate haired girl. "Can you convince Saku here to come to the race tonight?" Sakura's eyes perked up when she heard her name. Immediately she turned around.


"What Sakura!? You know you should come. It's so cool!" Tenten shouted. Neji nodded his head in agreement.

"I told you I'd try to come. It's no guarantee though." Sakura said. Her eyes locked with Sasuke's and she felt a blush creeping to her cheeks.

"If she doesn't want to go Tenten, she doesn't have to." Sasuke said and broke eye contact with Sakura. Tenten huffed and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Fine." Neji snickered.

"What are you laugh-" "Oh Sasuke-kun!!" A shrill voice interrupted Tenten.

Tenten and Sakura turned around to see Ami-bitch standing next to Sasuke and Neji's table. Both girls made a disgusted face at her uniform.

Ami winked at Sasuke causing Tenten to fake gag.

"Sasuke-kun, won't you be my boyfriend again? I really, really miss you." Ami puffed out her chest, trying to make it bigger. Sasuke glanced at Ami and then back out the window.

"Get out of my sight. We're over Ami." He replied in a harsh tone. Ami flinched but was determined not to give up. She advanced towards Sasuke.

"Please Sasu-kun. I need you." She moaned. Sakura and Tenten threw another disgusted look at her.

"Get the hell away from here Ami. Or if you don't, I'll hurt you." He threatened, fed up with the girl in front of him. Ami flinched harder and spun on her heal. Fake tears brimming her eyes. Sakura and Tenten couldn't help but laugh.

"Why don't you two shut the hell up! At least I can get a boyfriend if I wanted too. But can Miss Goody To-Shoes and Miss Tomboy get a guy? Nope!" Ami shouted and snickered. Tenten grew angry.

"Back off bitch. Guys only want to screw you, that's why you have so many boyfriends." Tenten countered.

"Hmph! Well I don't see Pinky saying anything back. I guess she really will end up alone." Ami retorted. Sakura looked at Ami and glared hard at her.

"What, afraid to say anything back you bitch?"

"Back off Ami-bitch!" Tenten yelled.

"Come on wittle Sakura, say something. Or are you afraid?" Ami kept coming.

"Shut up Ami!" Tenten shouted and arose from her seat.

"Or maybe Sakura's a lesbian which is why she doesn't have any boyfriends." Ami smirked at her own comment.

"Ami!" Tenten yelled and was ready to raise her fist at her when Sakura spoke.

"Why don't you go back to your little bitches, slut and leave us alone. As a matter of fact leave everyone alone. Can't you see your not wanted by any of us here? Now run along Ami-bitch. Your servants await you." Sakura said. Her voice calm yet threatening. Ami stood there speechless. Sasuke smirked.

This girl had comebacks, and he could tell she was mentally strong. He'd like to get to know her more than you'd think now. And so he planned.

"OOOOH! Ami got served!" Naruto yelled all the way from the other side of the room. It seems the argument got so big that everyone in the class heard what went on. Many people were laughing at Ami for Sakura's excellent dis.

"Nice dis Sakura!"

"Haha Ami! You deserved that!"

"Good comeback Sak!"

Ami glared at everyone and went back to her group. Sakura smirked. She liked this side of her, but how did it get there?

'Oh well. That was pretty bold of me though. Haha...'

Sakura then smiled as Tenten was congratulating her on the awesome comeback.

"Now that was a bad-ass Sakura-chan!" Tenten said and laughed. Sakura joined in laughing. Maybe this forming Sakura would be her key to finally getting the freedom she deserved.

This feeling in Sakura was phenomenal. This new Sakura could be a major advantage in her life.

But, then a thought came. What would her parents say when she'd cross over to a life of study-less days and racing nights?

She instantly turned back to normal Sakura. This 'inner' Sakura was going to be trouble for her life now.


'Just you wait bitch...you'll be humiliated in front of everyone if you do in fact show up for tonight's race...Just you wait.' A mischievous girl thought as she wickedly grinned. Her little minions laughing.




Down, Here comes the sound, everyone pound your feet to this Phenomenon. Now let's make it
loud, let's show 'em all how you move to this phenomenon. Roll! Open your soul, maybe lose
control inside of this phenomenon, just let your self go, and let everyone know you move to
this phenomenon.


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