My Precious

Chapter 1

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Five Days Earlier…

Trying to keep herself under control, she did her best to stop the tremors and not allow herself to show him how aroused she was. However, this was a battle she was losing fast.

"What have you," she paused to swallow. "Done?" Her body just seemed to get more aroused with his deep laugh. A shiver coursed down her spine.

A pair of fangs glinted in the dim lighting. "Nothing, but I will…later."

The girl moaned, her cheeks flushing as her hands gripped his strong biceps. Her brows creased as her eyes closed and her head fogged with desire. She struggled to remain coherent, but the undeniable skills his fingers possessed, kept her from doing so.

"Please," she begged.

"Please what?" He asked, mockingly.

She bit her lip. She wouldn't give in! She couldn't!

He hit that spot, one that he alone knew about, and had taken full advantage of. Right as she neared the edge, he brought her back down from the place she desperately wanted to be.

"Say it," he demanded. The growl echoed in her head and heated her body.

"Please Ma-"

"Miss Higurashi!"

Kagome jumped at her teacher's loud, intimidating voice, taking in the scene around her. Students were shuffling out of the classroom in small clusters, looking back at her and snickering. The clock read 2:31pm.

"You slept through my class once again," the teacher looked at her from over his glasses. "What do you have to say for yourself?" His dark eyes pierced through her and her stomach suddenly twisted into knots.

Kagome's cheeks flushed instantly as she looked at the middle-aged man, quickly gathering her things. "I truly am sorry sir, I honestly didn't mean to." She had to struggle to keep her voice calm, though she could hear it tremble.

"Don't let it happen again Higurashi. Now get out so I can leave and actually enjoy my three-day weekend." His aged hands reached up to adjust his large glasses first before running them over his slicked hair.

Kagome nodded, grabbing her book to close it and seal the small drop of saliva that had escaped her mouth inside. She said a quick but polite goodbye to her balding teacher and ran out of the building, already expecting to be late for her ride.

This was the third time in two weeks she'd fallen asleep in that class. However, it had been the first time she'd had a vivid dream with the mysterious stranger that kept her up all night. She was lucky her family hadn't caught her waking as she often did; her clothes in disarray with her hands in intimate places.

She picked up her pace as she saw the bus arriving at its marked stop across the street from the school. "Wait!" She called to one of its passengers boarding. The driver ignored her. "Hold the bus!" The wet grass in front of the school slowed her progress. She couldn't count the number of times she'd slipped on it if she used both hands.

"Wait!" Kagome screamed, racing for the moving vehicle at full speed once she reached the sidewalk. Not looking, or rather, not particularly caring about anything but catching that big, white automobile that would take her home. The young raven took three steps onto the black surface before horns blared to her right.

She didn't even have time to look before she was hit, hard, and thrown to the pavement. Her head collided with something solid, startling her before sharp pains shot down her spine and raced back up to pound around inside her skull. Her chest felt crushed and heavy as she struggled to breathe.

"Are you alright?"

A masculine voice asked, the weight shifting from Kagome's chest. Her head throbbed as her vision was glittered with color. But Kagome couldn't quite get herself to form any words. She sucked in a lungful of air several times, her eyes wandering over the several, blurred faces now surrounding her. One of them seemed to have very fair hair.

"Watch where you're walking bitch!"

Kagome felt a deep rumble in her savior's chest as the car sped off only a few feet from her head. "Fuck you asshole! Here, give me your hand." The man grunted as he helped Kagome sit up slowly. "Are you alright? You look pale."

The hand at the back of her head told her that the only reason she wasn't dealing with a shattered skull was because her savior had thought to protect the precious extension. Still it didn't soften the blow by much. Her brain pounded against the walls of her skull in time with her heartbeat.

"Yeah, I'm-" She glanced over to vaguely see the bus down the street. "Oh fuck I missed the bus!" Her hand went up to the source of pain on her skull, finding a bump, but no sign of blood. "Shit."

The man chuckled, shaking his head.

"What's so funny?" She demanded, now fully taking note of the stranger.

His face was somewhere between rounded and sharp, giving him a very lean, yet strong look. A pair of expensive, black sunglasses completely concealed his eyes from her while long, silky strands of silver cascaded over his shoulders, spilling out from under a black knit cap.

