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Basic Info

- This is set after the first season, but before V-Force.

- Hilary only briefly appears, at Tyson's school.

- Kai and Tyson are main characters - a bit more Kai though.

- This is NOT yaoi - just close friendship.

- The characters are in their first season outfits.

- There is a lot of swearing throughout, maybe some violence later on, haven't quite decided yet.

Disclaimer: I don't own Beyblade or any of it's characters. If I did, Beyblade would no longer be intended for kids, you get my drift?

'Kay! Here we go!

Chapter 1 - Whoops!

Normal POV

The Blade Breakers (Kai, Tyson, Ray, Max and Kenny) were in the back yard of Tyson's dojo, training since 7 this morning when Kai had come stomping in and thrown cold water over Tyson to wake him up.

I was now just past midday, and the whole group (save Kai) were exhausted, Tyson begging for food.

"Please Kai!" Tyson moaned, "we've been going for almost six hours now, I need food!"

Kai frowned, "If you'd gotten up on time you could have had your normal 6 helpings of breakfast and you wouldn't be hungry."

"Oh come on Kai," Max chipped in, "I got up early and had Breakfast and even I'm hungry!"

"I think it would be best for a break now Kai," Kenny said, looking up from his laptop, Ray was looking at him in a similar way. The look basically said, 'stop being a sourpuss and give us a break!'

Kai sighed and called Dranzer back to his hand, "fine, knock yourselves out."

There was a cheer as Max and Tyson raced back towards the kitchen, Ray and Kenny just behind them, and Kai trailing far behind.

Things hadn't been fantastic for the slate-haired teen since the championships, he had been putting a little bit more effort into getting along wit his team mates, but he was finding it increasingly difficult.

When they first arrived back in Japan, they others had celebrated with their family and friends. Kenny was smothered by his parents almost straight away. Ray's grandpa had come from China along with The White Tigers to congratulate him and the team. Max's parent's were there along with The All-Stars. And of course Tyson had is dad and grandpa along with all his school friends.

However, the only thing that welcomed Kai back was the knowledge that he was about to face tones of trials and meetings about who would take custody of him.

Half of the time he wasn't even allowed in the meetings, they told him to wait outside so they could just talk about him. They discussed his behaviour, temperament and attitude, and tried to agree what kind of environment would be best for him.

Mr. Dickinson was one of the many people who was involved in these meetings. Bruce Granger (Tyson's dad) and Judy Tate (Max's mom) were also invited to speak in some of the meetings in which Kai was not involved in.

It infuriated him knowing they would probably go back to Tyson and Max and tell them whether he was going to be shoved in a children's home or something.

Voltaire was obviously trying to take custody of Kai, and honestly, Kai wasn't bothered if he was sent back to live with him. He wasn't afraid of his Grandfather anymore and he knew he could go outside any time he wanted.

After all the discussions and meetings, they were still no closer to finding a suitable home for Kai, so they decided to let him choose.

He was given four options:

Go back to his Grandfather's mansion on the outskirts of Tokyo.

Live with Tyson in the Granger's dojo.

Live in an apartment with a guardian from the BBA.

Or, of course, go to a children's home.

None of the choices appealed too much to Kai.

There was no way on earth he wanted to go to a children's home filled with whiney brats and a 8pm curfew.

The apartment choice sounded interesting until he found out he'd be living with a member of the BBA, baby-sitting him and reporting back to Mr. Dickinson.

So in the end, much to the BBA's dismay, Kai went back to living with his Grandfather.

Kai expected his Grandfather to be furious with him, and he was. However, since Kai came back to his mansion, Voltaire had barley spoken a word to his Grandson and that suited Kai just fine.

Kai sighed as he made his way back into the kitchen, where the others were already snacking out, or in Tyson's case, pigging out.

Kai spent his weekends here training the others from 7am until 3pm. Ray was staying at Max's house, but they and Kenny would stay at Tyson's over the weekend working on their skills. They had invited Kai to sleep over as well, but he still felt it was too much too soon.

Although Kai didn't admit it (and he never would) he looked forward to the weekends with his team a lot. Tyson, Kenny and Max had started school a couple weeks back, while Ray was privately tutored, courtesy of Mr. Dickinson. Kai, however, spent the weekdays endlessly roaming the streets looking for something to do, spending as little time as he could at the mansion, trying to deny the fact that he was bored without the others.

Kai now watched them throw down as much food as they could while he sipped coffee, well except for Kenny who was busy working on something with Dizzi. Probably some kind of new attack ring.

