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x Halloween x 400 words x Prompt - Halloween, Solitaire Pair

Shishido was an early waker. Having tennis practices in the morning had helped him achieve that. He could easily wake up at six in the morning without fail if he needed to, or even five in the morning as long as he had his favourite energy drink at the ready.

But having to wake up at 3:29 AM on a Sunday to rapid doorbell ringing was something that Shishido was quite unaccustomed to. Needless to say, it wasn't something Shishido would normally enjoy.

So as he trounced down the stairs and opened the door (since his parents were gone on some trip), he couldn't help but glare at the smirking face of the Trickster, Niou Masaharu.

'What the fuck are you-'

'Trick or treat!' Niou said cheerfully.

Shishido stared at Niou, and noticed that said Niou was adorned with his usual Rikkai Dai tennis uniform, and had a tennis bag slung over his shoulder.


'You know, Halloween, Shishido,' Niou said in an exasperated tone. 'People dress up, go door-to-door asking others for candy.'

'I know what it is!' Shishido replied, annoyed. 'But you're not dressed up!'

Niou pointed at his uniform, raising an eyebrow. 'Says who?'

'But you are a tennis regular! So you're not dressing up!'

'Just because I already am a tennis regular doesn't mean I can't dress up as one, Shishido,' Niou explained patiently. 'I'm wearing something different from my everyday casual wear, so I am technically dressing up.'

Shishido then continued, 'People normally go trick-or-treating at night.'

'Well, it's still dark.' Niou pointed behind him, where the sun hadn't lit up the night sky yet to bring in the morning.

Shishido was still bemused as to why the con artist Niou was standing outside his door that early in the morning. He protested, 'But I don't have any candy!'

Niou let out a low chuckle. 'It's nice to know you don't think clearly in the morning.'

'What?' Shishido asked for the second time that morning.

'The first thing most logical beings would say is that it isn't even Halloween.'

Niou kissed Shishido lightly on the lips, and then said with his trademark smirk, 'I just got all the candy I needed anyway.'

Shishido, though he wouldn't normally believe that waking up so early could even be allowed for typical adolescent beings, decided that at least that time, it could be justified.

But just that once. x owari

x omake

'Niou, what are you doing in my kitchen and- Those are my jelly beans!'

'Thought you didn't have any candy, Shishido. That's what you get for lying.'

'But you lie all the time!'

'But I'm not stupid like you, so people don't find out. Thanks for the jelly beans anyway.'

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