Looking back at her, he smiled a dark, fanged grin. "I'm sorry you missed your bus. My car is just around the corner. I can drive you home, if you want?"

Was he a student? How could she have missed such a handsome man wandering around? He must be a college student in the very least. "No I-"

"Please," he cut her off. "I insist." Kagome opened her mouth to protest, but the pain that seemed to radiate from every part of her body said otherwise. With a weak nod, she allowed the stranger to wrap his arms around her and carry her to the car.

She supposed it wouldn't be too bad to trust the handsome stranger. What was the worst that could happen?








"Happy Birthday Kagome!" Everyone cheered as the young woman smiled, recited her wish in her head, and blew out the candles on the white cake.

"Can you believe my granddaughter is eighteen today?" Her grandfather hadn't stopped repeating that line since the early morning. On any other day, she might have gotten irritated, perhaps even snapped at the elderly man, but she had bigger things on her mind.

In all honesty, Kagome had been completely terrified since the moment she woke up.

Every night since the day that asshole, Inuyasha, had saved her from an oncoming car, he was the man she saw in her dreams. Last night, when she found him in his house, he was standing in front of a huge fireplace, leaning against it's massive frame with a drink in hand. At first, he'd made no implication that he even knew she was there, simply staring into the flames that engulfed the massive hearth.

Then, suddenly, he turned to her and simply said, with a smirk, "I'm coming for you My Precious."

Those little words had scared her out of her wits when she woke up.

'He couldn't, like, suddenly take me away; I mean that would be kidnapping!' Kagome thought as she angrily sliced the cake, plopping it onto plates for the guests while plastering a smile on her face.

Setting down another plate on the dining table, she realized a few gifts had accidentally been set down there. Her chocolate eyes flicked over to the gift-table as she decided that the gifts being in the wrong spot would probably bug her for the rest of the day if she didn't do something about them. There weren't many gifts to move; she hadn't invited many people. The biggest gift had been a giant teddy bear from Hojo, followed by a new laptop from her family. After that, there was Victoria's Secret gift card for fifty dollars from Eri and the girls, a Hhot Ttopic gift card for forty dollars from a distant uncle, and lastly, a card.

She frowned as she looked at the folded paper, setting down the small, wrapped boxes she'd just gotten from her Aunts. When had that gotten there? Kagome picked up the small rectangle andit up looked for any sign that she knew who it was from on the outside envelope. The only writing was her name in elegant script, obviously written by Mr. Inkjet.

Tearing the top she pulled out the folded cardstock and opened it.

I come for you today, m My Precious

Kagome dropped it as if it had burned her, staring with utter horror. No, this couldn't be. It had to be some joke! A fake! Something Souta decidedly concocted for her as a prank after she had confided in him what a creeper she thought her savior was! Her emotions turned swiftly to anger as she picked it up, crumpled it, and threw it into the trash. It was just a horrible prank.

Ding Dong

Terror ran thick through her veins, pumping in time with her heart. Her hands went numb. Her stomach did flips. Her vision blurred. Her breaths became erratic.

Calm the fuck down! she screamed internally to herself.

"Kagome can you get that, dear?" Her mother called from the other room where she was setting up a game with her friends.

Her mother's voice seemed to penetrate into her body; giving her enough will to at least become unfrozen. "Y-yeah!" She called back, moving to the door and placing a hand on the knob.

For awhile she just stared at the metal in her hand, trying to get herself under control while thinking of several ways to escape, with her family, should it come to that. The impatient guest on the other side of the door, rung the bell several more times. Counting to three, Kagome took a deep breath, quickly opening the door.

"Don't just stand there looking confused, take this bag from me. Its heavy and cold!" Souta complained, leaning the side of his body that held a bag of ice toward her.

Kagome shook her head to get out of her stupor and took the ice, laughing. I was worried over nothing. . Hahaha I am such an idiot. She laughed at herself, hauling the bag to the kitchen to add to the cooler of soda.

"Who did you think I was? The boogeyman? You looked at me like I was going to eat you!"

"No I just got this card - oh whatever! I don't have to tell you anything!" She snapped, ripping the plastic off the pile of ice before dumping it into a cooler.

"Oh my god!" Souta nearly fell over laughing. "You thought I was that guy didn't you?"