"Wha'cha wokrin' on Ken-ne," Tyson spluttered with a mouth full of food, spraying bits of his tuna sandwich over Max, who shrieked and said a obscene word he probably didn't even know the meaning off. Ray slapped him on he back of the head.

Kenny looked up. He looked slightly nervous as everyone was staring at him intently.

"Well, me and Dizzi had this theory that, maybe, our bit-beasts could converse with each other, and they could gain new skills and - just maybe - they could build each others status up in the areas of which they are disadvantaged in - "

"Whao whao whoaaa! Chief! Speak English!" Tyson said looking disbelievingly.

Max laughed, "what he means, Tyson, is that our bit-beast could talk with each other and could learn from each other."


Tyson looked around at them all. Ray looking vague. Kai scowling at his stupidity. Kenny peeping from behind his laptop nervously and Max looking smug.

"Well, geez chief, why didn't you just say that?"

All sweat drop apart from Kai who mutters "idiot" under his breath

Kenny cleared his throat, "Well anyway, we've been working on it for the past couple of weeks or so, and I think we're nearly there!" he said excitedly.

"Cool!" Tyson yelled moving into the lounge where he threw himself onto the sofa with a huge plate of food in front of him. The others followed, with Kai at the back as always.

Max sat down next to Tyson with spare be blade parts and started modifying Draciel, Ray flipped on the TV, Kenny sat on the floor typing away furiously on Dizzi and Kai stood aloof leaning against the side of the wall.

After half an hour or so, Max and Ray had moved much closer to the TV, Kenny was still in his original position and Kai was now sat where Max was next to Tyson. Both of them had their blades out and were going through the spare parts hoping to adjust them.

Kai stopped suddenly and looked over at Kenny.

"When you say our bit-beast communicate with each other and learn from each other," he said thoughtfully as Kenny looked up from his laptop, "do you mean they'll be physically close to each other, like in a battle?"

Kenny thought for a moment, "yes, I guess so if they are transferring skills with each other. Though it won't be in this reality. It'll be in a sort of alternative universe."

Kai frowned.

"Why do you ask?" Kenny inquired.

Kai's frown straightened out as he casually replied, "oh, you know, I was just concerned that Dranzer might have something useless transferred from Dragoon, that's all."

Tyson's head snapped up at the sound of his bit-beast name, he frowned at Kai, "and what is THAT supposed to mean?" he demanded.

Kai smirked, "Well, I don't want Dranzer picking up any of your skills. You do know that your stupidity is contagious?"

Ray and Max, who had been listening into the conversation, snickered at Kai's last comment, and watched as Tyson's face grew red.

"Shut the hell up Mr. I'm-Brilliant-At-Making-Decisions!"

Kai tensed ever so slightly at the last part.

'Tyson always has to bring that up doesn't he? Every time we get into an argument, he has to bring up BioVolt and The Abby, basterd,' Kai thought gritting his teeth.

"Just look at all the stupid decisions you've made within the past couple of months! The latest being you going back to that mad-man you call your Grandfa-"

"If you want to wake up tomorrow morning Tyson, I suggest you shut it!" Kai growled.

Tyson hissed something under his breath. He was deeply upset that his team captain and friend had decided to go back and live with his maniac of a Grandfather rather than live with him. Kai shot him a dirty look and they both started arguing again, getting louder by the second.

Ray and Max watched them with amused expressions upon their faces. Kenny started working with Dizzi again, briefly looking up, praying that this wouldn't turn physical.

Suddenly a warning sign came up upon his laptop screen, flashing in bright colours. Kenny's face contorted with silent panic.

"Erm… D-Dizzi?" he stuttered unheard by the others because of Tyson who was now screaming at Kai, "w-whats happening?"

"Don't look now chief! But thing are about to go BOOM!" Dizzi replied, as the 'Warning!' became faster and more vibrant.

"G-Guys! I-I think you need to hear this!"


"OH grow up! Tyson!," Kai snapped.

"You wanna settle this the grown-up way then Kai?" Tyson asked placing Dragoon down and raising his fists.

Kai snorted with laughter. "YOU think you can take ME on? Either that or your suicidal." Copying Tyson, he placed Dranzer in a safe place, and turned in time to see Tyson running towards him.

"Erm, seriously, GUYS!" Kenny yelled, becoming slightly hysterical as both Ray and Max were yelling at the other two to stop, and Dizzi was yelling something about a cancellation code.

No one could hear each other, as Tyson flew at Kai, who easily dodged his attack and seconds later had him in a headlock, trying to control rage, and laughter at Tyson's feeble attempt.

Tyson whimpered as Kai tightened his grip and his oxygen supply was cut off.

