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(From Mat49324)

(Rachel's P.O.V.)

After we arrived at the restaurant Angela suggested, we began our food orders. Jimmy had a cheeseburger, Mathew had spaghetti, I had fried fish, and Angela had salmon. Mathew was nice enough to pay for us.

"That was a pretty fun hike, wasn't it?" Mathew asked us as he continued to eat.

"You said it," I responded. "Who'd have thought that there would be a pool in that cave that we went hiking in?"

"Yeah, how often do you see pools in caves?" Angela said to us.

"I know, it's not very often, isn't it?" Mathew agreed.

"What did you think of that, Jimmy?" I asked Jimmy.

When I looked at him, he still had some food in his mouth.

"I thought it was okay," Jimmy said after he swallowed his food.

"I can't wait to go back there tomorrow," I said.

"And the best part is, nobody knows about that pool, but us four," Angela added.

"Hopefully someone doesn't overhear this," I said to Angela.

She quickly covered her mouth. Fortunately, nobody else in the entire restaurant overheard us.

(Angela's P.O.V.)

That was a pretty close call there. If someone overheard us talking about the pool in the cave, most likely, that person would follow us to that pool. It wasn't like someone was going to steal something from us, they probably would've found out about our "private swimming" as I wanted to call it.

"Whew, that was good," I said as I finished eating.

"Mm-hmm," Mathew agreed.

He was also finished with his food. The two of us waited for Jimmy and Rachel to finish.

"Wow, you two are finished already?" Jimmy asked us when he looked at us.

"Yep," I responded.

"And we're just waiting patiently for you two to finish up," Mathew added.

After Rachel and Jimmy finished minutes later, Mathew left some money on the table to pay the bill and we headed to our homes.

(From Demon Brat 2000)

(Rachel's P.O.V.)

"I'm home!" I called out and I entered the familiar room. "Dad? You home?"

I wandered into his office room and saw him, yet again, snoring his butt off. He must have been drinking, I added, and watching yet another TV show of his favorite idol. I sighed, "Oh Dad…"

I entered my room, changed, and stretched.

"What time is it now? About… seven or so? I wonder what I can do…" I said to myself as I went to mess around with some things.

Well, I guess I can be glad Dad had so many things to clean…after I finished, it was about eight o' clock. I turned on the TV, since I had nothing to do. Oh great, nothing on TV but reruns…

(Jimmy's Residence, Jimmy's P.O.V.)

I yawned and got home. That dinner was excellent. I'm also glad the others aren't too pissed at me. I opened the door, it wasn't very late. I guess I can read a few books then get ready to sleep. I slipped silently into the library and took a few books. I choose mystery, of course.

After reading a few chapters and leafing through the rest (I have read them all already and the crime was pretty obvious), I decided to go to bed. It was about 8? 9? 9:30? I didn't know, but I sure was tired so I changed and went to bed.

(Rachel's residence, Rachel's P.O.V.)

I woke up to the annoying buzz of my new alarm. I knew I should have set it on later. I grumbled and pulled a pillow over my head. But still, the alarm was too loud. I groaned and pulled myself out of bed to switch off the alarm. I looked at the time, "Great," I said. "It's 6:30! I forgot to set the alarm correctly!!"

I stumbled out of my room to the bathroom. Oh well, early bird gets the worm they say… Maybe something interesting will happen…I just hope it wasn't more of those reruns of those dramas last night. I hated them, too sappy for my taste.

I entered Dad's office room again and saw him still snoring at his chair. His blanket had fallen off during the night and he was shivering. I sighed and pulled the blanket over him again. I'll wake him up later, I decided.

(From Mat49324)

While I left Dad alone in his dream, I went back upstairs to the kitchen and prepared some breakfast for me; after I was finished making my own, I would get started on Dad's breakfast. I ended up eating some cereal and milk. For Dad, I made him some bacon and eggs.

"Can't wait to get back to that pool Angela found yesterday," I said as I ate another spoonful of cereal.

That reminded me, I needed to pick another bathing suit. The blue one I wore yesterday was still wet from yesterday. It was also still hanging on the rack above the bathtub in the bathroom. I went into my bedroom, into one of my drawers, and pulled out my red one.

"I wonder if Jimmy and Mathew are getting ready," I said to myself as I called them.

I ended up calling Mathew.

(Mathew's P.O.V.)

I was up at 8 a.m. watching a videotape of the 2008 Monster Energy Supercross from San Diego, CA. When I heard my cell phone ring, I stopped the tape and answered it.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hey, Mathew," Rachel said over the line.

