The next day Iruka was at work, teaching the young academy students, so Ichigo had the day all to herself… and Lack, of course. They decided to wander around the village and check out how it had changed in the past few months that she'd been away on her mission.

It turned out that nothing had changed and that everything was almost exactly the same as she had left it… other than Kakashi who seemed to pop up all over the place.

'Are you following me?' asked the young blond girl jokingly as she bumped into him for the third time, frowning sceptically.

'If I was I'd be doing a pretty lousy job, wouldn't I?' he said, smiling at her from beneath his dark mask. She giggled meekly, not quite sure of what to make of the jonin, Lack wasn't much interested which made it even more difficult to read Ichigo's new acquaintance.

'Don't you have to go to work or something?' she asked, trying to make him leave but he was determined not to be got rid of that easily. 'Like, a mission or something?'

'I'm actually late to meet my squad.' he admitted shrugging uninterestedly making Ichigo smile uncertainly. 'Don't worry, I'm always late for them. They're used to it by now.' he reassured her, she nodded uncertainly.

'Can I come and meet them?' she asked, swiftly concocting an ingenious plan in her mind: if she went with him to "meet" them he would have to let her go when she said she had to go somewhere cos he'd have the responsibility of his squad and whatever mission he was going to go on. MWAHAHAHA! The plan was flawless!!!

'Sure.' he answered, shrugging indifferently and turning to walk down the main road; Ichigo followed. 'I warn you, they're not very… well, they're uhh… they're different I guess you could say.'

'They can't be as different as me, that's for sure.' she told him decisively, nodding to herself as they walked through a pair of gates and past the Hokage's… Ichigo didn't know what it was called so she gave up trying to describe what she was doing.

'You'd be surprised.' retorted the jonin looking down at her knowingly, infuriating Ichigo who narrowed her eyes discreetly and looked away.

'He's doing it on purpose, Ichigo.' came Lack's voice from beside her as he trotted benignly along a few of his little cat paces in front of them. 'Don't rise to the bait.'

They left the village and walked slowly through the bright woodlands, the sunlight seeping through the thin canopy and splattering their faces with golden rays, making their eyes close slightly every now and then with the change in brightness. Ichigo didn't want to be here and had to stifle several large yawns as they meandered along the wide woodland path, the sensation of crunching autumn leaves below their feet giving the young girl a strange sense of power, entertaining her as she followed the surprisingly alluring man beside her.

'Sexy no Jutsu!' came a young male voice from up ahead, making both Ichigo and Lack's ears prick up in curiosity and interest. They watched as a young blond boy in an orange tracksuit disappeared in a puff of blue-ish smoke only to be replaced by a naked blond girl who appeared to be blowing a kiss to an uninterested dark haired boy before a pink haired girl bashed him on the head, shouting at him not to be so childish.

'Sexy no Jutsu?' enquired Ichigo, looking over at Kakashi curiously expecting a decent answer but he sighed exasperatedly. 'Is he a bit on the gay side?' she added, looking back at him curiously, lifting her eyebrows.

'Naruto is the most "different" one.' explained Kakashi as they gradually got closer. 'He wants to become the next Hokage.' As they reached the small group of children Ichigo realised that this was actually Kakashi's squad: he was a teacher???

'Kaka-sensei!' cried the young girl with pink hair, running up to the jonin and pointing at the blond boy who had returned to his original form with a large lump protruding from the top of his head. 'Naruto was trying to impress Sasuke-kun!!!' she cried, turning and glaring at the blond boy who glared back.

'It looked as though Sasuke wasn't particularly interested.' answered the white haired man indifferently. Ichigo guessed that the blond boy was Naruto, the dark haired kid was Sasuke and the girl was… well, she didn't know her name.

'Hey kid,' said Ichigo looking at Naruto interestedly, a small smile playing across her lips as the young boy looked up curiously, clearly wondering who she was. 'Naruto I think your name is…' the boy nodded making a small "mmhhmm" noise as he did so. 'What was that jutsu?' she asked, placing one of her hands on her waist and using the other one to brush her fringe out of her eyes.

'That was my Sexy Jutsu!' he exclaimed grinning proudly as he got to his feet and standing in front of her. 'I made it myself!'

'Does it work with girls too?' asked the young woman, watching the boy intently as she searched for a certain reaction… but it didn't come. He just looked back up at her doubtfully.

'I haven't tried…' he admitted quietly, making Kakashi roll his eyes in exasperated disbelief, Ichigo smiled at him and Lack sneezed. The girl squealed and threw herself onto the small (and relatively terrified) cat, pressing him to her chest as she squeezed him tightly, cooing sweet nothings in his small triangular ear making his eyes narrow.

'Do you mind if I try?' asked Ichigo, smiling down winningly at the young boy who grinned back up at her, nodding his head vigorously. 'Is there a trick to it, or is it just… you know? Thingy.' she finished, wincing at her lame description and shrugging on of her shoulders. The boy thought for a moment before answering.

'The trick is to get all the curves in the right places.' he told her resolutely, nodding firmly up at her. 'But that should be easy for you…' he added quietly before blushing a deep beetroot red, making Kakashi pinch the top of his nose intensely and Ichigo giggle.

She put her hands into the right seal and closed her eyes slowly, hoping Kakashi was watching and that Iruka wasn't… she pushed him out of her mind as she cried out the unnecessary word "Transform!" before feeling the familiar sensation of her body changing form. It was strange to feel herself bare naked in the middle of the woods, thin blue-ish clouds surrounding her shapely body as she opened her greeny-blue eyes to look voluptuously over at Kakashi, noticing his wide eyes and a small red patch on his mask.