"KAI STOP IT! HE'S TURNING RED!" Kenny shrieked slamming his fist down on the keyboard.

Kai was about to let go of Tyson, when a blinding light flew out from Kenny's laptop. Kai's eyes widened in shock, he felt something hit him in the chest, but not only that. He felt something moving inside him, like his mind was shifting.

Tyson still tight in Kai's headlock felt a similar feeling, his eyes slipping out of focus, as both teens were flung across the floor, where they lay emotionless.

Ray, Max and Kenny, too busy covering their eyes with their hands, did not notice the two boys collapse, nor did they notice the fact that Dragoon and Dranzer's bit pieces were glowing and radiating heat.

It was all over fast.

Ray sat panting, his arms flung over his face, unsure of what to do. He and Max both sat up abruptly when they heard a loud moan.

"DIZZI!" Kenny howled.

Ray looked up and saw that the laptop was smoking and small sparks emitted from it every few seconds.

Max sat up, "what the hell happened?" he looked quizzing at Ray, who shrugged, then at Kenny who was still mourning over his laptop.

"Kenny, pull yourself together!" Ray snapped, then looked around, his eyes landing on the crumpled forms of his team mates "KAI! TYSON! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" he yelled, springing to his feet and rushed over to the fallen teens, Max at his heels.

Ray ran to Tyson who was the closest and checked his pulse. He sighed with relief, it was there, and beating at a steady and repetitive rate. He then checked Kai, and was equally as relieved when he found the older boy was also still living.

"What happened?" Max repeated.

Ray shrugged. All he knew is that a huge light came out of Dizzi, and the next moment it was gone, leaving a fried laptop and two of his friends unconscious.

"Their just out-cold, we should move them into the bedroom. There's nothing much we can really do accept wait until they wake up."

"Gotcha Ray!"

Kenny, Max and Ray started the task of moving the two unconscious boys into the bedroom. They thought it would be quite difficult, but surprisingly it wasn't. They couldn't believe how light both Kai and Tyson were. Kai was taller and so well muscled that they felt sure moving him would be like lifting a tank, but Max and Ray easily lifted and carried him. Tyson, with all the food he eats, also surprised the boys, where all the food he puts into his mouth goes, they did not know.

After Kai and Tyson were safely lying on their futons, the others merely sat and watched them for a while until Ray turned to Kenny.

"Chief, what on earth happened in there? Why did Dizzi try and blind us?"

"She didn't mean to Ray!" Kenny protested, but paused and carried on after seeing the look on Ray's face, "erm, well, I was working at that project involving your bit-beast, when all the warning signs started going of on my laptop. I tried to tell you guys, but Kai and Tyson were yelling too loud. And the next thing I know, POOF! A blinding light and those two are unconscious." he finished gesturing at Kai and Tyson.

"So basically, you have no idea what happened?" Max asked.

"W-Well, yes - sort of."


They silenced as they heard movement from one of the futons. Max, Ray and Kenny spun around and gazed at the two boys. Tyson was stirring. Tyson. He was actually waking up before Kai - weird.

Tyson sat up, "what happened?"

"Dizzi malfunctioned, big light, you and Kai unconscious," said Ray slightly bored with the lack of information.

However Tyson looked extremely confused. "What do you mean me and Kai?"

Ray tilted his head, "erm, you, as in Tyson Granger, and Kai, as in Hiwatari - team captain - Mr. Sourpuss to you, were knocked unconscious somehow."

Tyson looked even more confused, slowly he turned his head and looked at the sleeping form of Kai next to him.

There was a silence, before -


Tyson jumped to his feet, eyes wide, pupils constricted to pins and he was breathing heavily.

"Tyson! What's wrong?" Max asked worried, looking from Tyson back down to Kai.

Tyson didn't answer, he turned and strode over to a large wardrobe that stood in the corner of the room. He yanked it open and looked into the mirror that hung on the inside of the door. An expression of pure horror came over his face.

"Tyson! Wha' -"

"Wus goin' on?" came a voice.

The others turned to see Kai sitting up, rubbing his eyes groggily. He blinked slowly, and looked up at them, an amused smile on his face seeing their expressions.

"Whoa guys! I know I'm good-looking and all, but really there's no need to sta' -"

Kai trailed of when he looked at Tyson, confusion etched on his features. Drawing his eyes away from Tyson, Kai looked himself up and down before returning his gaze to Tyson, a huge smiled slapped across his face.

"DUDE!" Kai exclaimed, taking Ray, Max and Kenny by surprise, "WE'VE SWAPPED BODIES! HOW COOL IS THAT?"

Tyson looked plainly mortified.

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