This first chapter of my second Naruto fanfic starts with a rather steamy scene. If you're not really into that then scroll down to the second to last paragraph and umm… wait for the next chapter I guess! Don't worry, it won't always be this steamy!!!

The young woman let her golden blond hair fall elegantly down her naked chest, her dark nipples only hidden by her kaki jonin jacket which was open. Her blue eyes, tinted with green were half closed as the man glided his gentle fingers across her flat tummy, feeling the muscles clench a little as his fingers passed over them, heading south. His fingers gently prised her black underwear away from her pale skin and slipped his hand between the fabric and the flesh, feeling the rhythmic movement of her relaxed breathing as he lifted his face up towards hers, his lips brushing her silky skin. She let her hands guide him towards her face through the relative darkness as she leant back against his pillow, feeling her bare feet catch in the bedding as she stretched her long legs out luxuriously on either side of the tanned man who was making his way slowly up to her neck. She smiled to herself as he pulled her black underwear off and down her legs, feeling them roll up uncomfortably the way knickers tend to do.

She smiled down at him as he looked up at her, adoration etched in his handsome face which the young woman found irresistible. She passed her finger along the scar across his nose affectionately, making his eyes flicker unintentionally, but which endeared him all the more to her. He picked himself up heavily and placed his lips on hers lightly, the way he knew she liked it, making her melt into the bed clothes as her bluey green eyes closed in ecstasy, their two pairs of lips brushing across each other adoringly while she brushed her fingers elegantly through his dark brown hair, pulling it out of the ponytail it had been in.

When he pulled away for air, she reached over to the bedside table and grabbed a dark brown squeezy bottle with the words "chocolate sauce" inscribed on the side with an annoying little black dog grinning up at her as the man kissed her neck romantically. Brushing her blond hair, sapphire streak included, out of her face she sat up onto her knees, pushing him into the bed sheets where he lay watching her smile down at him lustfully, she gently flipped the top open with one hand while her free hand pulled the mans trousers down, revealing a pleasing sight. She upturned the bottle and squeezed some of the contents onto his bare chest, watching as his toned muscles clenched as the warm chocolate met his skin with a hungry smile on her attractive face. She poured a hefty amount onto his chest, coiling the thick substance around his nipples and below his belly button, before replacing the bottle on the bedside table and lowering her face to his torso with a provocative expression.

He gasped as her warm tongue made contact with his faint six pack and his muscles tightened around the contact point. He felt her soft lips move around his chest, across his tanned skin which seemed so dark compared to hers, stopping at his nipple which she entwined her tongue around lustfully before making her way further down, trying to make her way past his belly button but he sat up. He pushed her backwards so that she was lying where their feet should have been, giggling as his fingers pressed against her thigh while he reached for the bottle before emptying the rest of the contents onto her shapely bosom. She smiled as she watched the bottle fall to the floor with a faint clatter, but her lips parted pretty swiftly as she felt her lovers warm tongue delicately caressing her smooth, bare tummy and a low gasp escaped from her mouth.

She felt him move up and down her torso, his soft tongue and lips almost embracing her as it led her closer and closer to heaven. The man felt her breathing speed up as desire began to take over her body and spirit, watching her pretty face screw up and release with different areas of her body, a body which he knew off by heart and could recognise even if he was blind. He tenderly slid his right hand in the space between the small of her back and the bed to gently lift her body which was limp with desire, an effect which often came about in these moments and which the man loved. He let his lips slide across her sticky chest, between her two breasts as he made his way up past her collar bone, up her neck to tenderly nibble her lower lip, watching the familiar euphoric expression take over her face.

She let moans of desire and lust slip through her parted lips as the man slowly let his face slide back down her neck, pausing by her collarbone to tenderly nibble it for a moment before heading back down to her cleavage where he passed his tongue across the fleshy breast around the nipple which he entwined his tongue and lips around, in the same manner as she had earlier. The young woman had her mouth open and her eyes closed as her lover made his way onto the other breast, her breath coming out in euphoric moans. She sat up to gaze at him adoringly through drowsy eyes, drugged up on yearning and desire, before moving her face forwards to let their noses brush gently, letting him move further to place his sweet sticky lips on hers. Their two tongues met in the space the two caverns made together, and moved together in an intimate twisting movement, coiling around each other and linking the two beings together in mutual love and lust.

The woman felt the mans skilled hand move delicately up the inside of her thigh, slowly making his way towards-

'Ichigo, get your mind out of those dirty memories of yours and back on the assignment.' came a firm male voice in the blond woman's mind, bringing her back to reality in one painful second and the mission in process. She sighed uninterestedly and picked herself up from her position on the floor, looking through her mask at the cat who, despite not having human features was still glaring at her, criticising what had been going through her mind.

'Okay I'm up!' she exclaimed loudly, like a moody teenager trying to rebel against a parent they love too much. 'You're worse than my mother.' she added, but there was a smile in her voice even though her face wasn't visible. She and the cat ran off into the forest after her other team mates who had already left, pursuing an unseen foe which they were to bring back to Konoha a.s.a.p.