'How did I do?' she asked, hearing her voice come out in a strange kind of squeaky giggle as she looked over at the blond boy called Naruto. His eyes were wide too as she put her right hand behind her head, ruffling her long blond hair (noticing that it had grown about three feet) and winking at him.

'Get your clothes back on.' came Lackamaru's stern yet bored voice in the girls head, making her glower over at the cat who was still being pressed against the girl's chest, a look of utter hatred on his little kitty cat face. 'You're making a fool out of yourself.'

Ichigo growled to herself before changing back, still glowering over at the cat in the pink haired girls arms. She rearranged her jonin jacket moodily, her miffed expression making Kakashi cough quietly.

'Are you okay, Ichigo?' he asked leaning towards her discreetly, the damp red patch on his mask progressively oozing down his face.

'Lack insulted me.' she answered moodily, turning away from him with an expression which only ever appears on moody teenagers who are trying to rebel against a parent they respect too much. 'He said I was making a fool out of myself.'

'The cat talks?' came a young female voice from behind her. 'And he's called Lack?' Ichigo turned around to continue glowering at the feline in question. 'What a strange name… isn't it, Lack?' cooed the girl, squeezing his face up to hers and pressing her nose on his making him grimace in a cat sort of way. 'Aren't you a pretty boy, yes you are, yes you are!'

'Help me… please…' whimpered the small animal looking up at Ichigo imploringly as the girl wrapped her arms around his stomach and pulling him to her. Ichigo smiled deviously down at him, crossing her arms rebelliously.

'You know, he loves that sort of treatment.' she said quietly making the pink haired girl squeal even louder and more high pitched than ever before, hugging him vigorously as she continued to squeal at him. The cat looked up at her with a look which, had looks killed, made the blond girl drop dead where she stood. Ichigo smiled wickedly back down at him.

'Aren't you the cutest wittle baby I have ever seen?' asked the pink haired girl in a cooing voice as she continued to slowly kill Lack with love.

'Ichigo I'm begging you-' came the cats voice from between the girls bosom. 'I promise I will never walk in on you and Iruka again-' the girl's eyes widened in shock as she glared down at him.

'That was you???' she exclaimed furiously, making Kakashi and his students jump a little at her loud and angry voice. 'I knew it! You scheming little-'

'PLEASE!!!' he begged as the girls grip tightened again from her slight relapse when Ichigo had raised her voice.

'Hey, Pinky.' said Ichigo, her expression unfriendly as the girl looked up at her uncertainly. 'Let the cat go. I think you've "loved" him enough, don't you?' she asked, marking the word Love with inverted commas with her two index fingers.

'My name is Sakura.' answered the girl defiantly, releasing the cat who sprang away, relieved before rubbing himself on Ichigo's ankles affectionately.

'Well you seem to answer perfectly well to "Pinky", don't you?' retorted Ichigo, suddenly in a bad mood while she watched the girl named Sakura back away nervously, the defiant look still adorning her pretty young face but her body language screamed that she was terrified of the blond woman before her.

'Thank you, Ichigo.' came the cats voice as he continued to rub the side of his body up against her lower legs, entwining himself between her two feet. 'Thank you so much.'

'I'd better get going.' said the eighteen year old, addressing Kakashi with a frown still decidedly stuck to her forehead. 'I'm gonna check if there's a decent Anbu assignment going begging.'

'You're leaving the village?' asked the silver haired man curiously, trying not to let her know he was too interested. 'So soon? Don't you like it here?' He couldn't quite understand why he was compelled to talk to her, to be with her, to watch the movement of her pretty face as she explained to him that there probably wouldn't be a mission yet.

'It's slim pickings for us Anbu these days.' she told him, grimacing at him exasperatedly in a "it had to be like that, didn't it?" kind of way. 'But there should be one sometime soon. There is actually one going begging, but it would be really long.' she told him, folding her arms as she swung onto one foot. 'Sort of several months at least.' she finished, looking down at the feline sitting silently between her feet.

'Well we can't have that now, can we?' said the jonin amicably, wondering vaguely what he was doing. 'Months on end with no Ichigo? Can't have that!' he noticed her sceptical eyebrow raised as she watched him intently, trying to figure out what was going on. 'I mean- uhh… poor Iruka! You're going to leave him all alone?' he asked quickly, recovering from the awkward atmosphere which had discreetly snuck up on them both. She seemed to accept that that was his true feeling about the situation and nodded quickly, shrugging at the same time.

'Well he's been without me for months at a time.' she told him, flicking her hair over her shoulder uninterestedly. 'I guess we'd better make the most of our time together, if you know what I mean.' she finished, gazing at him provocatively in adult comprehension while the three genin stood silently, wondering vaguely what she was on about.

Somehow, as the girl walked away apathetically, her shapely hips waving rhythmically with her movement, Kakashi's mind was not calmed by her last remark but had instead flown into disarray, making him very uncertain of what he was feeling. It wasn't the same as he had felt previously about women, this was more profound, more of a strange sort of curiosity mingled with yearning for something he knew he couldn't have.

'Kakashi sensei?' came Naruto's voice from behind him, making him look uninterestedly over his shoulder at his three students with a small "hmm" of recognition. 'Is that your girlfriend?'

'NARUTO!!!' screamed Sakura before swiping him over the head painfully, leaving a large lump where her fist had collided with his skull. 'You can't just ask Kakashi sensei something that personal! It's private!' she continued, still shouting at the blond boy as he cowered at her feet. When she had finished she looked up at the silver haired man, smiling expectantly at him as she was just as curious as Naruto.

Kakashi sighed and decided not to answer, instead leading them away to their designated training area for the day.

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