"Hiya, Rach," I greeted, happy to hear her voice.

"You ready for that pool that Angela found yesterday?" Rachel asked me.

"Just about," I responded. "I just got to get my things. What about Jimmy and Angela?"

"I'm gonna call them right now," Rachel said to me.

"Alrighty," I said.

"I'll come and get you after I call them," Rachel said to me.

"Okay," I simply responded.

"Bye," Rachel said and hung up.

"See you soon," I said and hung up also.

I already had my same blue and black swimshorts on as I began to gather my sunscreen and other things while I waited for Rachel to pick me up.

(Rachel's P.O.V.)

I ended my call with Mathew and searched for Jimmy's number. He picked up after the 2nd ring.

I hope Jimmy's ready for some swimming again, I thought while I waited for his voice.

"Hello?" I heard Jimmy say.

I was delighted to hear his voice.

"Hey, Jimmy, it's me," I said to him.

"Oh, what is it, Rachel?" Jimmy asked me.

"Ready for some swimming at that pool Angela found yesterday?" I asked him.

"Kinda sorta," Jimmy responded.

"What do you mean 'kinda sorta'?" I asked. "Aren't you coming with us?"

"Yeah, of course," Jimmy responded.

"Okay," I said. "I'll pick you and Angela up after I get Mathew."

After we both hung up, I dialed Angela's number.

(From Demon Brat 2000)

(Angela's P.O.V.)

I answered the phone right when it rung, I was just about to head to Rachel's. I was wearing a light blue swimsuit with a pair of shorts just in case.

"Hello?" I answered, fiddling with the strings of my small backpack.

"Hey, it's Rachel," I heard Rachel say.

"Oh hey, what's up?" I asked.

"Ready to go to the cave?"

"Yeah, I am!" I exclaimed excitedly.

"Where are you right now?" Rachel asked.

"I am walking over to your place," I said. "I'll be there in ten… 15 tops…" I hung up and made my way quickly to Rachel's.

As soon as Rachel saw me, she waved, "Just in time!" She called. "I was about to head off and call you to go to Mathew's or something. I'm picking Mathew up."

"Ah, I see… I'm lucky!" I said, smiling. "You're picking Mathew up? What about Jimmy?"

"I'm sure Mathew called Jimmy," Rachel replied. "Well… I hope so, but just in case, when we get to his house, I'll go give him a call."

I nodded and we both headed to Mathew's house. Thankfully, Jimmy was going to Mathew's place already. So, Rachel and I were both waiting for Jimmy at Mathew's house.

(Rachel's P.O.V.)

We waited for ten minutes for Jimmy to arrive. At last, we heard him knocking on Mathew's door. I got up and answered it for Mathew. It turned out to be Jimmy, dressed in his same blue swimshorts.

"Hey Jimmy!" I greeted, dragging him in. "We've been waiting for a while."

"Sorry, I just wondered what I should pack… and just in case, I got goggles…" Jimmy said.

"Well? What are we waiting for?" Mathew asked. "Let's go!"

I nodded and the four of us made our way to the same beach as yesterday. We were lucky to find a spot close to the cave. To not look as suspicious, we set out our things like we would at a beach. Then, we took our knapsacks and made our way to the cave.

(From Mat49324)

"Do you think we should've took our stuff?" Mathew asked me.

"It's not like someone's going to steal anything from us," I responded to Mathew.

"You never know, Rachel," Mathew said to me.

We left our things where they were and headed to the cave, holding our knapsacks.

"Everyone got some goggles with them?" Angela asked.

Everybody responded with a "yes".

(Angela's P.O.V.)

I couldn't wait to jump in!! I already donned my swim goggles and looked at the others.

"Someone's anxious to swim," Mathew said to me.

"Yeah," I responded.

"Well, wait for us," Rachel said to me.

"Don't worry, I will," I assured her.

I waited until everyone was ready. I watched as the rest of them donned their swim goggles and got ready to swim.

"Last one in is a rotten egg," I called out.

(From Demon Brat 2000)

(Rachel's P.O.V.)

"Wait!!" I cried out before the others got in.

"What? What's wrong?" Mathew asked.

"Um, this might be a bit weird…" I said. "But why don't we ask Serena to come?"

"Why?" Jimmy asked. "Don't you think this is a big secret already?"

