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Chapter 7: Won't Back Down

The sun immediately disappeared from view and the night sky took over. Sakura had just found out the news that she'd be wed to Sai for business terms, because of her parents. After Sakura graduated college, her parents plan to give her away to Sai. Sakura was completely thrown off guard and utterly shocked as her parent's rash decision. She never expected her parents to be so old fashioned. Hell, she didn't even think people still had arranged marriages. Sakura didn't know whether to be deeply saddened by the fact that she will now never get to truly fall in love, or whether to be relieved. Relieved, because she could probably forget Sasuke now and move on with her life. She only wasted a mere twelve years on that boy…no big deal, right?

The evening spent at the Haruno household felt very abrupt and sudden to Sakura. She tried to distance herself away from Sai and her parents a bit by sitting on the single person arm chair while her parents sat opposite of her on the loveseat. Sai sat adjacent to the Harunos on the long three-seater couch.

"So Sai, it is to my knowledge that you are in charge of your late father's military operations now. Correct?" Takeshi asked, trying to start up a conversation with the young man near him. Sai shifted in his seat and softly smiled at the elder Haruno.

"Yes, I run an organization that my late father Danzo built with just three men at first. Our commission has over two hundred people now, working to bring justice and order to our society." Sai stated. Sakura observed his facial features and noticed the comparisons that he had to Sasuke.

'Hair black like a raven, eyes dark as night, flawless pale skin…He even wears the same dark colors as Sasuke..Navy blue v-neck sweater with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and black jeans…Kami-sama.' She thought and inwardly sighed.

"So Sai-kun, how old are you again?" Yuki asked with a gleam in her eyes. Sai looked at her.

"I am nineteen years old Haruno-san." Sai politely replied. Sakura looked between the three of them. Nineteen years old and he was already the head of the military. Impressive.

"Sai-san,-" You may call me –kun if you wish Sakura-chan. We are engaged after all." Sai interrupted. "Right…Sai-kun, not to seem rude or impudent but umm, why are we getting married?"

Before Sai could answer, Yuki spoke up. "Well it's for your safety Sakura-chan." Sakura gave a confused look to her mother.

"Safety from what?" the younger Haruno asked, her tone becoming harsh.

"War." Takeshi declared. Sai merely nodded his head in agreement.

"You are marrying me off to some military head, just so he can protect me from the outside world?" Sakura steamed. The trio looked alarmed at her outburst.

"Sakura-chan! Behave!" Yuki scolded. Sakura looked at her mother and clenched her teeth together, trying to fight back her erupting voice.

"It is not only for your safety Sakura-chan, but to also protect our family. With a strong alliance like this, we will be one of the safest families in all Fire Nation." Takeshi announced. Sakura wanted to slam her head on the nearby coffee table. Did her parents go completely mad within the last few days?

"Are you guys complete psychos?" Sakura screeched. Sai looked between the arguing family and remained silent. "What war is happening right now that needs you to protect me constantly?" the pinkette raged.

"Sakura Haruno! You will not raise your voice like that in this house. You will obey the rules that your father and I have deemed and you will marry this man. End of discussion." Yuki glared and shouted. Her blood was boiling at her daughter's outburst.

"Haruno-san, I think I should get going. I'm sorry for the trouble that I have caused here, but hopefully Sakura-chan will like the idea of being the wife of a military head sooner or later." Sai broke in before another argument started. He turned to Sakura and took her right hand in his bigger, calloused hands. Sakura looked shocked at the gesture. "Sakura-chan, fare thee well, and until we meet again. I promise to protect you for as long as I live Sakura-chan." Sai kissed the back of her hand and flashed her a devilishly handsome smile. Sakura remained silent, frozen on spot at the Knightly gesture and words that Sai had spoken to her.

Yuki and Takeshi noticed her silence and bid Sai a farewell also. Before her parents could say anything else to her, Sakura ran upstairs to her room and locked the door. Yuki suspected that she'd go right to bed after this long, eventful day. Takeshi groaned, a raging head ache was forming. He too, decided to go to bed as did Yuki.