Kagome's cheeks turned pink. "No!"

"You so did!" He laughed even harder. "Better watch out! I'm an amazing hotdog-man coming to kidnap you!"

"I didn't say he was a hotdog-man!"

Pausing for a moment, he stuck out his lips and bat his eyes. "'Oh Souta! I was almost hit by a car 'cuz I was an idiot and ran into the street, and I was saved by this amazing guy with dog ears!' Really Kagome. Who did you say he was anyway?"

"He said his name was Inuyasha." Kagome answered, though his name did nothing for her. In fact, the thoughts that now occupied her mind was those cute dog-ears he had. It wasn't uncommon for anyone with demon blood to have an animalistic trait,trait; there were even several famous people who had uglier appendages than puppy ears.

Kagome shook her head. "Whatever. I don't have to tell you shit."

"Kagome!" Eri called prancing up to her. "We are so going to have to go out to Victoria's Secret this weekend to go shopping!" She squealed, holding one of their latest catalogues in her hands. Kagome blushed deeply, looking over at her brother. An awkward expression set into his face before he walked away, quickly. "I don't know if- I mean that store-"

"Are you afraid of going in there?"

"I'm not afraid of it!" She argued, still red in the cheeks.

"So you're embarrassed to go in there because there's panties and bras huh?" Eri laughed, slinging an arm around her shoulders. "Oh Kagome."

Yuka joined at that moment, slinging her arm around her shoulders as well. "What are we talking about?"

"Kagome is uncomfortable shopping for bras."

"I am not!"

Eri rolled her eyes.

"Kagome has always been naïve. That's why she's fun to tease, because she's so innocent. Like a little kid." Yuka giggled, pinching Kagome's flushed cheek and giving it a light shake.

"Gaaah! Stop that!" Kagome slapped Yuka's hand, sending the trio into a fit of giggles.

"What has all of you laughing over here?" Hojo peeked into the Kitchen.

"Nothing, just teasing little Kagome here." Eri replied, giving Kagome a playful punch on the arm.

"Well, I'm afraid her grandfather has requested that I steal her away for pictures," he smiled grabbing her upper arm gently. "Please excuse us." Kagome blushed slightly, but followed after him into the family room where her grandfather was already setting up an ancient camera. She begged him to get something newer, but the old man refused, repeating that it was an antique that had been in the family for an absurd amount of years. Blah blah blah.

"Souta to the left. Perfect!" Turning without a word of greeting, the old man took hold of Kagome by the shoulders. "Kagome, stand here. Good!" He ran back to the camera, checked it, and then set the timer. "Everyone look at the camera!" He announced as he ran to get into his place in the front.



Ding Dong

Kagome's mother looked to the door. "Oh, that's probably Kaede. She said she was going to come over today to see you, dear."

"I'll get it then, Mom!" Kagome smiled, prancing off. Kaede was like a grandmother to her. She had been the one to teach Kagome all of the old stories to tell the kids on special weekends, different herbs to use for natural cures, and of course, how to be a proper priestess for the shrine. "Grandma Kae-" Her voice failed when the door was open.

It was him!

"Hello Precious." He smirked, one hand leaning against the frame of the door. The red, button-up shirt he wore was gaping in the front, giving her a little show of those dazzlingly toned muscles. Silvery locks spilled out from under the same, black knit he'd worn the day they met. "Miss me?"

Her expression was instantly angry. " YOU JERK!" She screamed, slamming the door with all the power that she had in her, locking it.

She had to lean her body against the white-painted wood to make sure she didn't pass out. The adrenaline that was pumping through her veins made her dizzy and her whole body went numb. Her stomach clenched, threatening to spill it's contents on the floor at any moment.

"Who was that dear?" Her mother asked her softly.

"No one important." She shakily wiped her hands on her pants, quickly walking over to the cooler and drawing out a bottle of water from it. A knock came at the door. "Don't you DARE answer it." She threatened, jabbing a finger at Souta when he moved to get it.

He slowly smiled at her. "It's that man I bet!"

"What man?" He friends asked in unison. Where did they come from anyways?

"That young man who saved you? Well let him in dear." Her mother urged moving toward the door.

"Yeah! Souta said you thought he was cute! I want to see this guy!" Eri agreed.

"I did not say he was cute! He's a rude, jerk!"