I sighed, "Yeah…but Serena is my friend. At least let me tell Serena! She's rich already, I'm sure she doesn't mind!"

"I don't mind," Mathew said. "What about you Jimmy?"

Jimmy sighed, "Fine…"

I turned to Angela. She looked blankly at us and asked, "Who's…Serena?"

"Oh, that's right… You didn't meet her yet!" I exclaimed. "Anyways, want to come back later with Serena?"

Angela shrugged, "Sure." She sighed, "And I really wanted to get in the water…"

I smiled at her, "We can swim all we want later, ok?"


So the four of us took our things and went to Serena's. She opened the door after I knocked. "Hi Rachel!! Hi Jimmy and Mathew!!" She looked over to Angela. She turned to me and asked, "Who is she, Rachel?"

"I'm Angela," Angela replied. "Nice to meet you, you must be Serena!"

"Nice to meet you too," Serena said. "Anyways, why are you guys here?"

"We have this secret, would you like to come with us?" I asked.

Serena stared at me, "Huh? What kind of secret?" She asked.

"If you come, we'll tell you!!" I said. "Just bring a bathing suit and goggles."

Serena nodded, "This better not be a trick, Rachel!" She went upstairs and came back a few moments later. "I bought myself a new swimsuit!"

I looked at her new pink two piece bathing suit, "It's really pretty, Serena. But isn't this your third newest one this month?"

"Yeah, but this one is really pretty, isn't it?" Serena asked, "It'll grab lots of attention, I'm sure."

"Yeah…but we're going to a secret place!!" I cried. "Can you put on a coat or something?"

"But Rachel!! It's my new swimsuit! I never wore it before!!"

Jimmy sighed, "Can't we just go?" He questioned.

I pulled Serena out, "Did you get your goggles?"

Serena nodded, "Where are we going now?"

"To a cave," Mathew replied. "It has a really big surprise."

"Ooh, I can't wait then," Serena said.

The four of us ran to the cave with a curious Serena following behind us. I can't wait to show her.

(Serena's P.O.V.)

I wonder where everyone was taking me. Maybe it's a house? A car? But they said a cave… what would you find in a cave? Bats? Why would they show me bats?

We approached the beach. Maybe Rachel's taking me to some really cool place with lots of guys? But she's got Jimmy… Now I'm getting very curious. I really want to know!

"We're almost there!" I heard Rachel call out. "You'll be surprised, Serena!"

I wonder what it is!! Ooh, I just can't wait!!

A few minutes later, we were at the beach. I looked around for people who might be waiting for us, but no one was there. I looked curiously at the others. Rachel smiled at me and ushered me to a cave. I suspiciously looked at everyone. They smiled and showed me in. There was a giant pool. I looked at them again.

"Put on your goggles," Rachel said. She already had her goggles on and was about to jump in. "We can jump in together!!"

"Wait! What?" I asked. "What's happening?"

"You'll see!" Angela chirped in.

"Ok…?" I replied.

"We'll jump in at three! Ready?" Rachel announced.

"One…" I don't know what's happening, but I'm jumping in anyways. I put on my goggles.

"Two…." I took a deep breath.

"THREE!!" I jumped in.

(From Mat49324)

(Rachel's P.O.V.)

I had heard 4 other splashes, not including my own. When all of us resurfaced, I looked at Serena.

"Well, what do you think, Serena?" I asked as I swam to her.

"Not what I was thinking of, but it's pretty cool," Serena responded.

"Why do you say that?" Angela asked.

I knew that she didn't know much about Serena. So, I told Angela that Serena was boy-crazy. She seemed pretty surprised.

"But Mathew's interested in her," I added.

Now that got Angela's attention.

(Angela's P.O.V.)

Wow, I would have never expected that Mathew and Serena were going out!

"Hmm, I wonder how many times that they've gone out?" I said to myself.

I decided to ask one of them later.

(Serena's P.O.V.)

Rachel's surprise of this cave wasn't what I was thinking of, which normally would be a lot of boys since we were heading to the beach, but a cave with a private pool? That was surprising to me.

"When did you guys find this place?" I asked as I climbed out.

"Just yesterday," Jimmy responded.

"Mathew, Rachel, Jimmy and I went hiking on some rocks and I found the pool," Angela said.

"And when Angela showed it to us, I was surprised as well," Rachel added.

"Are you going somewhere, Serena?" Mathew asked me.

I did climb out of that pool.

"No, I was just gonna look for a place to jump off of into there," I responded.