Later that night, Sakura sat on her balcony chair and hugged herself. She cried. She cried the tears that had been spilling out of her eyes the entire day. She was ruining herself this way. Sakura didn't deserve anything that was happening to her. She needed to desperately escape. Half of her mind was telling her to run away and head to that race tonight. She knew that Sasuke would be racing…maybe, just maybe if she could talk to him then they'd be able to work out their problems. However, the other part of her mind begged her to remain home. It was past midnight by now. It was dangerous for her to be out so late if she did go to that race. The broken girl was confused between both choices.

'Neh, we should just go.'

'No. I refuse to go to that race.'

'You promised me that I could come out again during the next race. The next race is tonight and whether you like it or not, I'm going to that damn race to win back Sasuke.'

'We are NOT going anywhere. You forget that I can fight you off inner.'

'Tch. Not for long my dear.'

The next thing Sakura knew, she was clutching her head and groaning. Inner Sakura really wanted to take over her body for now, and there was no way she'd be able to fight her off. Sakura was too weak from the day's events to fight off her inner conscious so she gave in to desire and temptation.

Sakura walked back inside her room and quietly opened her door. She pressed her ear against her parents' bedroom door to make sure that they were sleeping. When she heard their soft snores she smirked. They were fast asleep and would have no idea about tonight. The rosette tip toed back to her room, and locked her door without a sound. She headed to her closet and pulled out a black thin strapped camisole, and a high waist blood red skirt. The skirt was about 5 inches above her knees. She tucked her camisole inside the skirt and threw a black faux leather bomber jacket on. She left it unzipped. Sakura pulled on her black combat boots and grabbed a small red clutch purse. She dabbed on her face light makeup and thickly lined her eye with black. Sakura tousled her hair and gave one final look in the mirror.

"Sasuke can't resist me forever heh." She whispered. She made her way over to the balcony outside her room and grabbed onto the vines that grew right by her house.

'Don't do it…' Outer Sakura chimed, trying to force Inner Sakura to stop.

'Stop being scared. I'm tired of you living a life of what if's and regrets. This ends tonight.' Inner Sakura demanded and Outer Sakura remained silent.

Sakura made her way down the vines and broke into a quick sprint to the race. It's probably almost starting time so she ran as fast as she could to the Hokage Mountain which was rather close to her house.

Konan and Pein were in their positions, sitting in a sleek black car, waiting for the race to begin. They had their communicators ready in their ears and their weapons were easily concealed.

"Deidara." Pein called through his ear piece. Konan looked at her husband as he spoke to their comrade.

"Yes Pein?" Deidara's muffled response came.

"Where are you and Sasori?" The orange haired Yakuza member added. Konan was high on alert as her pale blue eyes continued to scan their surrounding area for any suspicious behavior.

"We're on the opposite side of the mountain. Waiting for the race to begin." Deidara said.

"Be alert for Mitsuki. Fugaku said they'd be here tonight." Pein added in. After Deidara said yes they ended their communication.

"Pein," Konan started, "Look over there, that orange haired boy and silver haired boy." Pein looked over at the two said boys and narrowed his eyes. "I recognize them from Sound. They must be the Mitsuki heiress's bodyguards." Pein nodded his head in agreement and flicked on the communication device to tell Deidara and Sasori.

"They're here after all.." Konan whispered and ran her hand over her concealed knife.

On the ancient Hokage Mountain, an enormous crowd of people swarmed around the sides, and waited for the eventful race that was be happening in just a few moments. There would be seven racers tonight. Sasuke, Naruto, Neji, Shikamaru, and three unknown racers, apparently from outside Konoha were all at the starting line. Each person revved their engine. Loud roars came from the audience as the loudest revved car came from one of the unknowns. Sasuke was right next to him and glared through his window.

