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Rogue opened her eyes, facing the harsh glares of the sun. "Hey Remy are you-?" She turned around in her bed to find the spot empty.

'Must be in the shower.' She thought as she snuggled into the sheets again.

The two had been a couple for one year, and just last month Rogue had accomplished the impossible: control of her powers.

----One month ago------

Glasses were held high as Professor Xavier gave his speech after Rogue had announced her secret: that she had finally gotten control over her powers.

"And I, nor the staff have never been so proud as to call you our student, friend, and most importantly family." Xavier finished, he watched Rogue as he was talking. Her whole face was now soaked in tears. "To Rogue." The whole group echoed his last words.

Rogue eyes roamed around the dining room table and settled her eyes on Remy, who looked impatient and nervous. She couldn't help but smile at him

Later that night she sneaked into his room. She slowly closed the door behind her, and crept into the bed.

"Remy?" she whispered.

He moaned and turned over to his side so that he was now facing her. With all the courage she could muster she gave him a light kiss on the lips. That's when he woke up, letting out a groan as he deepened the kiss. He rolled over so that he could be on top of her, she laughed a little.

"Thought we could celebrate on our own." She smiled at him.

"Wouldn't have it any other way mon amour." He told her, he began to kiss the bass of her neck.

"I love yah, yah know that right?" she found his hands, and linked them with hers.

"Oui, Je sais. Je vous aime aussi." he answered her after a few seconds, his hands slipping out from hers.

His hesitation made her worry. "Remy?" she asked but before she could continue he kissed her lips again.

She was nervous, but happy. Happy that her first time was with him, and she wouldn't have it any other way.


After a while Rogue got out from the bed. As she brushed her hair Rogue noticed through the mirror that something was wrong.

Remy's trench coat was missing; along with it was his bo staff and deck of cards that he usually kept next by the nightstand.

'There's no mission today.' She thought. If there had been an emergency mission then somebody, not only Remy, would have waken her up.

The keys to his bike were gone too.

Rogue dropped her brush, 'No.'

She ran out only wearing her nightgown, hoping desperately that the nagging little voice in the back of her mind was wrong.

She pulled open the bathroom door only to see it empty, she ran to all the bathrooms in the mansion. She even looked in the danger room, rec room, med lab, and kitchen.

"Rogue, are you alright luv?" Betsy asked her, Rogue looked like a wreck, and on the verge of tears.

"Have anah of yah seen Remy?"

"No luv, I didn't"

Bobby cleared his throat, "I did." He spoke softly, but loud enough for Rogue and the other occupants in the kitchen to hear him.

"When?" she snapped.

"Early this morning, I saw him get on his bike."

Rogue could feel her heart beat faster, without saying another word she went to the garage. His bike was gone.

Rogue made it back to her room quickly, if she didn't she would have cried in front of her friends and team mates. At least in their room, she had privacy.

She broke down in the middle of the room, he was gone?

He was gone?

She crawled slowly to their bed and laid her head down on his side of the bed. His side was cold, but she could still smell him. She climbed into bed and hugged his pillows to inhale more of his scent.

That's when she saw it, a piece of paper.

Her hopes ran high for a minute. Thinking that it was a note explaining that he would come back, that he left because he had to go and get something.

'Yeah, that's it.'


The laughing and chatter coming from the kitchen immediately stopped as everyone spotted Rogue. Her eyes dark and wet, her cheeks blotchy, and lips puffy and red.

"Rogue!" Laura and Betsy ran up to their friend. She looked frail and weak. "What's wrong, what happened?" Scott asked her as the three led her over to a chair.

But she wouldn't speak, she was numb all over.

"Rogue, Rogue. Answer us! What happened?" demanded Warren as he looked at his friend who was about to break down.

"I think I know what happened." They all turned to Kitty and Bobby. Bobby held out a piece of paper to show everyone.

Clearly written was: I'm sorry.

"Oh my God." They all looked at Rogue, who was frozen in her seat and dead in her heart.