I saw Jimmy point over at a few rocks that when stacked on top of each other, made into a small plateau strong enough to hold one person on and jump off. I carefully climbed up it, and cannonballed back into the water with a big splash. When I resurfaced, I heard everyone clap.

"Nice jump, Serena," Mathew commented.

"Thanks," I said. "Now who's next?"

I looked at everyone else.

(Mathew's P.O.V.)

"I guess I'll go next," I said as I got out.

When I jumped in, everyone clapped for me as well.

"Thanks," I said. "Now, who's after me?"

(From Demon Brat 2000)

(Rachel's P.O.V.)

"I'll go next!!" I announced. "Then who else…?"

"I can go next!" Angela cried.

"So that leaves Jimmy to go last," I said.

"Do you mind Jimmy?" I looked up at him, and Jimmy nodded.

"Sure," he replied. "If anyone sees anything, just feel free to pick it up, ok?"

"What do you mean by that?" Serena asked.

"We found…gold," Angela replied.

I heard Serena gasp.


I nodded at her, "Yup, real gold."

(Serena's P.O.V.)

I didn't believe it. What did they take me for? REAL GOLD? In this danky little pool? I raised a brow at them and asked suspiciously, "Real gold…?"

Rachel nodded back again, "Yup, like GOLD GOLD."

How could I believe her? I know she's my friend and all, but gold? Don't you think that's a little extreme? I mean, sure I would totally believe them if it weren't the fact that it sounds totally bogus.

"How can I believe you guys?" I asked.

Jimmy reached into his bag and pulled out a small clear plastic bag. "Here, look at this," He said.

I stared at the bag, "So? Those are just rocks!" So they did trick me!! How could they!

"No!" Mathew said. "Look harder at it, it's really gold! Trust me, Serena."

I looked at Mathew, and then I looked back at the bag. I walked closer to it. It was gold. "H-how you find this?" I asked, a bit amazed and shocked.

"Like we said," Rachel responded. "We found it here! Well…actually, Jimmy found it!! We were just jumping in, and then Jimmy said he saw something!"

"And then we looked down, and we also saw it!!" Angela finished. "We picked it up, and it was gold!! That was the secret we were trying to tell you!"

I looked up at them, they weren't lying. I could just tell. So, I decided to believe them. If it WAS a trick, I would just pretend I didn't fall for it. Simple as that.

(Rachel's P.O.V.)

I sighed in relief, I was glad that Serena didn't think we lied to her. "Let's try to get something, okay guys?" I asked everyone. They all exchanged yeses.

We all got up from the rocks, "On the count of three again?" I asked.

"Sure," Serena said. Everyone else agreed as well. So I nodded and got ready to jump.


Everyone nodded. "We'll jump in together like last time!" I announced.

(From Mat49324)

After I counted to three, all of us cheered and cannonballed back into the water. When we resurfaced, we all looked at each other.

"Boy, that was fun," I said to the group.

"Mm-hmm," Serena said to me.

Everyone agreed.

"So, another jump in, or go out to the beach and swim in there, or get something to eat?" Mathew asked us.

The five of us thought a bit. Then, I thought of something different.

"Tackling!!" I called, charging into Jimmy like a football player.

I charged into Jimmy with enough force to make him fall backwards and into the water. After we both resurfaced, we wiped our faces and looked at the others.

"What are you guys waiting for?" I asked.

"Tackle someone in," Jimmy said, finishing up for me.

(Angela's P.O.V.)

"There's five of us," I pointed out.

"So," Mathew said. "One of us will have to do two tackles."

I saw that Serena was already ready to tackle Mathew into the pool. They both landed in the water with two big splashes.

"Sneaky, sneaky, Serena," Mathew said to her after they resurfaced.

"I can be like that sometimes," Serena said as she dipped herself underneath.

I watched as she resurfaced and wiped her face.

"So, who's gonna tackle me in?" I asked.

(From Demon Brat 2000)

(Rachel's P.O.V.)

"I can if you want! Jimmy, you can tackle me in after!!" I exclaimed, charging at Angela.

"Uh, Ok!!" Angela cried, "Go for it!"

I tacked Angela and she fell in the water with a big splash, I laughed and suddenly someone tackled me from behind and I fell in also.

"Jimmy!" I laughed. He had fallen in after me on accident. "Nice one!"

"Thanks!" Jimmy called back at me. "I didn't hurt you, right?"

"Nope, not at all!" I said. "Actually, it was fun!!"