His mission was to throw the race and find out as much information as possible from the Mitsuki along with the help of his backup. Sasuke looked to his left and saw Ino, Tenten, and Hinata. He noticed that they all turned around behind them and tackled someone in a hug. Then he noticed a flash of pink hair. She was dressed incredibly…sexy and hot in Sasuke's mind.

'No. She's here…' he thought and turned his face back to the front of the road. He was not going to let some girl distract him now.

Sasuke accelerated and revved his engine more.

"Ne, ne teme, we're gonna kick their asses!" Naruto shouted out his window. Sasuke smirked.

"Of course dobe." He replied. Naruto gave him a thumbs up as the blonde revved his engine, making it purr. 'I'll do my best to impress you tonight Hinata-chan!' Naruto looked at the violet haired girl and grinned. Hinata saw his gaze on her and smiled.

"Good luck Naruto-kun!" Hinata called out, loud enough for him to hear. She waved at him and blushed. Naruto widened his grin and waved back at her.

"Sakura-chan you made it! Just in time too!" Ino said after their hug. Sakura smiled and noticed the seven cars lined up for the race. Her eyes landed on Sasuke's black Nissan.

"Ne, ne, the race is going to start!" Tenten exclaimed as she pumped her fists in the air. Ino, Hinata, and Sakura cheered for the Konoha racers as did many others in the crowd.

The race announcer walked to the center of the starting line, in between Naruto and Shikamaru's cars. He took one last puff of his cigarette before dropping the bogey on the ground and stomping on it.

"Ready," He shouted. The racers revved their engines once more.

"Set," He yelled. The crowd cheered louder.

"GO!" The announcer exclaimed as the racers took off and left a trail of dust for the audience. Sakura, Ino, Hinata, and Tenten screamed so loud for their Konoha Racers, that the males by them thought that they'd go deaf from all the fangirling.

At the bottom of Hokage Mountain, stood three dark characters. Two males and a female. The female was sitting on a black car's hood, sprawled out in a pose. What appeared to be her two bodyguards, stood by her sides, watching over her.

"They'll be here any second." A deep voice spoke. It belonged to one of her body guards.

"Yes. Finally I can show myself to Sasuke-kun." A feminine voice chirped. She adjusted her glasses a bit and smirked into the darkness.

"Yes Karin-san." Her bodyguards synonymously said.

During the race Sasuke was in second, with one of the unknown cars in first. He had Naruto trailing right behind with another unknown car closely following him. Neji and Shikamaru captured one car in between theirs and slowed down the unknown car's pace.

"Sasuke." Pein's voice rang in the Konoha members communicators. Not waiting for his reply, Pein continued on. "The car in front of yours is driven by one male named Zaku. The one trailing Naruto is a girl named Kin. The last car in between Hyuga and Nara is a male named Dosu. All reside in the Sound Village. The same village that the Mitsuki are from."

"Hn." Sasuke grunted as he excelled less on the gas, swerving to the right in a sharp turn.

"Don't throw the race by the way." Pein added and cut off his communication device. Sasuke grinded his teeth and drove faster. He needed to surpass that Zaku guy now, but they were neck and neck in this race. He was already at 110 mph. He accelerated less on the gas petal, making it drop to a low 40 mph. Next Sasuke quickly turned the wheel, but not into a full lock, and disengaged his clutch quickly. Once he felt the car starting to slide, he re-engaged the clutch and with a quick counter steer, he applied the throttle smoothly.

Sasuke smirked as he was now in the lead.

"Teme! Good jo-" Naruto's voice cut off and all that was heard was a loud crash. Sasuke reached the finish line and inwardly panicked. What was that crash…

He looked behind him and noticed Neji, Shikamaru, Rin, and Dosu's cars but two other cars were missing. 'Naruto!' Sasuke thought and quickly jumped out of his car.

At the bottom of the mountain, the floods of people rushed down to see what had been the outcome. The four girls made their way to the front and searched for their Konoha Racers. Hinata gasped.

