And now for something completely different.

The colonel looked over the pile of papers on his desk at the blonde who had seated himself on Roy's couch.

"Lieutenant…what the hell are those?"

Havoc's head snapped up, the cigarette in-between his lips wobbling dangerously, "Oh, these?" he held up the pair of item Mustang was staring at, "These are tap shoes…"


"Why are they taps? That's a bizarre question Taisa," had Roy rolled his eyes any harder, they would have rolled right out of his face, "Oooh, you mean why do I have them? I figured that was obvious. Watch!"

And in less time than it takes you to say 'They're after me lucky charms," Havoc had changed out of his military boots and into the taps. With a grace no one would ever think to attribute to the hopeless flirt, le leapt onto his superior officer's desk and tapped almost too fast for Roy's eyes to keep up.

"Get the hell out of my office!" Havoc ended up on the floor with his cigarette somehow rammed up his nose and engulfed in flames.

Too bad Roy stopped him after he had tapped the Morse code for "Taisa and Edward, sitting in a tree." The communications boys outside had had a good chuckle about that.

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