Angela yawned, "Do you think there's still things under the water here?"

"Hmm…maybe, but we'll never know if we don't try!" Mathew said. "On the count on three?"

I nodded, "Sure, we count to three and dunk ourselves down and try to see what there is. Goggle ready?"

Everyone nodded. "Ok…one…two…three!!" I exclaimed, dunking myself under. I resurfaced a few moments later, I couldn't see a thing.

"How about you guys? Did you see anything?"

"Sadly, no this time…" Jimmy answered, shaking his head.

"Nope," Angela said.

Mathew just resurfaced, "I saw something, but it turned out to be a rock…"

Serena sighed sadly, "Nope, nothing…"

I smiled at them. "Don't worry too much about it, we'll just take our time." Everyone agreed.

"So, anyone hungry?" Jimmy asked all of the sudden.

I thought about it, then my stomach growled. "Um…haha, I am," I replied.

"I could have some food…" Mathew said. "What about you Serena, Angela?"

Serena nodded, "Nothing fancy or big…I just need to get some energy back."

"Sure, I would love to eat…where do you want to eat though?" Angela asked.

"Hmmm…" I took a while. "What about that snack shop by the beach? I heard they made great noodles and such."

Jimmy shrugged, "Sure." Everyone else agreed to. So we all packed out stuff in bags and we headed out the cave. We headed for the snack shop.

"It's…big!" Angela exclaimed. The whole place was huge, so we all shrugged and entered the building. Inside, the waiter took us to a seat.

"So, what will you be having?" I asked, picking up my menu.

(From Mat49324)

(Mathew's P.O.V.)

I looked at the menu, trying to find something I wanted. For some reason, I just didn't feel hungry. When the waiter came to take our orders, I just ordered a side of fries.

"Not feeling too hungry, huh, Mathew?" Rachel asked me.

"No, for some reason, I just don't," I responded.

"You'll be okay for the rest of the day?" Angela asked.

"Yeah," I answered.

Around 10 minutes later, our food came. Rachel had ordered some pizza, Jimmy ordered a cheeseburger, Serena ordered a hot dog, and Angela ordered their noodles.

"Boy that pool in the cave is fun," Rachel said to us.

"Should we go back there after we eat?" I asked the group. "Or should we just swim at the beach for a change?"

"I vote we go back there," Rachel said.

"I second that," Serena added.

I was tallying the votes in my head. So far, 2 had voted we go back to the pool in the cave, and 0 had voted the beach.

"Okay, if one more person votes the cave, then that's where we'll head," I said to the others.

Serena and Rachel looked at Jimmy, Angela and me.

"So, where do either one of you three want to go to after we eat?" Rachel asked us.

(Angela's P.O.V.)

I wasn't sure what to do. We had been at the pool for the last couple of days. It was fun, but one part of me wanted to swim on the beach, and the other part of me wanted to go back to that pool.

"I can't really decide; a part of me wants to go back to that pool, and the other part of me wants to swim at the beach," I said to the group.

Rachel and I looked at Jimmy, while Serena looked at Mathew. We weren't sure of what to do.

(From Demon Brat 2000)

I sighed, maybe I should just ask a few questions to take my mind off of it. I mean, what's the hurry? We have a lot of time.

"So…Serena…Mathew," I started asking, fiddling with the straw in my soda.

"Yes?" Serena replied.

"You two, meaning you and Mathew, are dating right…?" I asked.

I saw Serena have a faint red tint on her cheeks and replied slowly, "Y-yes…why?"

"Is it alright if I asked a few questions?"

"Sure," Mathew answered. "Go ahead."

"Ok…how long have you two been dating?"

"A month, I suppose," Mathew responded.

"Where did you first meet each other?"

"At the beach; Rachel and I were planning a day there; that was the day that Mathew bumped into Rachel," Serena responded.

"How did you two get together?" I asked.

"Well, the next day, Rachel and Mathew were going to the same beach and Mathew was kinda hoping that I would tag along with them. Rachel called me up and told me about it, so I went to the same beach and we... got along pretty well," Serena explained again. I could tell she felt a little shaky in her swimsuit.

After the somewhat long silence, I took one final sip of my soda and I said, "Well…after all of these questions…I finally know what to do. We should get back to the cave! I know I want to swim at the beach, but the pool is fun too!"

"Great, so we're all going to the cave then!" Rachel said. "Let's go! I'll pay this time for our meal!"

So Rachel paid and we all made our way back to the cave.

End Chapter

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