Towards the bottom of the steep mountain, two cars were crashed into each other. A pale purple car and an orange sports car.

"NARUTO- KUN!" Hinata screamed with all her might. Ino and Tenten held Hinata back from the wreckage. Tears spilled out of Hinata's pale eyes as her voice erupted in violent sobs.

Sasuke ran to both cars and tried to see where Naruto was. He was no where to be found in the car. 'Did the impact fling him out the window?' Sasuke thought, but he then noticed that Naruto's windshield was cracked, but it didn't show any signs of someone being flung out the window.

"Ugh…" someone grunted. Neji and Shikamaru ran to the low grunt as did Sasuke. Hinata's sobs softened as she saw Sasuke and Neji carry a bruised Naruto. Sasuke had his left arm supporting Naruto while Neji had his right arm supporting the fox. Naruto's feet dragged a bit but they managed to get him away from the collision. Hinata hiccupped and ran to Naruto.

Sakura sighed in relief that Naruto was alright, but she looked at the other victim of the accident.

Rin and Dosu looked at Zaku and determined that he had died. It had been a fatal impact and Zaku immediately had passed away. Rin and Dosu looked at each other and nodded. Dosu reached in his back pocket and pulled out a gun.

Sakura screamed. "He's got a gun!" The crowd screamed and went wild. They all fled in different directions as Sasuke, Neji, and Shikamaru stayed and stood their ground. Neji handed off Naruto to Hinata and Tenten.

"Take him out of here and all of you leave!" Neji ordered. The four girls latched on to Naruto and helped him over to behind a few cars.


Dosu's shot echoed in the air. He had fired a shot to the sky and smirked.

"You Konoha trash killed a member of our gang." Dosu remarked as he looked at the three men in front of him. He gave Kin a signal and she whistled loud enough for a group of ten men to run around the three Konoha men. "So to make it fair, it will be…a life for a life." Neji, Sasuke, and Shikamaru looked between the three of them and nodded.

"This is gonna be fun.." Neji stated and smirked. Shikamaru sighed. Dosu and Kin backed away and let the henchmen take care of the three.

"But so troublesome."

Sasuke balled his fists and closed his eyes. When he reopened them, crimson orbs took over his usual onyx.

"Sharingan!" Sasuke yelled as he lunged for two oncoming attackers. Neji and Shikamaru separated also and started fighting the others. From behind the cars, the girls and Naruto could see the entire fight.

"Why does Sasuke have red eyes?" Ino exclaimed as she saw the raven haired male take down another villain. Sakura knew that she wasn't imagining his eyes changing colors all those times she saw them flicker red and then back to black.

"Its…it's a long story Ino" Naruto stated as he coughed. Hinata frowned and rubbed his back. Naruto slightly smiled at her.

They went back to staring at the intent battle. Just then four figures appeared and Sakura and Ino gasped.


"Sasori?" The two cousins of the gasping girls faced them and gulped.

"Oh.." "Shit." Sasori said as Deidara finished his sentence for him. "Ah…Ino-chan we'll explain later."

Deidara, Sasori, Pein and Konan all got in fighting stances and helped the other boys with the fight. One by one the gang of Sound members dropped.

Dosu looked shocked and turned to Kin. They both nodded at each other and made a dash to their cars. They drove off at the speed of light just as Sasuke finished off the last gang member with a kick to his ribs.

Sasuke glared at the retreating cars and growled in anger. They got away before he could even begin to start his torture. Sasuke's eyes returned back to their normal charcoal black as his anger slowly diminished. He looked over to Neji and Shikamaru and saw that they were uninjured and heated as well. Black eyes traveled over to where the girls and Naruto hid. Sasuke made eye contact with Sakura. Black orbs stared into green gems and for the briefest moment, Sasuke swore he saw a blush rise to her cheeks, but quickly fade as she broke their eye contact.

Out of no where, there was a quiet clapping noise coming from the distance. It increased in volume as three figures approached the Konoha gang.