Her mother frowned "That's no way to talk about someone who saved your life, Kagome"

"Seriously! Is that all the thanks I get?" They all turned to the side, seeing that the man had come around through the backdoor. "Hello," their expressions went from smiles to gapes in one slow movement.

"You're," Eri breathed, pointing a finger at him in shock.

"No way! You were saved by THE Inuyasha Takahashi!" Yuka exclaimed.

"No I-what?" Kagome frowned, glaring at the man.

"It was nothing I assure you." Taking off his dark sun glasses, she realized there was no way he couldn't be the one and only most wanted bachelor in all of Tokyo; not when he had those beautiful golden eyes everyone always admired. He walked up to Kagome, putting a hand on her bare shoulder. "Anyone would have done the same. I just happened to be there at the right place at the right time."

Kagome shoved his hand off her shoulder. "Yes, and I thanked you in the car before you dropped me off. Now you can go on your merry-"

"I'm afraid not Precious." A gentle hand rose to trace her jaw, a movement that was too quick for her to deny. "See, I have come to talk to your family about business," he looked to her mother, holding up a piece of paper in his hand. "If that's alright with you?"

"Of course! Please right this way." Her mother gestured to the dining room after opening its door. "Would you like something to drink?"

"No, thank you," he grinned. Kagome began to follow him, but he put out his hand to stop her, brushing some strands away from her face. "Not yet Precious, I'll come fetch you when I need you." With a wink as a final salute, he left into the room with her mother and grandfather and closed the door.

The room stood in silence until Ayumi cleared her throat. "I think we should go," she suggested.

"Yes good idea." Yuka agreed. All three of them, bid her happy birthday and left, promising to return tomorrow. They also departed with the lingering threat of her with death if she didn't get them some autographs. Hojo seemed clueless about the situation, so the girls dragged him out as well.

Souta was the only one left as the family continued to chat inside the dining room, leaving the two with nothing to do but set off to watch the sunset from the shrine steps.

"What do you think they are talking about that is so important?" Souta finally asked.

"I have no clue, but I don't like anything to do with him." Kagome muttered, though her heart hadn't stopped pounding from the moment he had walked into the house.

"He doesn't seem all that bad…"

"Are you kidding? He's a foul mouthed, dog-eared, stupid-faced, insignificant, jerk-wad, baby-eating, mean…something, with a stupid face and a stupid car, and stupid…UGH!"

Souta stared at her. "If that had made any sense at all, I'm sure it might have been close to an insult." Kagome stuck her tongue out at him before going back to drawing squiggles with a stick into the dirt.

"Kagome!" Her mother called from inside.

She all but leapt off the stairs at the chance to find out what was going on. "Coming!" Kagome found herself straightening her strapless, white sundress a little before she got into the room.

Inuyasha sat at the head of the table, which only seemed appropriate for the power he exuded in comparison to the rest of them. On his right was her grandfather and on his left, her mother. She sat down at the other end of the mahogany table that could seat six, wanting to be as far away as possible. She made no move to hide the anger that was ablaze in her eyes as she glared at the intruder.

"Honey, Mr. Takahashi here has made a proposal that we have decided would benefit the family as a whole." Her mother began.

Kagome didn't like this. "What kind of proposal?" She spit the word out as if it disgusted her in every way.


"I want you to come live with me as a pet," he interrupted.

It took a few seconds for Kagome to fully register the complete implication before she shot out of her chair. "WHAT!" She screamed, letting the chair fall behind her.


"No! No no no no no no no no! There's no way I' m going to be his pet! Do you understand what that is!" She cried, her whole body going numb at the thought.

"Yes, Inuyasha has explained to me. Please sit down and let him give you the details," her mother coaxed. Though Kagome felt sudden resistance, she calmed down, but didn't sit.

"Fine! You have one minute. Go!" She huffed dramatically before crossing her arms and glaring.

"Look, Precious, I know it seems like it will be horrible-"

"Tick tock."

Inuyasha glared, realizing that she would not accept his sugar-coated words. "I will pay for your schooling bills, doctor bills if needed, personal items, everything. Including payment of the mortgage on your shrine and its utilities. Plus you will get an allowance of 200 dollars a week-"

She stuck her nose in the air and gestured to the door. "Well thank you very much but we don't need your charity. Your minute is up, goodbye."

