Chapter 5: The sister of Jill Mathison

Naruto was currently resting on a hill, looking onward at Goldfinger, who had stopped. Suddenly, he was almost shot. He saw the car that the driver used, and sped towards it. Naruto was looking for the shooter, in the middle of Geneva.

The Shooter was actually a girl. Using a metal shredder from his hubcaps, Naruto pulled up beside the car, and wrecked it. The had swerved off. Naruto got out.

"You alright miss?" He asked. The girl nodded.

""you should have pulled over more The girl said. Naruto sighed.

"A double blow-out. Lucky to be alive. Better the car damaged,t hen you. You're not the kind of girl who gets ditched" Naruto said, trying to lighten the situation. It had failed, as the girl was frustrated

"Just get me to the nearest garage" The girl said. She gatered her things, including a briefcase with her initials imprinted on it.

"By the way, My name is Naruto Bond" Naruto said, introducing himself. She introduced herself as Tulia. They began to drive.

"Here for the hunting season?" Naruto asked. Tulia looked at him oddly.

"I have a case like that" Naruto said, pointing to her briefcase. Soon, they got to a Garage. She got out, and got her things.


"It will take a day to get my tired repaired. Luckily there is a hotel nearby" Tulia said. Naruto smiled at her.

"Then, I shall escort you there" Naruto said. But Tulia declined. Naruto sighed, silently admitting defeat to the girl. With that, he left.

He traced Goldfinger to a factory that was labeled AURIC ENTERPRISES. He would hide, wait, and watch for several hours, trying to find anything that would help him

At night, he moved in. He was silently going through all of the rooms, trying to find something, when he came across the factory itself.

It looked as if Goldfinger's car was being fitted with gold. He saw that Goldfinger was making a business deal, while heading out. Naruto nearly had his hiding spot exposed due to that. He moved. But he heard something very interesting.

"Operation Grand Slam will have my full attention" Golfinger said. Naruto picked up on that.

Naruto moved back to the forest arounf the factory, when he heard somebody sneak through it. He had to catch who it was. And he was surprised when he found it was Tulia. What's more, she had a sniper rifle, and a powerful one as well. A Dragunov. He caught her, which made the rifle hit a wire.

"Let go" She said. Naruto looked at her.

"What are you doing here?" Naruto asked. She glared at him.

"I want to kill him. He killed my sister" She said. Naruto remebered that her other initial was M.

"Tulia Matheson. I knew your sister, Jill. I met up with her in Miami. With her during last moments of her life" He said. Tulia still glared at him

"You know nothing" She half yelled at him.

"Why did you shoot at me?" Naruto demanded. Tulia relaxed.

"I was aiming for Goldfinger" She said. Naruto sighed.

"You're a lousy shot" Naruto spat at her. A gunshot was heard.

"but that one wasn't. Let's go" Naruto sais. Both Tulia and Naruto began to get out of there. The wire that was hit was an alarm trigger.