"My, my. What a job well done Sasuke-kun." A bitter feminine voice spoke. A black cloak and hood hid her eyes and body from the gang's view. Two larger cloaked males positioned themselves beside her as they trio made their way through the field.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes at the three figures. Shikamaru, Neji, Pein, Konan, Sasori, and Deidara stood behind the Uchiha in a line formation.

"Who are you?" Sasuke said through gritted teeth. A horrid laugh came from the girl. She slowly unveiled her hood and discarded her cloak as she made eye contact with the Sharingan wielder. She was a mere few inches away from him now.

"I'm Karin, Sasuke-kun, your future wife." Karin closed the gap between them in a sealed kiss. Sasuke widened his eyes and pushed the red headed girl off him.

Sakura felt something inside of her rip apart even more. She couldn't stand the sight before her. She gripped her hands to her chest.

"Sakura-chan…"Naruto noticed her pain. With saddened blue eyes he gripped his longtime friend in a hug as Ino, Hinata, and Tenten encircled the duo in a hug as well.

"Sakura-chan, go home. We'll explain everything on Monday." Naruto said as he slowly got to his knees, gripping the car for support. Hinata kept her arm around his back just in case he hobbled down.

"If you want, we'll walk you home Sakura-chan." Tenten asked as she motioned between a nodding Ino and herself. Sakura shook her head.

"I'll be fine…I'll see you guys tomorrow." With one last look at the angry Uchiha, Sakura turned her back and left.

"Don't you realize that I refuse to marry you?" Sasuke growled out. Karin laughed.

"Oh no dear. Eventually you will marry me for the sake of your clan." Sasuke scowled. From the corner of his eyes he saw Pein nod his head as if allowing them to go forth and attack Karin's two bodyguards. Sasuke mouthed a 'no,' and Pein and the three eldest fighters backed down.

"Your clan will never get this Sharingan." Karin once again let out a howl of laughter. Her two bodyguards chuckled and finally revealed themselves. Sasuke glared harder.

"Ah stop with the glaring brat." Sasuke recognized that voice. It was Suigetsu's.

"Tch. Can't believe this is Karin-san's man." Jugo muttered while shaking his head. Sasuke clenched his fists.

"What is it that you want with me for real?" Sasuke asked as he activated his Sharingan once more. Karin smirked.

"Well…I want you all to myself," Karin licked her lips "but the clan head has something special in stored for you." She gave a malicious smirk. Red eyes gazed over the confused and annoyed faces. "Seems like its getting late and we'll need to be heading back home. But don't worry Sasuke-kun, we'll be seeing each other very soon." Karin blew a kiss to Sasuke who in turn looked disgusted. He watched the three Sound members retreat to their car and leave the premises.

"Sasuke." Pein spoke up. Sasuke glanced at the older man. "Let's report back to Fugaku-san." Sasuke nodded as he turned to face Pein's group. Over his should Sasuke called out to Neji and Shikamaru.

"Get them out of here." He nodded his head towards the girls and Naruto indicating that Neji and Shikamaru should take them all home. With a curt nod from his two friends, Sasuke hopped into his car and drove off in a fury of debris and leaves. Pein and Konan followed suit, along with Sasori and Deidara not trailing far behind.

'They know. God damn.' The raven haired man thought as he drove home. 'I'm just gonna have to explain to them all…on Monday.' Sasuke sighed as he pulled into his driveway. 'This is so annoying.'

The ebony haired man got out of his Nissan, and beeped it off. He made his way inside his abode to now discuss further information on what could be happening to him during this whole situation.

He took his seat in front of his father as many Yakuza members gathered around him. Fugaku gave a stern look to Sasuke, but concern filled his eyes.

"I won't back down from them, not now or ever father." The youngest Uchiha member spoke with his sultry deep voice.

You can sound the alarm

you can call out your guards

you can fence in your yard

you can pull all the cards

but I won't back down

oh no I wont back down

Oh no

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