"Well I hate to break it to you Precious, but you either sign this document that entails all of this as a reward, or I take you and your family gets nothing. Either way," he smirked, revealing those white fangs that had sparked so much pleasure in her dreams. "You are coming with me."

Kagome slammed her hands on the table. "No I'm not!"

"Yes you are Precious. You see there is a law recently signed that says," he paused to pull out a document. "Whether it be a human saving a demon's life, or a demon saving a human's life, the one saved is bound to pay the savior back in what ever way he/she is granted by the court." Kagome remembered that bill; she remembered how she loved it because it had made the different races somehow connect better. Now she hated it. Her knees gave way and she fell to the ground below her. Her mother and grandfather instantly by her side.

"Kagome are you okay?"

"Kagome, honey?"

"Leave us." She whispered.

They both drew back, looking first at each other, then back to the upset girl. "What?"

"I said leave us," she bit out, keeping a death grip on the carpet below.

Her mother was about to object when Kagome's grandfather touched her arm. After a moment of contemplation she nodded to him and allowed him to lead her from the room. There was a long silence that was issued after the click of the door before Inuyasha spoke up.

"I want you packed by tomorrow night," he said, packing up the documents into his briefcase with a cool demeanor. "Is that understood, Precious?" He asked, rising from his seat.

Something in Kagome broke at the end of the sentence. All she could think was How dare he come in here and think he can ruin my life without a fight!

Pushing herself up she grabbed a vase nearby throwing it at him while screaming her anger. He dodged it as he quickly rushed to her side to stop her attempt to grab another. What he didn't expect was for her to suddenly whip around slapping him in the face with all her might. His jaw followed her hand as he kept his eyes focused on the wall while his cheek turned pink.

When he looked back at her, his eyes were bloodshot, the gold now an emerald green color. His strong hands easily lifted her onto the table, standing between her legs and grabbing her chin to whisper venom in her ear. "You listen here bitch. I saved you, therefore your life should be mine forever. However, I was generous enough to draw up a legal paper that states if you agree to be my pet for one year, I will pay for you and your family's expenses. Think of how selfish you are being. I am offering your family support and just because you don't like the fact that I can make you beg every night you won't accept it."

"Fuck you!"

In the blink of an eye he had her chest crushed to the table, arms pinned behind her, his leg between hers. His weight pressed hard on her back, leaving her vulnerable and trapped under him. "One year Precious. One year of being with me and then you're free," he coaxed, his muscular thigh pressing against her clothed center. His hot mouth moved to her neck, sucking on her ivory skin with enough force to leave a dark, red mark.

Kagome couldn't stop to moan that escaped her lips, or the blush that stained her cheeks. Her body grew hot, and tingled in anticipation for things she shouldn't want.

She grit her teeth. "Fuck!"

He chuckled darkly, moving his leg so that it gently brushed against her. "Oh don't worry," he nipped the mark he'd just made. "We will."

After a long pause, she exhaled, her body trembling with no way to stop it. She was being selfish. He was offering her a once in a lifetime opportunity to live the life most would envy. She knew from the stories of Yura and Kaguya that he treated his pets better than almost any other master in the world. And if she didn't… well she didn't have a choice, except to accept the terms he generously offered.

"Alright," her body went limp to the table and she finally gave in. "I'll sign the paper."

Inuyasha smiled, kissing her neck tenderly. "Perfect." He released her, retrieving a pen and the document before presenting both to her.

Kagome ripped them from his hands, glaring at him to let him know this changed nothing about her resolve. With much hesitation, she signed her life away.

One year, it would go quick… wouldn't it?

"Thanks, here's your copy," He ripped off the yellow piece from the back, laying it on the table when she refused to touch it. "I'll be here to pick you up around noon. Be ready or else," he punctuated the threat with a small spank to her soft bottom as he left.

Kagome somehow held herself up on the table long enough to hear the click before she let herself fall.

She didn't cry, didn't tremble, didn't plead God to somehow spare her life. She just sat there in all her fury, her hands clenching and unclenching against the floor.

She wouldn't let him win; he was going to pay. If he thought she would roll over and submit in every little thing, he was dead wrong! Try as he might he would never break her to be a pet. NEVER!